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# Original Report:  here

# Name:      Elena Gren

# E-mail:

# Address:  Ukraine , Lugansk

# Seen at:   aka Lavrenchenko Anna

# Dangerous: 37%

# Details: I would like to report to you about a Scammer by the mane of Lena Gren who I first contacted at . Her fake address she gave me is Lena Gren, Kv. Vostochniy 20/31, Lugansk, 91000 ( of course she has no phone). Her date of birth is September 20th. She is listed at under girlf7 and her e-mail is She also has a listing 1st international Marriage Agency under the name of Anna Lavrenchenko from Lugansk and has a different birthday of Aug.29, 1982. She has a report already listed at Scam Detective under the name of Ann (Scam 0194) . The mere fact that she comes from Slavonic Beauty Agency is the first clue to know that she is a fake. She had been trying to get me to send her money for a visa, passport and airline tickets, the usual scammer stuff. The address she gave to me for where she was living was also a fake address as I had sent someone to deliver her flowers and a card and the people who were living there said that no such person was living there. She made up some lame excuse as to why she does not live there and would not divulge her real address as she said it would create too many problems. When I pressed her for her real address her time had expired and I needed to send money to continue my conversations with her to this Slavonic Beauty Agency (see letter):
  Dear Sir,
  we must inform you that Elena's account is empty. And also
  we have to inform you that until she puts some money onto it,
  she will not be allowed to write any letters,

# First reported: Traslation agency
# Date: 2005-04-20

Elena's Letter - Feb 25, 2002

Hello dear XXXX,

It's very nice to meet you!!!!!!!! It seems like a miracle that people invented this way of
communication for people who live far from each other or even in different parts of the world!
That's really great. And also it great hat it gave us the opportunity to "meet", and I hope
that we will have nice "conversations" and maybe one day we will meet what do you think about that??????

Stop Lena (that's my short name and friends usually call me like that. So I hope that we will become
friends and if you want you may call me like that, OK?????) or you can go on this topic for a very long
time. And now I hope that you still want to know something about me, without paying attention
to my talking :)))))))))!!!!!!!

So, about me... I think that I'm an open-minded person and I like to communicate with different
people very much, among my friends there are very various people, they differ in age - beginning
from 5 till ... - and in their social position. I simply don't pay attention to these silly differences
that were invented by some people who had nothing to do, they were just having fun, or they were making
money on it - nobody knows and let's forget about them. Please don't think hat I'm a chatter-box,
no I'm not, just I wanted to give you at least an idea of who I am.

As I said I have a lot of friends, but I also try to make new friends and I
hope that we will become good friends, only of course if you don't mind, do you :))))??????

No I will stop here, and I want to ask you one thing. Please ask me questions it will be easier
to communicate, don't you think so???? And I promise to answer all of them honestly.

Waiting for your letter impatiently,
Yours Elena.

Elena's Letter - March 02, 2002

Hello dear XXXX,

thank you very much for the nice letter!!! It was so interesting to read about you!!!!
You know there's one thing I would like to ask you...I would like to see your photo...can you send it to me to this e-mail know I ask about this just because it'll be much easier for me to put
your words to your face...OK??? PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!!!!!!! :)))
Thank ou for liking the language this letter is written, but it's not my English it's the language of the girl who translates it for me...I hope that it's not a problem???
Oh, that would be so great to meet in person!!! I do sports when I have a mood, I do some aerobics, and jogging, and swimming and play table tennis, and thanks to it I keep in shape, thank you for your kind words!!!:))) I also try to avoid eating a lot of bread, as bread is very harmfull to figure, not some cookies or something like that, but usual bread, and macaroni... I've never been to any other foreign country...just didn't have an opportunity...
Well, I was thinking about leaving this country...but I had nobody to come to...

Yours Lena.

Elena's Letter - March 03, 2002

Hello dear XXXX!!!

It was very nice to hear from you!!! Thank you for your compliments... And thank you for the photoes!!!! I think that you look very nice!!! I liked the one most of all which is called "Hard at work" :))) I also would like to work as hard as you did on that photo!!! :)))
My birthday is 20 September...

Yours Lena.

Elena's Letter - March 05, 2002

Hello dear XXXX!!!

