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# Name:      Doreen or Rita Arkoh

# E-mail:

# Address:  Ghana , Accra

# Phone:    233 246 899 213/ 233

# Seen at:   yahoo mail addresses -numerous/ adult friender finder and is on more

# Dangerous: 28%

# Scam scenarios:   Ask for money, use stolen photos of Mandy Hardcore, erotic model

# Details: she will claim to be not working taking care of mother - father dead/also claim to be a nurse giving maleria shots vol./ also a school teacher says lives with sister or aunt or mother or grandma will say has gold connection- dead grandpa obusai mine will want money for gold work for you and her will want money for bills food plane ticket visa passport and more will disappear after getting money then when out of money will be back with story will threaten to leave you if no more money wont answer exact questions exsposing her scamimg lies will somtimes pick up money in her name or uses others names- helpers always with id,s paulina gurah/ppatience afedzie/joseph amusah/g. shaibu or just doreen arkoh just say you sent money gram she will come out fast.

# Date: 2011-09-23

as sais above prefers mon eygram but will do western union. usually says send in anothers name as listed- have sent and it was picked up by all but also will get in her own name. anywhere from 100-200 uds to 2000 usd each time will be for helping her or gold deal. will send pictures she also sends out sexy 1/2 dirty pics to all the guys she scams fast and talk of love etc ec