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# Original Report:  here

# Name:      Ekaterina (Katya) Smirnova

# E-mail:

# Address:  Russia , Saratov

# Dangerous: 37%

# Details: "I am 43 years old, living in USA. Divorced.
  She wrote to me out of the blue after I wrote to many in the Absolute Agency. I did not write to Russia though, I wrote to Ukrainian women. How she wrote to me is a mystery. It has gone on for 3 weeks now. After a few personal letters, she will not answer any questions, instead she appears to send form letters with absolutely nothing personal in them about you. Written in a VERY general way.
  She only asked one time for a visa by mentioning how much a friend of her's quoted her for a price for a visa (see that letter).
  Jim T."

# Date: 2005-04-13

Katya's Introductory Letter - Apr 19. 2002

Hello ,

Hi!!! Me very much to interest and to like your frame. I very much to want to acquaint with the man, I very much to want that it(he) to become my satellite on all life. I very much would want that it(he) concerned to me closely, well, understood me. For me the mutual understanding is very important. I think that I in turn shall care of a nem about all love, that we helped each other in difficult minute. I shall understand also it(him) and to look after it(him). If you to interest in me, write to me on my electronic address:

I think that you will not regret(pity), I shall promise you be that woman, which will understand and to love you by all heart. I shall tell to you without superfluous modesty I am the very attractive woman.
I shall tell to you frankly, that responsible, attractive, kind, understanding, business and certainly nice woman.
Best regards,

Katya's Letter - April 20, 2002

Hello ,

Hi!! I am very glad that you to write to me. I to do(make) it for the first time and consequently very(very much) to worry. Thank for your perfect photos.I to not know from what to begin but to try I. I was not so good to know the English language and consequently I shall use the translator. I to not think that you to not want with me to speak. Ignorance of your language should not be a problem between us.�� I certainly earlier to get acquainted to want to try through the Internet but I to be afraid. Because I to hear that some people to deceive. Therefore to be broken their feelings, they to become closed and very much very lonely. But I to think that it to not happen to me, I to hope for it. I all the same to dare to write to you. I shall tell about myself directly. As I to you to tell before me call Katya. I think that to you to like my name. I to live in Russia. I certainly know that I to live not so and close to you, and it is possible to tell that far from you. But I think that for love there are no obexes and distances. I think that you agree with me.
Russia it is very big country, but as you probably to know to live in Russia very difficultly with its(her) laws. There are no you should not think that I to not love(not like) the native land, I am simple to not want that persons to feel like restrained in the the country. At us very many good and clever people only they are not capable to open the opportunities. Excuse that I to start conversation about it but it should seems to me that you to know what to occur in Russia in the validity. Russia now to be at a transitive stage as I to think. But I all the same to like the native land. I very much to want to know about your country to know about that how to live other people. That they to feel in the the country. As they to concern to it(her). You will tell about the city? I to you to tell about the. I live in city of Saratov. It is very large and beautiful city. Our city is disposed on the river Volga. I think that you to hear probably about this perfect and mighty river. !
At us certainly as well as in other cities the industry and facilities(economy). Basically not so it is bad also developed. Still I want to you to tell that of Saratov to be in the third time zone. That is if in Moscow 15.00 that at us in city 16.00. That is at one hour at us the time goes forward.
Now you approximately to know where I live. I to be born and bring up in the city of Saratov. Here I to finish school and university. To receive medical formation(education) and to begin to work in ours hospital as the children's doctor. Very much to like me my trade, I very much to love children. To me to be executed 28 years and I to think that for the woman it simply bloom. It is very difficult to receive from us work after the termination(ending), but I to try and achieve it. You see the person may achieve all that it(he) to want, you too so to consider? I to begin to work with 8.00-17.00. To me very much is valid to like my work, dialogue with children is especial. I want to tell you at once that I never to not be yet not married and consequently to not have yet children. I think that at me even all ahead. You see the truth?
You probably to get tired to read my letter, but to me my life, even in brief simply would be desirable to write to you. I will think that you to write to me, I to hope for it. I with impatience shall wait from you for the letter and the information which you to want to inform me. I to wish successful you day. I to hope that we with you is very strong to make friends. How you to consider? I shall hope that we to find out a lot of interesting the friend about the friend. I to think that I all the same to find love on all life.
Your friend Katya.

