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# Name:      Bryan Anderson

# E-mail:

# Address:  Nigeria , Manchester UK

# Phone:    00447031895987,00447

# Seen at:   Bearshare,Facebook and LinkedIn

# Dangerous: 30%

# Scam scenarios:   financial fraud

# Details: He is pretending and using picture of a British Guy who is working as Mining Engineer in Shell Oil,His facebook accounts look real as he has lots of friends and there are messsage posted in his wall to deceived that he is a the real person,but when i spoke to him his accent is very Nigerian abviously not a Britist Accent despite his number is in UK 0044470 is a redirect number to nigeria.He is making me fall for him with his words and pretending that even his family already accepted me.His mother send me email ( to convince me that his son has good intention with me.And there is another girl whose trying to show in the drama using pretending to be another lover of Bryan.rnHe told me that he is intersted to buy a property in Philippines or United Arab Emirates.But he need to transfer the investment to my account beacuse he cant bring big money with him.rnUnfortunately I got hint that he is a scammer because of that and I didnt gave him and just gave an excuse that the bank will question me for money laundering if there is unquestionable amount of transaction on my personal account.rnThe next day I deleted him in my facebook account before Ive sent him an email that I knew about Nigeria 419 Scam and he was a very famous scammer.rnI hope people on that site should be aware that this guy is using a british guy picture to deceived people and never even give them your number and email address.

# Date: 2012-03-24

Fortunately he did'nt manage to get any money to me as I've discovered their modus operandi at the earliest stage form Nov1-12,2011.People should always google to search the person's name .But the guy is trying to black mail that he will go back to me in anyways.Anyways I immediately block him in all site that I've given him and change my mobile number as well.