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# Name:      Anna Pirogova

# E-mail:

# Address:  Russia , Cheboksary

# Phone:    7-903-326-2613

# Dangerous: 31%

# Scam scenarios:   ask for money

# Details: Anna introduced herself to me in a mail without disclosed how she obtained my e mail address. She claimed she was a doctor, 31, drive a BMW Z4 with US$150,000 of holding assets and her parents killed in a traffic accident some years ago. She said she was in love with me after 6 weeks of e mail correspondence. She wanted to spend her 30 days coming vacation with me in US and she would pay her own expenses. I helped her to prepare all documents for US visa application which included drafts of check list, employment letter (required to have her boss signature with hospital letter head on the stationary) and my invitation letter, as well as other suggested documents for holding assets. She asked no question and paid no attention during the process. She claimed she had all documents ready but on the visa interview day she told me that the bank had denied her loan application due to the global recession. She hinted me to pay all her expenses while we had a mutual understanding that we would not send money to someone who we never meet. She said she was scammed by an American for $2100 a few months ago. I offered to come to visit her in Cheboksary, but insisted that I must see her employment letter (proof of she was a doctor) and speak to her through the webcam (proof she was the lady in the pictures). She cited that I did not trust her and broken her heart, as the corespondence was ended. In 3 months of correspondence, she called me twice but the comversations never last for more than 2 minutes (only asked me to read her e mails). I called her more than 100 times, but she would not answer the phone even right after she called me.

# Date: 2010-03-17