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# Name:      Alexandra Danilova

# E-mail:

# Address:  Ukraine , Krivoy Rog

# Phone:    27 Voylova Street, K

# Seen at:

# Dangerous: 33%

# Scam scenarios:   money for translation

# Details: Usual phisching e-mail ith pictures of a model. 4 letters later, the scam comes from the translation company.

# Date: 2010-08-22

Hello to you, dear!

It's extremely pleasant from your side to give me your e-mail address.
It will allow us contact each other via letters. Now you know my
e-mail address and can write me. In your letter I want to know more
about your life. Tell me your full name if you haven't done it yet:)
Tell me about your character, everything you want me to know about it.
How could you describe yourself as a personality, what kind of person
you are. It would also be wonderful to know about your preferences in
life, what you like to do and what you don't. I'll answer you the same
things in my letter, dear. I just don't write much now because I want
to be sure in your interest. If it is serious,I will answer all your
questions with a great pleasure and give all the necessary information
about myself with a great pleasure. All you should know before writing
to me is that I'm a serious woman, looking for the same serious man
who would share my feelings, emotions and desires. I'm looking for
marriage. Though it's new for me..I don't know if I succeed in it. I
had friends ladies who found their husbands through the Internet, so I
suppose it's quite possible for me to do the same. Someone do not
believe in building serious relations beginning from the Internet, but
I think it is a great chance because as for me I am quite disappointed
in some man I got to know in reality at once. And why should we look
for someone during much time in real life if it is possible to find
your second half in here? What do you think about it? I've attached a
couple of my photos, I hope you'll like them. I want you to do the
same next time you will write, ok? I hope we will exchange photos as
often as possible, won't we? So if you are interested in knowing me
better, respond to the following e-mail address, it's mine:) And I'll
answer you of course if you will make me interested too.

Sincerely yours,Alexandra
I should say without doubt that I begin to wonder and believe in
miracles! I'm telling you this because I haven't hoped that you will
write me a letter. But now I can tell you for sure that I am really
happy! I am really serious in expressing my emotions!Maybe it is hard
to believe because of Internet, but all you have to do is believe,
because as for me I don't see any sense in lying, is it reality or
Internet. This leads me to answer your curiosity why did I place my
advertisement in the Internet. As I have already said, I am very
sincere and serious person, so it wasn't just a spur-of-moment thing
or a chance to play some kind of game or something like this. I never
play with feelings and emotions. As every woman, I have the main aim
in my life to find a husband, to build my own big strong family with
many children. What can be better than have children from a man whom
you really love and who really loves you? This is the biggest
happiness in a woman's world I think. I can't see any negative sides
in communication through the Internet and looking for love in here. I
know many wonderful examples of how different lonely people find each
other with the help of Internet and became happy, really happy to the
rest of their life. So I am really very serious in this search. I
believe that everything depends not on the matter if it's a reality or
Internet but on how serious the person is,and that is all. All I want
to find is the same serious person as I am, and this will open the
road to our happiness. I am really happy to make your interested, I
hope it is true and your attention is sincere. So now let me not leave
the closed door for you and tell a bit more about myself.

I am 28 years old, the perfect age for building family. I am opened
for this and I for sure feel that I am ready. As for my appearance, I
am 1.73 height and 56 kg weight. I have brown hair and eyes, which
everybody like. Another features you can see due to my photos. I was
born in one of the best cities of Ukraine, Krivoy Rog. There I spent
all my childhood and live till today. My early ages were covered with
love and care. All the time I was living with my parents,mother and
father,who represent the best example for me as a couple. They adore
each other and spread this love on others, especially on me. Of course
I want to build my own family and not to repeat some mistakes of my
parents. But I want my relationship to be also such strong, sincere
and wonderful. As to my education, I finished 4 years courses of
management. I'm using the company's translating services. I want to
know if it's bothering for you or not? I really have nothing to do
with it but I do not want to loose you because of this matter. I hope
you will understand and it will not be a barrier for our communication
and maybe relationship. I do not think that this is the reason for
loosing contact but I want to know what do you think about it. Please,
do not worry!Translators don't care about our correspondence. Their
duty is to translate and not to be curious about the content, be sure!
Of course I want to correct my mistake and visit some courses in order
to improve and learn English to communicate by my own. But I can not
afford it to myself now because such courses are rather expensive.
Well I hope in the future I will manage. can i ask you to send me your
photo? as for my plans for weekend, so now i haven't plans for today ,
may be I'll be relaxing at home ;)but tomorrow i'm going to lake with
my company , so i hope i will have a good time there ;) So,now you
know a bit about me and such a fact. As for me,I am really interested
in you, I passionately want to know you better and closer. If you feel
the same, let me know and we will make our communication unforgettable
and wonderful, I promise! Next letter I will tell you about interests
and hobbies, i do not want you to be bored with long letter! ;)Please
write me more about yourself. Dear, you must know that I am waiting
for your letter with great impatience. Wish you the best!