Best regards,

Katya's Letter - May 02, 2002

Hello ,

My friend Jim I so am glad that you not overlook to write to me. To me it is very pleasant that you to think of me. Also that we to become all day is closer with everyone. I to want to learn(find out) from you how to pass your day, than you to be engaged and whether to like you your work? I already to speak you that my work very much to like me. I very much to want to help people even when I to be small. I to want ask you may to be personal character. How you to concern to religion? To trust you in the god whether or not? I to begin to trust in the god then when at us to happen the misfortune to be lost our father. Then I to understand that in the god it is necessary to trust and love it(him). Sometimes I to go to church and to ask the god protection that it(he) to protect me from malicious people, from evil, injustice. I to think that each person to have the right to happy life, on that to love and be loved(liked). I to think that you too so to think. To tell you it is fa! ir but when I to receive your letters I simply to shine with happiness, my heart to begin to beat quickly. It quickly to begin to beat when I to think of you, unless it is possible? To appear yes. Lovely, I shall be possible so you to name, I to want that you to me too if it probably to send all photos. Simply having them I as though shall feel your presence with myself beside. I shall think already that I any more one. I to want to see your gentle sight. I very much to love all beautiful, I am simple to want to have pure(clean) love, without lie and a deceit, treachery and mistrust. I very much that I shall promise to love persons which caress, care and tenderness will present me. You probably to think that I to ask very much. There is no I to ask the most necessary about what to dream each normal woman. You see I so close to be fortunately and all in a flash to collapse. Therefore I again to not want to test it and to go through. I to understand that it is necessary to trust! people but you see in the world so a lot of meanness, lie and a deceit. As to people not meanly to deliver trouble to anothers or to humiliate them, to deceive. Why it is impossible to live in harmony with itself and with world around. My mum to tell that I should be open to people. I certainly too so to think I completely to trust mine mum. She(it) is very glad that we to keep in touch with you.
She(it) to want that I at last that to find happiness with the loved(liked) person to find normal family. I to understand her(it). She(it) very much to want that I to be happy. And you to want to have happy family? What you to want to be happy? On mine to have the good family it already happiness. I shall do(make) all that my loved(liked) person to be happy. I shall try to make you the happiest person in the world. I to want to be your the most loved(liked) the woman. I shall wait your fine the letter and to think of you. With love Katya.

Best regards,

Katya's Letter - May 9, 2002

Hello ,

Hi my love Jim !!! I am very glad to receive your letter today. I already for a long time to not be so am happy. And it thanking yours the letter. Girlfriends to me to speak that I even to change, I to begin not much dissipated, but it is not terrible. Simply I as though to begin to fly in clouds. Due to you I to feel that means to be not one. As all the same it is good to have the present friend. Sometimes I to come into a study on some times with hope again to meet there your letter. And as I to be joyful when I there to find it(him). I at once to begin to write to you the answer. Sometimes to me to seem that my girlfriends on work to envy me, but they to envy white envy. I to think that it is good. Yesterday I to think of us you, about our feelings and about our attitude(relation). I to not know at all that I to do(make) if you will cease to write to me. I am practically constant to think of you, and unfortunately to begin to distract on work (smile) Today I to learn(find! out) that already many people from Russia to find the happiness with the loved(liked) person in other country and to leave there. Even my girlfriend to tell to me such history. Today I to speak with mine mum about that that I am similar to begin to fall in love in you. She(it) very wise person and to ask me me, - whether to love I you? I to tell it(her) that on mine yes, yes I to begin to fall in love with this persons. I to tell it(her) that you which most remarkable person I when or to meet. She(it) to tell me that I should check up the feelings because she(it) to not want that I once again to be mistaken again to be hurt. She(it) to see earlier all my sufferings and too it was hard for it(her) to experience it. She(it) to tell me that else while early to speak about it, it is necessary to learn(find out) persons better and to some extent I with it(her) agree. But you see I to not think that you to hurt me. I completely to trust you and even it is more. I to think you too will understand my mother. She(it) to not forbid, is not present in no event. Simply she(it) to speak that is necessary to us is mor! e best to learn(find out) each other. She(it) to wish good luck us only happiness if at us with you give the god all to turn out. I shall hope for it. On it I shall finish to write to you. Simply my working day to be finished and all already to leave. On work I today am very strong to get tired. Still I to want you to tell that if you to not receive my mail, I mean to you not have time to write, please to not be upset. Because I to have very many(a lot of,very much) work, but not terribly I shall try to write it to you as I may. Well? I shall try to write to you very much as I can.I to send to you a photo with my girlfriend Nastya. We with it(her) very much for a long time already to be friends and we are the very good girlfriends. She(it) by the way too transmits to you hi. I with impatience shall wait for your letter which each time to become all more warmly and native. On mine we to become all are closer and native. I to send you my most gentle kiss. I to wish you fine mood, excellent(different) day, the sea of heat and smiles.
With love Katya.

