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# Name:      Beronica Jones

# E-mail:

# Address:  Philippines , Cebu

# Phone:    +639322806323

# Seen at:

# Dangerous: 35%

# Related reports: 4514   

# Scam scenarios:   Money for travel, documents, use different names

# Details: She has started to contact me on August 05th. after seeing her profile on . I sent short message inviting asking her to reply. She did it on the next day and from the very beginning she introduced herself as determined for future life and with strong plans how to find the mature partner. She told had very bad experiences with other men and now found me and wanted me to give love + passion on the highest level. She contacted me by mail very often : sometimes I have received more than 4 - 5 mails daily.

# Date: 2011-10-26

At the beginning of our correspondance she told she could pay the polish travel herself. After few days has changed her mind and stared asking for any material help.
She said she knew very good and cheap travel agency which has helped her sister (I've got her address in Manila) many times in the past. She told had appointment at the Polish Ambassy in Manila and needed only any invitation for Poland + financial support of 500 best 1500 US Dollars. She promised (many times by telephone speech) to scan all the documents to prove the loyal acting. She told she lived in province with her mom and leads beauty products-shop in Cebu.
I started to get uneasy one day when heard her voice like drunken. She has phoned me many times and many times I have phoned her. She said had no bank account but could send the money by western Union. On last Friday she phoned me and talked many times (also by mails) she needed this money as soon as possible coz today i.e. on August 30th would like to get all documents from the travel agency including the polish entry visa for 30 days. I should send her the money on Saturday as well coz on August 29th fly to Manila FOR THE SECOND TIME during last 2 weeks ! She loves me , miss me , kiss me , plans her future only with me etc.
This was enough info's to me : I started to look in web very seriously and found ur site which opened my eyes completely. Since yesterday she has phoned me 4 times asking about Western Union and the amount I should send. Of course I didn't send NOTHING. I didn't inform the website of this case and would like to wait for ur further suggestions.
Since I started to contact the Ladies from different websites I have received many stupid mails asking for money. But this time I meaned was real feeling. I couldn't think other way (in the beginning) when she phoned so many times ... I am scared of my phone bill from August my God.