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# Name:      Corine Lecat

# E-mail:

# Address:  Ivory Coast , Bordeaux/Bordeau (not true); true city: unknown

# Phone:    +22547705544

# Seen at:   Skype

# Dangerous: 22%

# Scam scenarios:   Money for mother's operation, uses stolen photos of Raven Riley

# Details: The scammer contacts men found on social networks, and he/she starts a friendly correspondence via Skype and via email. She/he tells about love troubles of her past, and in a few weeks she (he) "falls in love".rnShe says she is an esthetician, and that she (he) lives in France, in Bordeaux (sometimes she uses the wrong city name: "Bordeau").rnShe (he) says that her mother is african (father: Belgian), and that her mother lives in Ivory Coast.rnSuddenly, her mother has serious health problems, and she has to join her in Ivory Coast. When she (he) arrives in Ivory Coast, serious problems appear: she has not enough money for the hospital, for her mothers operation. So she (he) asks money from the scammed man.rnThis scammer uses innocent photos of a beatyfull american porno-star: Raven Riley.rnI discovered the scam using "google images", discovering that the photos were of Raven Riley...rnAnyway, the whole story was quite unbelievable. She/he asked money too soon...

# Date: 2012-05-01

I don't know
I discovered the scam before I send money (I would never send money in such situations).