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# Name:      Anny Kitty

# E-mail:

# Address:  Russia , Otradnoye

# Seen at:   from

# Dangerous: 33%

# Scam scenarios:   Ask for money

# Details: Hello! Im Anny from What is your name? You gave me yourrnemail. I just wanted to check if it works ..))) I hope that we can getrnto know each other better. Waiting for your letter. Annyrn***rnHello Jose! Its a nice surprise to receive your e-mail :) I amrnpleased, thank you for contacting me. Unfortunately I cant use anyrnmessengers because I havent got a computer and use internet fromrnother ones. Here I can send my e-mails only. I hope you willrnunderstand me. And now there is a little bit of information about me.rnI am 29 years old, and my friends call me as Anny. I have never beenrnmarried. I live with my parents. I have a good job. I work as schoolrnteacher. I teach History primary lessons. Im fond of my work. Thernmost intense days is Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Tell me pleasernabout your job. Do you like it? I like entertainment parks, outdoorrnactivities, sports, travelling, music, concerts, movies, swimming,rnmeetings with friends in the pubs but not often, also I like comediesrnand romantic movies. I like different music. I like pop music, discornmusic and sometimes I listen to the romantic music. I like dancingrnvery much. I do sports and I prefer healthy lifestyle. I visit thernfitness club 2-3 times a week. Im trying to keep feet. What kind ofrnsports do you like? Ive sent you my picture and I hope you like it.rnAlso I want you to send me your pictures. Tell me about you please,rnabout your hobbies. And what about your character and about you atrnall? What kind of women do you like? I hope we shall have time forrnwriting more interesting letters to each other. The future will showrnus the way. Write me, Ill be waiting for your reply. Your friendrnAnny.rn***rnrnHI Jose! I am glad to receive your message again. It means you arerninterested in me. Do you really like my picture? Well. I will send yournmore pictures in the following letter! I have some questions and Irnhope to get your answers. Its important for me. Also I will try tornanswer your questions, if not now but later. You could see that I havernserious intentions and Im looking for serious relations. I hope yourntoo, because if youre looking for fun, tell me goodbye! Well, I willrntry to tell you about my character. I think I am very romantic woman.rnI like to communicate with people, it is pleasant to me. I like goodrnhumour. Also I am fair, loyal, understanding, patient. I believe inrnlove, and I think it is very valuable thing which I need to bernprotected. Im a very jealous person. I love to hear compliments andrnIm ready to listen and listen them. I like cleanliness around myself,rnI clean my flat very often. I like cosiness in the house and I enjoyrnthe silent evening there. Also I like to cook. I like chicken dishes.rnI will tell about it in detail later. Well, also I am always ready tornbe the most patient. I think Im a good woman :) I want to find a goodrnguy, I think all women dream to find a good man and I dream aboutrnwonderful romantic relations. But often such things come to the endrnvery quickly. To my mind, there is not only romanticism in relations,rnalso the lovers should think about reality. I have no intention tornspend my time with only romanticism. I search for the man who knowsrnwhat does he want in his life, not only in dreams. While i have notrnmet such man in my life. But I hope to find such person. I am notrnmaterialistic, I hope to create my own family. I think its the mainrnthing, not career or other success. Happy family is the main. Tell mernplease what do you want in your life? What kind of woman? I want tornknow about this things. I will be waiting for your e-mail. I hope wernshall learn each other gradually. Yours, Anny.rn***rnrnYou have a task much more bigger than you:PROVE ME THAT U ARE NOY A SPAMMER!.I received many ,dozens of lettterТ‘s like yourТ‘s ....all from spammerТ‘s!.rnIТ‘ts easy to prove to me that you are not a spammer:give me your identification card that I have a closed friend at hte United states Embassy here that can prove me that you really exists and u have the work that u say u have.This friend of mine works for the intelligence service at the embasssy.IТ‘m waiting for your identification card number!.Waitig:Josephrn***rnrnHi, Jose! I am glad to receive your message again. To my mind, wernshall learn more about each other and our interests every day. I hadrnan usual day, but I have received your letter and now my mood becamernmuch better, it is really pleasant for me. Jose tell me more aboutrnyour family. Do you have any relatives? How often do you visit them?rnIve got a very good family. As I already wrote you, I live with myrnmum and daddy. We live in a house. Ive got my own room. My mum andrndaddy love me, Im the only child in our family and I wanted to havernthe younger brother or sister to look after them. My parents are veryrngood, careful and kind people, they always understand me. They love mernvery much, I love them too. ....... My moms name is Lisa, she is veryrnsensual and kind woman. She is 54 years old, and she doesnt work atrnthe moment. My daddys name is Serg. He is strict, but fair man. He isrn56 years old. He does not work too, because he worked as police manrnfor a long time. I dont have a pets. I love my family very much andrnwe frequently spend time together. Ive got emptiness in my privaternlife. I have never been married, my last boyfriend was almost my age,rnwe was meeting him during 2 years, but he appeared the rascal, herndeceived me though pretended, that everything is all right. I thought,rnhe loves me, but he was a fool (sorry for my expression), hernfrequently deceived me, he was the great liar, friends and partiesrnwere more important for him than me. There was no importance for ourrnrelations for him, and said him "goodbye" and now I have no regretsrnabout it. Therefore, now I search for more serious and sincere person,rnreal adult man for serious relations. But there is nobody for suchrnkind of relations here. Everything is going on by one way: first yournthink you have met a nice and suitable man, but then you understandrnthat its just another mistake. Likely therefore I also use the webrnservice. So it is possible to study an internal side of a person.rnProbably here I can find the man who will love me, who will appreciaternand understand me. His financial situation and his job are not veryrnimportant for me. And i hope to find a man who will appreciate womanrnand who can care of woman. Im ready to give all myself to this man.rnWell, Ill be brief Jose, write to me about your ideas of that. Illrnbe waiting for your letter! Yours, Anny.rn***rnrnHi. Jose. I did not inform you earlier about my address, because Irndidnt not know you well. I live in the average area of Russia, inrnOtradnoye city. It is located in the Leningrad oblast. I have neverrnbeen where you live. Unfortunately, Otradnoye city is far from you,rnand else it was necessary for us to use more e-mail dialogues to learnrneach other better. We can meet to talk, and to have a good timerntogether, and good learn each other. But for us it will be not a fastrnway. But if well decide to meet, I hope, that there will be nornproblems for us. Jose, you should not have excitement about therndistance. Im a person who will reach the man who id like to meet.rnBesides, in our days travelling is not a problem, is it? I dont worryrnabout it and Im sure that I can do it if we decide to meet.I think itrnis possible to have relations with a person from the other part of thernworld. Moreover it is very interesting - other culture, thinking,rntraditions, and I like to visit new places, probably you Jose can knowrnRussian woman better. I am confident that you are able to giverntenderness and you are able to care of women and if we have decided tornmeet I hope I would be surrounded with your attention. Well, I finishrnmy letter now. Im waiting for your messages. Yours, Anny.rn***rnrnHello dear! You receive my letters? If you receive my letters then whyrnyou do not answer on my letters? I wait for your answer. Yours Anny.rn

# Date: 2012-05-15