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# Name:      Ester Nstiful

# E-mail:     Jadida_white

# Address:  Ghana , Accra

# Phone:    233547169534

# Dangerous: 35%

# Scam scenarios:   ask for money, stolen photos

# Details: Love scenarionrnwants get out of Ghana, search for man. Parents died, she has no family left, all alone. Needs money to buy foodstuff. Wants come to USA marry, have children, and lots of sex. Send me many pictures. Yahoo I-M daily. Well good smooth writer, some are plagiarized from other websites and poems. Claims to work as cook in fast food in Accra. But never sent any work pics or given address.

# Date: 2010-09-30

Money requests for food stuf, then for passpsort and Visa. Western union and Money gram.
Finally got her to send me her id- medical report, police report, passport and visa. She claims to have received visa same day as interview. B1/B2 visa to usa.
The documents look very good and match up, and official. I did send them to the USA embassy in Ghana but they have not replied as to the validity of them. I did confront her about similarity of her looks with Raven Riley. She claims that some one has been defaming her and using the picturs of her. She claims that is not her.
She wants me to send her $1000 and later more for the airfare and BTA. She also sent me a BTA form that states $3000 is required to be shown to customs to leave Ghana. The embassy says that no BTA is required.
I not know who to beleive on BTA.
When I suggested I would buy the airticket in USA and send it to her, she told me that is not allowed in Ghana. All tickets must be bought in GHana. I not sure if that is true. I know USA travel agents will not sell foreign air tickets. That may be true due to trade restrictions of countries. She claims she has no mmoney and If I want her to come I have to pay her way and the BTA of $3000 plus airfare of about $1500.00 or more. No way will I send her that? Seen her picture and same pics she sent me on few other web sites using different names and emails.