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# Name:      Dorcas Danso

# E-mail:     lovedarcas16@yahoo,com

# Address:  Ghana , Accra

# Phone:    233264476475

# Seen at:   dorcas contacted me from amatuermatch.
its a sister to untrue,com. Untrue is a large web site from cyprus that promotes many sexual ladies.

# Dangerous: 37%

# Scam scenarios:   Ask for money, use stolen photos of Lana Brooke,erotic model

# Details: Dorcas, I think her real name is Kelly Bates, has been a scammer for several years and is very professional and smart if she is doing all this activity. Her photos may be stolen and a true shark is promoting her stolen photos. I have been corresponing via emailand yahoo messenger for seveeal weeks and Im amazed at the volime of photos fo her body she shows all to get more money for her food, moms hospital bill *blood transfusion). Dorcan tell me a Blood transfusion in Ghana is $500 but a months bill from a hospital there is only $325, yet medication is $600. ...ok? Yest becasue of mothers hospital stay she must have rent money as they are being kicked out of their rental home. Since I do not rapidly send her money she wants me to get a credit card and send it to her because her fathers retirement from the states has to be paid to the card so she can get it in the African Nation. since I refuse then later Dorcas asks taht I receive a big check from her fathers attoney who will send me his retirement and I must send the funds to Dorcas.rnrnMy friends this lady (if a lady) is a true scam shark...please be on your guard.

# Date: 2012-04-14

This is my first report on this person. Please respond accordingly.

Since I have sent a small amount of money to this person be on guard that moneygram is watching.