Sincerely yours, Alexandra.

I am so happy to receive your letter, you even can't imagine! Well, I
told you a bit about myself, about education. Now let me tell you
about my interests, hobbies and free time in order you to know what I
like and know better who I am. So, as I have already said in last
letter, I like to keep feet ad stay in a good form to maintain my
perfect figure. Truly speaking, it is not so easy but I try my best.
When I am free from work, I go to the gym and train. When it is good
warm weather (unfortunately is can be only in spring and summer in my
country), I run in the mornings or evenings. Yes, it catches attention
of many, they stop me and ask if I am a super–model. I laugh, but
sometimes it makes me sad because as you know it is my dream. It is
very expensive to go to special courses, to have special professional
photo sessions, wear expensive clothes. I hope I will do it also some
time. Well, also I like to stay with my friends. I like them so so
much! I think friends are the best soul mates before we meet our love.
My friends and I always have fun together; we like to make incredible
fun crazy home parties! I like to go to the disco sometimes because I
adore dancing and music, or to the cinema to watch new film. I try not
to miss all the novelties. Also I would like to try some day some
extreme kind of sport! But it is also difficult to afford. And I am
very afraid of it; I think it would be great to do with your beloved
men. For example, to rely on him and to jump with a parachute
together, feeling all the romance of the moment! I like cooking, to
make some new dishes. And I am passionately waiting for the time when
I will cook for my lovely man. Well, honey, I think it is enough from
me for that time. I will answer any your question, what exactly would
you like to know about me. Of course, I want to know you better. So I
will wait for your response with great impatience! I want to
communicate with you so much! I have a feeling that our meeting in
here is not an accident but something very special. I believe in
miracles and I begin to wonder because I have met such a man like you.
I think about you all the time. I want to know what impression do you
have about me. Is it better or worse now that at first time?? Please
be honest with me anyway. Please write me as soon as possible!

Kisses and hugs,
Yours Alexandra

Wow, thank you for your letter again! I was
thinking about you all the time, believe me. I now understand that I
really miss you so much! Though it is Internet and reading your
letters I want to be close to you, to hug you and hold into my
arms...It is something hard to explain in words, it comes out of my
heart. When I receive your letter, it begins to beat quicker and makes
me feel worried. I am so happy that we continue to communicate and
that you write to me again and again! Darling, now I can't imagine my
day without communication with you. Your letters get me to the top of
the world!yes, thank you for your interest, my weekend was good, i
spent it at home, i red a book, i tired to be active all week, so i
wanted to sleep and to be looks like calm flower!;)and what about you?
You see, all I want to find here is a good friend, a soulmate, a
strong man who I can rely on, with whom I will be protected, calm and
safe, whose attention to me will be strong and it will be a real
feeling but not only beautiful words and lies. I do not play games! I
do not play with feelings and I hate someone to play with me. Why
should people do it while looking for a real love and strong feeling?!
So honey, I want you to know that I begin to wonder maybe the man I am
looking for is you? If not, why do i think and feel this way? Dear,
please, open your heart to me but be sincere and honest...I really
hope you do feel the same. You know, the thoughts about you warm me
like the sun in summer day. Will you please me with your wonderful
communication again and again?? Please, write me as soon as possible,
as i am waiting with a big strong great impatience!!! Give you hundred
of my soft kisses, my honey! Hold you in my arms passionately!Miss you
so so much!!!

Sincerely yours, Alexandra


Hello, sir!

We are sorry for the interrupting your correspondence with
Miss Alexandra Danilova, but we have to inform you about the
reason of her silence. Miss Alexandra is using our company's
translating services. She pays for the letters and photos
she receives and sends. Miss Alexandra has already informed
us that her account has to be replenished again to continue
the translating of your and her letters. Unfortunately, she
has some financial problems and she can not fill the account
herself at the moment. However there is a possibility for
her to use your help in solving this problem. Let us know if
you are interested in continuing the communication with she.
All your letters are saved in lady Danilova's mail box.
Hoping for further cooperation.

If you have any questions, want to know how everything works or some
other details, you are welcome. We will be glad to help you in this

Contact information:
27 Voylova Street, Krivoy Rog, Ukraine, 92700.
tel: +380959165638(if you write a message,please,write your name)
Skype nickname: foster393
We work: 10 am - 6 pm (GMT +02)

Sincerely yours
Executive director
"Translation Help Services"
coop. company.
Elena Busova