It's so great to hear from you!!!
Yes, it's very bad that we were not together we could both work very hard, just as you did on that photo!!! :)))
Well, I have some small secrets how to keep in shape... Yes, I like sea very much and I like to swim there and just to enjoy the sound of it and the sunrise over the sea...unfortunately I can't
see such a wonder very often...only from time to time...but anyway I remember all of them!!! :)))

I've never been to any other country before...just wasn't lucky!!! Yo9u know I thought over your words about leaving the home country...yes it's very bad to leave your close people and friends,
but there'll be more close people and friends...and besides what can wait for me here??? No job, no family nothing!!! If you want to get a job, go and sleep with the director...and that's not for me...I want
to work, and I can't...isn't it??? You know I think that I would prefer to find the differences in the foreign country then to give up here...
Why I'm still single??? You have already answered your questions...just because I'm too intellegent for our men...they wish to have someone not very clever and who will think that he's the best
man in the whole world!!! And to love him doing every single step...and to say that saying rude and bad words is the best habit on Earth!!! And things like that!!! Isn't this awfull???

I didn't mean to be so serious...:)))))
Yours Lena.
PS: My postal address is kv. Vostochniy, 20/311
Lugansk 91000

Elena's Letter - March 14, 2002

Hello my dear XXXX!!!

It's so great to hear from you!!!
Thank you for all the lovely words you told me, you going to spoil me in this way!!! :))) But please do spoil me!!! :))) I've never heard such lovely words from anybody, and you know I think that you're
really sweet...not only for the lovely things you say, but also because you express yourself really wonderful...I like it very much!!!

Oh, I don't know what to give us the opportunity to meet!!! I don't know...I didn't sleep the last night...I'm really very excited!!!
OK, You know XXXX I'll need some time to check everything, I think that it won't take more then a couple days, and then we'll have all the information!!!

Hope to hear from you very soon!!!
Yours Lena.

Elena's Letter - March 16, 2002 - Money for visa, tickets and passport

Hello my dear XXXX!!!

I'm very very happy that you liked my photo!!! You're so romantic!!! I'm sure that we'll have a great and really wonderful time together!!! I'm really so excited!!! You know sometimes it seams to me that it's not true and just a dream...and that I'll wake up and everything will be gone...and what will be left only memories...but then I remember you and I feel that it's not a dream, but a reality and somehow I'm in this!!! :)))

I've found out some information and I want you to know it also. To make the international passport and visa for me will take some time, so if we want to meet in April I already have to give the
documents to get them ready. To make the passport it costs 100 $ and it'll take a month to make it. To make a visa - 200 $.

The return ticket to B, normally costs 1,903 $. But there's a good news, in April there'll be an exchange of students with the USA and if I'll be lucky to get involved there then there'll
be discounts, and rather big. So, the ticket to B, and back will cost about 750 - 800 $.

So that's it...this is all I know and as I promised everything that
I'll find out you'll know very fast!!!

With kisses
Yours Lena.

Elena's Letter - March 17, 2002

Hello my dear XXXX!!!

Thank you for the lovely letter!!!
I also can't wait to see you, but there're some things that we'll have to get over together!!!
You see, I don't have an international passport and that's why I can't book tickets. T do that I need an internatinal passport and a visa. So the best thing will be to do the transfer in 2 stages???
You see, I'll start making documents then. You know in 2 weeks we'll elect a mayer of the town, and there're big problems with this elections, so everybody has a lot of work to do, and that's why I
don't know how much time I'll nees to make the documents, so to be in time I'll have to start making documents as soon as possible!!! Passport and visa cost 300 $ and it'll take a 3 weeks to make them,
and 350 $ and it'll take 2 weeks to make them.
My full name is Elena Gren.
I hope to hear from you very very soon!!!

With kisses,
Yours Lena.
PS: I'm sending you a photo on which there're I and my friend.

Elena's Letter - March 18, 2002

Hello my dear XXXX!!!

Thank you very much for the letter and for the photoes you have sent me!!!
Oh, I've heard about Snt. Patrick's Day I've heard about this, and thank you for telling me about it!!! It's so interesting to lear about other people's holidays!!!

