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# Name:      Darina Semejko

# E-mail:

# Address:  Ukraine , Lvov

# Seen at:

# Dangerous: 27%

# Scam scenarios:   ask for money

# Details: Uses very good english, asks for money for passport, visa and airticket.rnrnNever answered personal questions and not much personal informations. Works at kindergarden ...

# Date: 2010-11-03

Hi, my sweetheart XXX! It's me, your loving and addicted Darina! it's me, that girl from far away who have been lucky to get your attention and who is very happy to give you all her love, care and tenderness!:)

As for your questions, it's not my kitchen, but my sister's one-she loves cooking too:) I don't have a driving license, but i have been always dreaming about getting it...

Sweetie, i am in very good mood these days. I am excited and happy, though of course some things still make me worrying a little bit, but let me tell you everything step by step. ok? As i have lots of news for you.

So, first of all i have been busy with a search of things i need to travel to you. It took lots of time and strength, but it was pleasant for me. I told to everybody who asked me why do i need to travel abroad that i met my love and going to visit him:) Lots of people didn't believe me as thought that it's impossible to find something true and serious through the Internet. I understand them, as some time ago i didn't believe this too:)But for me it doesn't matter what people think-i love you and want to be with you! this is the main!

So, speaking about the documents, it has appeared that it's very hard to get an international passport in my town as it's rather small and it's always a problem with blanks here. But i spoke with my sister about this problem, and she told me that the best variant will be to use some travel agency for arrangement of all the documents or just to find people who i can give a bribe to get a passport quickly. This way passport costs $350. And it will be ready in one week. The travel agency which my sister advised me (she used it several times for travelling with her husband abroad) propose to get a passport for $305 in 5 days. Visa will take a little bit more time-10 days, but it will be ready for sure, with all the guarantees, and it will be a tourist type of visa, valid for three months and very easy to get. It costs $250. I don't need to book any hotel there, so i will be free to stay with you:). Personally me, i think this variant with a travel agency is good-it's reliable and fast. The only one thing which bothers me it's costs as you know that i don't have such an amount now, my parents too, and i even asked my sister for the help, but i have found out that they have bought a new house with husband and paying a credit very hard now with her husband-so she can't help anyhow too.So, you are the last persona i ask for the help now, though you are the first who really needs this trip to be:) Sweetie, i hope it will be ok for you to help me with the funds now, and i promise to give you everything back in future. Will it be ok? I just don't want to wait months to see you! i am so tired of being alone...

I am looking forward to hear from you soon, honey! Your opinion is super important for me-as you are my beloved second half!:)))

Have a nice day!

Your Darina