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# Name:      Anna

# E-mail:

# Address:  Russia

# Seen at:   Zoosk

# Dangerous: 26%

# Scam scenarios:   ask for money

# Details: Visa and airfare scam. Regular correspondence, claiming to fall in love after a few e-mails.....

# Date: 2010-06-22

Checked for scam websites like this one as soon as she hinted she might not be able to afford the full airfare to visit.
Hello my perfect and wonderful Rob!!!
I am pleased once again to see your letter. Each your letter brings
warmth and joy in my heart. I dream of the day when it would not be
writing and our long-awaited meeting. Today it is - not great weather
outside. Weather is not very warm and sunny. In such a perfect day is
best to be on the street and go for a walk in the fresh air. It is so
nice. It's wonderful. I know, probably I'm too romantic, and I love
nature very much. Last night I dreamed of what we went into the woods.
When I think of you, my beloved man, I get so happy, and it is
pleasant and joyfully on heart, that for me it would be advisable to
fly with happiness. Dear Rob, really want me that you and I
finally met. I'm tired of waiting and live far away from you. I want
to be next to you and only you. I get my vacation on their work on
July 2 and it will last for 6 weeks. My love Rob, would like to
know from you about whether or not you are satisfied during my leave
for our meeting? Are you ready to really to do so. Dear Rob,
you must be important to understand that my leave in any way can not
cancel or reschedule. After all, my vacation was planned in advance
and it is distributed among all employees, and therefore I can not in
any way to cancel it or move. you understand me? I understand that I
can not live without you, without your words, without your hugs and
kisses. To do this, I was looking for my whole life. You probably
meant to me by fate. I need to connect life only with you my
beautiful. I am happy that you are mine. I appreciate it very much.
Dear Rob I could go to a travel agency in order to learn all
the details and the cost of their journey to you. After all, I
certainly will need a visa, passport, plane ticket and other
documents. Therefore it is necessary to know the full value of my trip
to you. But for this I would like to know the exact name of the
international airport, which would be close to you. But I think that
the trip to you will cost a lot of money. But you know what I earn is
not very much. And so I'm afraid that I will not be able to pay for
their journey to you ... and therefore I would like to ask you
assistance in the event if I did not have enough money to travel to
you. Will you help me with payment dear Rob? You help me come
to you? Can I hope for your financial support if I do not have enough
money for my trip to you? Love my Rob do not forget to write me
please the name of the airport in his next message as it is very
important to us ... I do not want to lose you, not ever. You - my
life's meaning. Without you, I do not mind to live in this world. I've
always dreamed of such a man as you, so understanding and loving
person. I want it, we will be with each other. I will wait your letter
soon and please answer all my questions. I hope to get it and be
delighted with your answer.
Many kisses Rob...

Your Anna

P.S. Dear Rob, I beg you, lest you forgot to write me the name of the
airport if you really want our meeting and help me come to you.