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# Name:      Mariya Gordeeva

# E-mail:;

# Address:  Russia , Yaransk

# Phone:     0079278878009

# Seen at:   with other name Natalia Moskvina, Natalia Efremova
I see the same your images;num=1285043229

# Dangerous: 50%

# Related reports: 4604   

# Scam scenarios:   Ask for money

# Details: Hi, my prince *******,rnHow are you, my love? How is weather in your country? Here it is about -35 C todayrnand I try to survive thinking about you every second!rnOh, my love, I was so happy to receive your letters today!!!!rnMy dear, it is so difficult for me to describe my feelings to you!!rnYou are really the man of my life, the man of my dream!!! Darling itrnall seems to me unbelievable and I feel like a princess in arnfairy-tale!!! Dear, you probably think that I am crazy but I amrnnot!! I am just madly in love with you, Vladimir!!!!rnHoney, I have called the agency to find out everything about my triprnand that is what they told me. First of all I need to get somerndocuments ( a visa and an international ID/passport) and they costrn150 euro. Then the ticket cost 420 euro and I need somern80 euro for airport taxes. To tell you the truth I was disappointed to learn itrnbecause all together the sum is 650 euro and I cant afford such arntrip. I am very sad today. I have told you that my salary is only 200rndollars a month and I have to support my mum as well. I am at a loss andrnI do not know what to do. I love you and I thought there is nothingrnthat can prevent us from being together very very soon. But thisrnfinancial problem gets everything to ruin!!!!rnHoney, What should I do, tell me, please! I will die without you. Irnhave got accustomed to you and I do not want to lose you. I am surernyou are the man I have been looking for and we could make a goodrnfamily. Now I am very upset and I rely on you only. I know that yournlove me and will never let me down.rnWell, Id better go home now because I feel not so good because of allrnthis news.rnHope we find the solution.rnI love you, do not forget, darling!rnyour Mariya with lovernrnrnrnrnHi, my angel ********!rnYou cant imagine how I miss you,darling!rnI will go home now by train and I decided to write you not to make you worryrnabout me, my kitten!rnI have two news: one is perfect and the other isrna kind of a problem which I think we solve.rnI passed the interview in the Embassy very well, I answered all thernquestions correctly and the Ambassador (or his representative, Irndidnt manage to find it out) was in a good mood, that was also veryrnimportant, because the day before they refused a lot of peoplernin getting the visa!!!! that was horrible. but it seems that I am luckyrnbecause today he smiled me all the time, I think that this is becausernI am shining like a star, because of my love to you :)))rnthere was only one question that confused me. The Ambassador said thatrnto go to Sweden I must get the permission to leave my country in thernRussian Department of Emigration!I passed there the interview,honey!rnit was simpler than in the Embassy but they said that I mustrnhave the money on my pocket to get the permission to leave my country.rnand the representative of Russian Department of Emigration asked me tornshow if I have it. he said that this is the proof of myrncreditability and to give me the permission the government must be sure that Irnhave the money for staying in your country and all the Russians goingrnabroad are to prove their creditability. and surely I am not an exception.rnof cause I couldnt show anything to him and he said that actually myrnpermission is ready and I must do it when I come to collect thernpermission.rnI was a bit worried, but then I was explained that it is not necessary to spend it, only to show. I rnanswered that I am going to you, but they say that no matter to whom I am going,rnbecause for the government I must do all that they demand. so, I mustrnhave 1200 euro with me when I go to Moscow for the second time to collectrnmy permission. it is going to take place on December 28.rnat first, I was a kind of shocked but after thinking it over i decidedrnthat we have nothing to worry about because as I was said this is onlyrnfor the time of the flight (I explained that my boyfriend is sending me the rnmoney and that I dont want to involve him in extra expenses, because i already did!!!!)rnhe said that as soon as I am in Sweden I will give you back this cash moneyrnand you have nothing to worry about because this is the usual matter.rnhoney, I am very confused, because I feel that it is not expected forrnyou as well as for me. this money is like a paper of my safe stayingrnin Sweden speaking in another way. I suppose that you heard ofrnit as well.rnI can rely only on you, my love and I hope you can make the money transfer for thernlast time! But my documents are in the Department of Immigration because they prepare for mernthe permission to leave my country and I cantrnget the money without identity card, so please, if you can, send the money to the name of myrnmother and I will go with her to the bank to get the money, ok?rnI send you her details:rnrnNatalia - her first namernEfremova - her last namernRussia - countryrnrnMy love, I spent a very hard day today and I have to hurry up to myrntrain! Honey, I love you and all the day I imagined our meeting..rnI imagined our first night and your love to me!!!rnbut now I am so tired that all the thoughts are somewhere far away,rnand besides it is cold all the day and it seems to me that I caught arncold! I feel not very comfortable, you wouldnt like what I look like now ifrnyou could see me!rnplease, answer me, my love!rnI kiss you softly,rnYOUR Mariya

# Date: 2012-02-12

Hello, my love ********!
Whatever your reaction to this e-mail will be, I want you first of all
know that I love you most of all in this world and I will always
remember you if even you decide to abandon me, my darling Vladimir.
The trip to Moscow was really successful. I was in time everywhere.
First I got the necessary notification that I have enough money on my
Then I had an interview. It was also successful but!!! They were about
issue the visa when they found out that I have not paid the loan I have
taken to buy my flat. I wrote you in one of my letters about 2 flats
which we
have with my mother. Some years ago I took the loan to buy the flat and
we lived
there but then my mother was presented with flat as a teacher for all
her achievements.
So we started to live in her flat and every month I pay for my flat in
spite of the
fact that I don't live there. I do it because I took the loan form the
I can't sell the flat while the credit is not paid off..:(
They explained that according to the laws of the Russian
Federation they do not allow a person with unpaid credits to leave the
because very often they disappear and the government can't find them any
The man in the embassy said that everything is alright with my
application but
I can get visa only after I pay the credit back and the embassy will
have such
Of course, I was so much disappointed and I was crying the day in the
hotel. Honey, I can't believe it's the end!!!!!!! It's impossible but it
be so because I haven't paid a large sum of money yet. If I count it
in euro, it will be some 1800 euro!!!
Vladimir, I am really sorry and lost. I do not want you to suffer as
much as I
do. I want that everything is ok with us but obstacles are constantly
By the way, I asked the man in the embassy if there are other things
prevent me from coming because I was really angry. He sad I can go as
as I pay the whole sum to the bank. Anyway the last obstacle is too
and I have no power now. If only you were here to support me.I go home
now by train
and I will talk to my mother, may be she will find the solution of it.
I left my phone at home so you can call me tomorrow when I will be at
I will go to the bank where I took the loan as soon as I'm in my town.
May they will find the solution...I'm sorry, honey, but I can't take my
flight tomorrow
because at first i need to pay off the credit.
Honey, I love you. I will always love you. I hope you will write me in
of all that has happened.
Kiss you,
your Mariya with love and hope for the better

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