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# Name:      Juliya Boiko

# E-mail:

# Address:  Ukraine , Kiev, Odessa

# Phone:    0038 097 966 85 27

# Seen at:   I saw here profile on Anastasia. Her profile on Anastasia is 1608013. It's a pity, that she still be looking for her victims. She is also on and Her profile is on natashaclub, badoo. She has a couple of profiles on badoo with different names and her photos.

# Dangerous: 41%

# Scam scenarios:   Money for travel, documents, gifts, bills, etc

# Details: Money was to be sent thru Western Union, in her name. Usually asking for around $500-600$ each time, usually about once or twice a month. I noticed a pattern and when I began to question her she became angry, because I dont believe her. I notified the officals at the website to which I got the answer, they are not responsible for actions of individuals on their sites and there was nothing they could do. Since then Ive discovered thru other means that this individual is a Mistress to some France Man his name is Mickael Humez. I found him in vkontakte and Facebook and saw cute foots of him and Juliya. She uses the site to lure other men to help finance her living while having no real intentions of ever being with the man she is corresponding with. rnrnHere are a few correspondance I had from her. rnrnHello dear Andrew, I am happy to hear from you. rnI am good now, but I have some problems with my work now.rnWe have a very good flat with my sister and we dont want to change it, but I think we will. My director has some problem with our firm and he can not give me salary in time. We should pay 500$ every month or leave this flat. I was speaking with the owner of our flat and she can give us only 5 days more to give her money. I really dont know what to do. May be you can help me with this little problem? I promise to give back you money as soon as you come to me. rnI miss you so much. I hope you are good. Wait for your answer dear.rnhope to hear from you soon dear. rnYour Juliya rnrn

# Date: 2012-02-20
She asked me many times about money. Every month something new. One time she was very very sick. Another month something was happen with her family. Next month she needed money for her flat, because she had some problems on her work and couldn't pay for flat. I bought a phone for her and many expensive toys for her little godson.
Than she asked to go to go to some warm country, but not only with me. She wanted to go with her "sister", but they weren't sister. I have to pay them both for foreign passports and visas. And when I refused to go with her sister, I recognized, that she was on Seychelles island with another guy from India Kakar Mukul, because he took also her "sister".

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