Best regards,

Katya's Letter - May 11, 2002

Hello ,
Greetings my love Jim . Today I to receive your letter and to be simply happy. It to be simple burst of emotions.Excuse, but I that absolutely to understand that not your problem. You to not want to marry or on the contrary? To write to me please it is more explicit. Well? All the same as it is healthy that the destiny to reduce us. I to think that you to test sympathy to me. Certainly we may think that through the Internet may not be transferred feelings but all the same it already that then. I you see too to not think that here I to find the love. And to turn out absolutely on the contrary. On mine I already to find the love.
And for me it already much that means. I to think that during that time that we to write each other between us to run a sparkle of hope, we to become more rallied with you. I to think that we are necessary each other. You to borrow(occupy) all my heart. I am practically constant to think of us with you. My girlfriends to speak me that I as though to fall in love. Yes I to tell them that it is valid so. I you see adult already the woman and I am capable to make a choice. But it is valid so. I already to tell mine mum that I to feel to you and she(it) to wish me good luck and big and light love. I certainly long to think of it but I to want you to tell that sometime we should meet. Conversation through the Internet it is certainly healthy. But here it is impossible to show emotion which too to play the big role. I so to want to see you to look to you in eyes and to tell:" Lovely I so you to like". Tell you see you too to want it? I to think that you to want to know nevertheless my attitude(relation) to sex. To tell on a secret I to love sex, I to love(like) sex with the loved(liked) person. I to not want violent sex to want I sex gentle, soft, capable to give blessed pleasure to both. I am correct to speak. I shall think that we with you very much to study much, we shall have ! passion under the attitude(relation) to each other. We shall enjoy the friend the friend all life up to last moment of our existence. And from this dream I am simple to sink in pleasure. Now I to return from memoirs on the ground. Lovely after that letters I to think we to become even more close to each other. I shall wait with pleasure as always for your
letter. To protect itself. Yours for ever Katya.

-- Best regards, ��������

Katya's Letter - May 14, 2002

Hello ,

Hi my favourite man Jim . I very much of rad that you to answer my letter. A thank to you.Lovely yes as you could think, that if we with you to marry and then to part that I shall ask from you what that money, or that that still. You probably are not so good to know the Russian women. They to not make never anything bad for the favourite man, even if the matter concerns divorce. Another's nothing it is necessary. Me to bring up the parents as to me to seem very well. And for the score that that
mine native or mum want to arrive to you, I to you to tell at once, that anybody from mine native even never will show in America, BECAUSE THEY DO NOT WANT TO CONSTRAIN the PEOPLE, WHICH TO LIVE SO FAR. So on this subject you can not trouble. And they will not require money, it I to you to promise. Imagine, so is healthy to come the ambassador activity to the girlfriend and to discover there your letters. The girlfriend very much of rad that I is possible to find the love, it(she) certainly has favourite man, but to it(her) it too is unusual, that I to find the man, which to live from me very much far. But as she(it) to me to speak for love there are no distances and obexes. I to want to ask you how your matters? Whether all at you is good? I all while on old to work on the activity, truth recently not have to get tired a lot of, but it very fast to pass when I to begin to read your letters. I even itself not expect that I can to fall in love with man, which to be far from me for thousand km. My God as to me you would be desirable to embrace you simplly can not to yourselves present at all. Today me to dream very good dream, I to not want to you it(him) to tell, I to want that it(he) to come true, you do not take offence (smile)
I want to send you a photo with my mum. She(it) at me the very remarkable man and man with the large and opened soul. It is a photo was made not far from our house, in a park. There very beautifully and there is a lot of greens. On it lovely I probably to conclude to write to you the letter. I shall
wait with large impatience your letter. Yours Katya.

