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# Name:      ashley barredo Ampo

# E-mail:

# Address:  bayugan city , bayugan city

# Phone:    none

# Seen at:   she is in FC CB AD and yahoo messenger

# Dangerous: 28%

# Scam scenarios:    Murray Flach So Beautiful Hello honey, Your cost for the Boarding House should not be that expensive ... I have now booked and paid for three different Hotels for us and the most expensive was around 1500 a night. I sent y

# Details: rn Murray Flachrnrn So BeautifulrnrnHello honey,rn rnYour cost for the Boarding House should not be that expensive ... I have now booked and paid for three different Hotels for us and the most expensive was around 1500 a night.rn rnI sent you some money today, my love, I sent 8,000 pesos for mom and please say hello to her for me and wish her a Merry Christmas.rn rnAnd sweetheart I sent you 8,000 pesos for you to travel with and use only in case of an emergency.rn rnIt is not a gift sweetheart for you to spend ... I would like this money back from you.rn rnWhat I would like honey is for you to use it if you have any problems on your trip to our Hotel in Manila. It is a saftey net in case you need it and in case you have any problems.rn rnPlease use it if you need to.rn rnI think I have taken care of everything for us to meet in Manila ... and I know you are very intelligent ... but what if I have problems or I miss the plane for bad weather or mechanical problems.rn rnYou will need this money for food and maybe even accomodations.rn rnI will e-mail the Hotel in Manila and give them your name ... ( I have not done this yet ) I will tell them to let you check in if I have not yet arrived. So all will be fine.rn rnIf you have problems ... or ... if I have problems ... we must be able to let each other know. So honey I want you to e-mail me when ever you can ... if you can borrow someones laptop or go to an internet cafe to let me know you are okay and on your way ... or if you need help, honey, you e-mail me. Trust me when I say that until you are in my arms I am going to worry about you. Thats what a good future husband does.rn rnAnd if there is any problems or variation from our plans I will immediatley e-mail you ... all you have to do is check your meassages.rn rnLove you honeyrn rnrn rnDate: Mon, may 3 2013rnFrom: ashley barredo ampornSubject: Re: Money For EmergencyrnTo: murraygee8131@hotmail.comrnrnHello again Honey ,, rnrn thank you so much honey for the think about my flight in tuguegarao ,any way honey please dont worry because i am safe to go in tugeugaraon airport and i am not late my flight there because i am early to leave in my home town honey have boarding house near of the airport and it is very cheap not like in the hotel is too expensive , so i am sleep there at the boarding house and to wait my flight .yes hon i well check in the cebu pacific check in counter i well always remember all your details say to me .. and honey thank you so much for your kind and . and you know i am shy to say this to you but i really need this amount about my travel expenses to go in tuguegarao , hhmmm i think it is cost 3,000 pesos but i am not sure honey and its up to you how much you give to me , i am shy and you are the one to decide ,, rni love you so much my prince ,,muuahhhhhh rnrnlovernashleyrnrnrnrnrnFrom: Murray Flach rnTo: ashley barredo rnSent: Monday,may 3 10:08 PMrnSubject: Money For EmergencyrnrnHoney I have been thinking a lot about your trip down to Manila. You are a long way from the airport and you really should get Tuguegarao the day before your flight.rn rnWhich means a Hotel and meals and a taxi to the airport at least an hour before you fly you have to check in at the Cebu Pacific checkin counter.rn rnAs well as the cost to get from home to Tuguegarao.rn rnWhat I would like to do is make sure that you have some money to travel with for all of the expences and any thing else that might come up.rn rnSo I am thinking I could send you some money and you can use what you need and give back to me what you dont need.rn rnHow does this sound honey ... I just want you to be safe as you travel. I want my lady to be happy and safe.rn rnLet me know how much you think that you may need for your travels to Tuguegarao.rn rnLove yournrnrn

# Date: 2013-07-22

Yahoo messenger and she is in web site FC AD CB
when i send the money she never communicate with me gain and she delete her profile