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# Name:      Silvia Perela

# E-mail:

# Address:  Ghana , Accra

# Phone:    +233242918852

# Seen at:

# Dangerous: 41%

# Scam scenarios:   Money for travel, visa, use stolen photos

# Details: Von: selina andreeva My name is Andreeva from the agency of Austria Embassy and am here to confirm that do you have any woman called Silvia Perela coming to visit you in Austria? She came here today and she will only get a visa to Austria if you confirm that and then we can start processing her particulars.You can reply this mail so that we will accept your invite for her. I will be her assistance till she gets to Austria successfully. Do you know Silvia Perela and do you want her to come and visit you? Then if yes here are the price for 560.64 euros and the return flight will be 650.12 euros. All will be the money needed for her ticket and her visa is 31 euro. Then the company will also take a commission of 300 euro. Thank you.rnAndreeva, Desk 1. Easy Travel And Tours

# Date: 2011-09-05

120 Euro were sent to Silvia Perela,Western Union,Accra.
did not send a second time, discovered her pictures
posted on "pictures of Julie" !!! confrontated her/him?
this was the end of story:
silviaperela:No darling... I am a man but I am just a small boy and I have bigger ambitions in life but still cant meet them because I dont have money to do that
silviaperela:I wanted to play football but with no money I was introduced to thing by a friend to help me get some money so that I can travel to the out side world and play football