Best regards,

Katya's Letter - May 17, 2002 Money for Visa

Hello ,

Greetings my love Jim . I to receive from you the letter. And I to understand that I only to begin to live. That at us with you still ahead. Now I though to find sense in life. I to not represent any more life without you. Let it to be loudly told, but I have got used to open the feelings thus. Please to not think poorly of me, simply to overflow me feelings and I to tell mine mum that probably I soon to leave in other country.
You to not think that I to solve it spontaneously I the truth very long to think of it. I am simple to not want to miss the happiness again. I to speak mine mum and she(it) is very happy for me, she(it) even to bless me. It may sounds silly, but today I to represent as we with you we shall meet. I to think out very many interesting pictures. Present in the street fine weather, you to stand and wait for me in the airport to worry for my arrival. Then you approach to the plane, we to look around each other, with to become transfixed hearts to find each other and to rush into strong embraces eachother. We to stand having embraced, all to pass and look at us. And for us as though nothing to exist. Only you and I. I to learn(find out) today about cost the visa. She(it) to cost approximately 310 dollars. I to learn(find out) from the girlfriend of mine mum, she(it) for a long time to work in the company of travels. Today wonderful day. But me it is all the same sad because you far! from me and we should be now together. But I all the same to trust that we with you to be together. I to trust in it. I want to send you a poem, I hope she(it) to you to like. By the way can me trust and can is not present, but I to write her(it) in free time. Sometimes on me discovers inspiration and would be desirable that that to invent and these poems at me receive. I to devote her(it) to you:
Imagine, that you go on a Wood...
The green Grass tampers with your Legs,
The trees sing songs of a Summer(years).
In your eyes - Delight and Surprise.

Imagine, that you are floating on the Sea...
You having seen, the Dolphins smile,
The boundless ocean tampers with a Wind.
In your eyes the hum of a Surf laughs.

Imagine, that you to fly on a Palate...
In huge blue the Sun shines,
Play Clouds with you in ������.
In your eyes flicker of a secret Star.

Imagine, that you - in my Palms!
Rest in douche and persistence in heart...
The instants build in a song of Bliss,
In your eyes the boundless Happiness blossoms! Yours forever Katya.

Best regards,

Katya's Letter - Money Request

Hello ,

Hi my love #### . Today at us very warm day. And love to you to warm my
heart. You may not present at all how change my life. My God I so am glad
that I to not be afraid to get acquainted through the Internet, you see
thanking the Internet we with you to get acquainted and I to think to be
together. Only I to not want that you to not trust me, you see I to speak
you it sincerely and I to not want to test again a deceit on the part of the
man, I to think you will not cause to me some tears and will not deceive me.
At last that I to phone up to the Embassy and they to advise me to take the
visa of the tourist. After one woman with which I to get acquainted to
advise to take to me the visa of the bride. The visa of the tourist - it
visa B-2, she(it) is valid during 90 days, she(it) to cost 310 dollars, but
unfortunately I to not have such money, you should not think that I to
elicit this money at you. But for me it is the big money and I may not find
them. I for a long time alre!
ady to suspect this theme. Why if people each other like may not they is
simple to meet, why it is necessary to pay for all. But alas such life and
with it there's nothing to be done. Lovely if you may the help to me, and I
to hope that we completely to trust each other and you to not throw me, you
may send this money to me through the Western Union the address of branch:
Street Moscovskaya 70
Smirnova Ekaterina.
I to learn(find out) in bank that If you will send money, to you should give
in your bank number money transfert. It is 10 figure. Only knowing them I
may receive your money. Certainly it is very inconvenient for me to ask this
money you, to me to become it is very a shame. But you too should understand
me. You see money it only a paper for which is possible to get that of that
we may not get simply so. Money it is a thing coming and as I to think it is
not necessary to regret that for the sake of what all this it is done(made).
Money coming and happiness and love with the loved(liked) person eternal. I
to think that you too so to think. I to think that trust between people the
most important, you see if people not will trust each other about what love
there may be a speech. That I to appreciate trust, honesty and understanding
- here first of all in the person. I to have familiar at the airport of
Moscow and they tell that they may the help to me about tickets, possible
e they to me the price for tickets, but for this purpose I should know what
international airport the closest to you. Only I once again to ask to not
think of me poorly, that I all so quickly to decide. Simply I to not want to
lose you, I to not want to start all all over again. Sometimes to me to seem
that I to find the love. It will seems to me that you soon near to me, will
embrace me and to whisper in ear me on fine words, I may seem silly and it
is not feasible, but understand me correctly I very much to want it. I
already to begin to live for the sake of this moment. I to want that you to
kiss me up to unconsciousness and our bodies will merge in a sweet
anticipation of love. When I to think of it to me it would be desirable to
nestle on you and to begin to cry. Believe I of you very much to like. I
again to want you to send a photo, which also was made in Turkey. I hope it
to you it was pleasant.
I am glad that I yours. With love Katya.