You see, to make a passport and visa I need to pay for them. You see all the documents, photoes, and everything what is needed to make them, the agency which deals with this documents makes by themselves. The photo they do with the help of the digital camera, and then I'll send you the photo!!!
You see, I don't want to turn to the travel agency here in Lugansk, because they'll take more money, and anaway I'll have to go to Kiev to get my visa, and there'll take less money because then there won't be a go-between then!!!

Waiting to hear from you
Yours Lena.

Elena's Letter - March 19, 2002

Helo my dear XXXX!!!

Thank you for your letter!!!
I'm sending you the photo of me, hope that you'll enjoy it!!! :))) Please try to understand, I don't have the money for making the visa and going to Kiev, till you won't send me some money I can't start the
process of registration of the passport and visa. You see, as far as I know, if I won't have a passport and visa nobody will talk with me about tickets and going somewhere!!!

Waiting to hear from you,
Yours Lena.

Elena's Letter - March 20, 2002

Hello my dear XXXX!!!

It was very great to get a letter from you!!! I'm very sorry that I sent you the photo you have seen, but you see at the agency they can't find my I'm very sorry for thet photo!!! :)))

On to this moment I have found out this:
There's a phone number of the office, which makes the documents,
They don't have the e-mail address, because they don't work in the Internet, they word with real people and when they come to them, I mean to the office by themselves.

And this is +380444615050 the phone of the travel agency in Kiev, the department which deals with booking tickets.

Waiting to hear from you as soon as possible!!!
With kisses
Yours Lena.

Elena's Letter - May 10, 2002

Hello my dear XXXX!!!

Thank you for all your wishes!!!It's so pleasent to get wishes!!! :)))
It's so great to hear from you!!! Thank you for the nice letter!!! Oh, that would be so great to meet each other!!! I know that we would have a great time together and that you would show me all the best
places there!!! It's like a dream...I don't know what to say...just that I would be very happy to see you and enjoy your company there!!!

I've never been to any countries outside Ukraine, never had an opportunity to go somewhere...:))) And besides I still study, but soon I'll be over and will get my diploma. I study a lot of things, most of
them to get general education in different classes, like history, culture, literature, phycology, sociology and others...and I'll be the helper to the director, you know writing speeches, reports and other things
like that!!!
I like to do a lot of things, spending time with my friends at home, I mean gathering at somebody's place and have a kind of a small party!!!
Also I like to go along the city and going to small cafes, where it's rather quite and light music and not a lot of people, though it becomes harder and harder to find such cafes...:)))
I've never been to KIev or to Odessa, I've been to the towns of Lugansk region, and once to Donetsk and that's all...not much right??? :)))
I don't have a computer at home or at work, as I told you that I still study but there's an agency which translates letters and they provide with Internet and things like that, actually even my future profession
seams to be connected with computers, but it's compltely wrong, because the major things there finding information without the computer. You see in this country computer is not very wide spread, so
they try to teach us how to live without it!!! :))) I don't have a phone at home, but I can ask a friend to use her phone...what do you think about that???
My last name is Gren, I'm very sorry to forget about it, I sometimes get so exhausted with all these classes...and writing a diploma...but I'll be more attentive!!! :)))

Yours Lena.

From Slavonic Beauty agency - Apr. 01 , 2002

Dear Sir,

we must inform you that Elena's account is empty. And also we have to inform you that until she puts some money onto it, she will not be allowed to write any letters,

Best regards,
Traslation agency "Slavonic Beauty"

Elena's Letter - Apr. 08, 2002

Dear XXXX!!!

I know already that you wanted to send me flowers...thank you...but it caused so many problems to see I gave you that address where it was written in my passport I lived, but I actually live much closer to the Univercity, but illigally. About that knew only I and the woman who is in charge for that dormitory...and now everybody knows about it...actually I had no right to do that, but it was easier for me....
I don't know they even threaten to expel me for not obeying the rules...I can give you my address, but nobody is permitted to go there, I mean strange people, and they'll be told that I don't live what's the I don't know what I'm going to do...there're a lot of problems!!!

From Lena.

From Slavonic Beauty agency - Apr. 14 , 2002

Dear Sir,

we must inform you that Elena's account is empty. And also we have to inform you that until she puts some money onto it, she will not be allowed to write any letters.