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# Name:      Alla Godun

# E-mail:

# Address:  Ukraine , Chortkiv

# Phone:    380957534385

# Seen at:

# Dangerous: 35%

# Scam scenarios:   ask for money

# Details: Airplane tickets, VISA, passport SCAM

# Date: 2010-02-25

Hello, my dear friend to be! I see a letter from you in my mail box and it can't not to make me happy as it's one more possibility, one more hope to be happy and loved. But let's start from the very beginning and day after day we will understand what is waiting for us in future and will it be the same for us.

So, well, with this letter i want to give you basic information about myself.

My name is Alla Godun. My date of birth is 25.05.1985. My height is 166cm, my weight is 52kg. I am from Ukraine. My native town is Chortkiv. I suppose you don't know about such as it's just a small ordinary town at the west of Ukraine, but it's very beautiful and quite.

I work as a kindergartner. I like children very much. It's my first year of working. Last year i have finished pedagogical collage. I am well educated and kind girl.

Now about why i am here and what am i looking in the internet. So, well, i dream to start a family and to raise my own children. I want to become a good mother and loving wife, want to make my house full of love, understanding, happiness and support. Family values are very important for me. With my next letter i can tell you more about my family if you want. My parents are very important people for me who i fully respect!

Please, tell me more about yourself. I am interested in everything and it's interesting with what you will start:)

Hope both of us will enjoy this correspondence!

Waiting impatiently to find some words from you!:)

Alla from Ukraine.


Hi, dear Moron!

Thank you for your letter! I think it's very romantic and unusual to get to know each other through the letters, don't you think so? Of,course, it's some kind of risk as you never know if everything that person writes is true...But as for me, i promise to tell you only the truth about me and about my thoughts. Only this way we can have something real and serious in spite of that we are far from each other meanwhile. Hope you will do the same!

Thanks for letting me know more about yourself and for nice pics:)

Concerning your questions, i am not afraid of leaving my country, and who knows, may be one day i will be really able to move to USA:)

Well, so thank you once more for a nice letter and i have started painting an overage picture of you which shows me that you are quite polite and intelligent person, responsible and decent. What can i say? I am quite interested in getting knowing you better!

More about myself. I write you by myself, without anybodies help(except one my friend Lena who has showed me such a possibility to look for a husband abroad and helped me to make a profile and so on:)). I know English well from School and also, i have attended some courses of English just for myself. Frankly speaking, i dreamed to become an interpreter when i was small, but my parents didn't have such a possibility to give me an education of interpreter which was very expensive for that time...By the way, i remember i promised to let you know more about my family. I do this with a great pleasure as my parents are really wonderful. They are simply people, without high education and without prestige work, but they are very friendly and they know what to love means. They love each other for 26 years already. They do everything to grow up me and my sister(i have a younger sister Marina). I never saw my parents quarrel while i am sure they did as it's life and everything happens. But they really do all the best for us and now, when i grow up, i want them to be proud of me. I want to start a family, the same like our, i want to become perfect mother, the same as my mother, i want to find good loving father for my children, the same as my father! Oh, sorry, i see that the time in the internet cafe coming to the end....It's a pity!!!! I see one hour is not enough for me to reveal all my thoughts:) Hope it wasn't boring for you and you are waiting for my next

letter impatiently:) As i am waiting for yours!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

With best wishes,



Hi, Moron!!!!! hope i can call you friend already! Or pen pal friend:) Hope you don't mind. And hope we will continue with our relations! Today I don't have enough time to answer your questions, so i thought...Why won't we try to speak on phone? I hope it won't be expensive for you to call. At least hearing your voice will help me to get to know you better!:). So, if you don't mind, I will give you a number where to call. Just notice that it's

not my phone number (my landline phone is broken and my mobile phone is stolen:( such a bad time now:(). Anyway, here is number: +380665284453. This is my friend's one. Her name is Katia and she knows about our relations in the internet. She proposed her help by herself, so don't worry, we don't bother her. Just she has asked to call during a day time, when she is with me. You see, we work together in a kindergarten. She is a cook there:). And in the evening she is with her husband, so it's better not to disturb her. Ok? and during a working day i promise always to find some minutes to talk to you! At least a little bit, for a short time. But i am really interested how your voice sounds?....

So, i will be waiting to hear from you soon! If you can't call, it's ok, i understand! anyway, let's continue our communication in the internet as it's so exciting!!!!

With best regards,



Hi, my dear man Moron!

How are you today?

Thanks for the letter! I am so sorry you couldn't call me through! You see, my friend has just changed her number to this one:+380664590762 . But anyway, if it's so inconvenient for you to call me, don't bother yourself! just please, continue writing me nice letters!

Sorry, this my letter won't be long as i don't have enough time. It's a pity i don't have the internet access and computer at home, as i would really like to contact you whenever i want! I want to share my life with you! I want you to understand better who i am as i am a good person! You will see!:)

So, dear, i wish you all the best and asking you to write me more!It's very important for me to feel that i am needed...

Thank you!!!

Faithfully yours,



Hi, my honey man Moron!

Thanks for a wonderful as always letter! I just adore guitar! You are very talented man, darling! and very wise that pleases me a lot!

As for me, i am in rush to share what happened with me recently! You are my good friend now and i have noticed that i think of you more than i should and i want to share everything with you as your advice is very important for me. So, well, you see, in the kindergarten i work, one small boy told me very sad story...He told me that his father doesn't love his mother and that he has another woman. I didn't understand how he has found out about it and how he understood that, but it shocked me so much! Can you imagine, this small boy of 5 years knows such things which he simply shouldn't! I think that it's own problem of parents and they simply mustn't tell about such things to children as i know that they suffer a lot. You know,

i am lucky and my parents have been living together friendly for many years, but even in rare moments when they had small quarrels, i remember that i felt myself very miserable and unhappy because i felt that they don't love each other. When I grown up, i understood that it doesn't mean that they don't love each other if they quarrel, but in a small age...It really hurts! And the parents of that boy...What do they think? I am sure that he will grow up and will answer in kind! Children are very tender humans and we should take care of them and make them believe in good things like love,friendship and so on! And what are your thoughts about that, honey? what can i tell this small boy to cheer him up and to save his young sincerity and naivety?....

I am looking forward to hear from you soon, sweetie!!!!

Miss you....



Hi, Moron!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Really, very happy to find a letter from you! Thank you for your thoughts about the story with a boy. I see that you are very wise man and it pleases me a lot. I think that the main which inspire me with a passion in man it's his brains, if you understand what i mean. You know, i have never been looking for a good looking macho. I realized that all of them are empty inside and it's simply not interesting. I want my man to have a rich inner world, to be real man, to be able to support and understand, to be strong willed and so on.

And i am very happy to see all these streaks in you!:)So, how are you there? hope you feel well today. And now! when you read a letter from me. What i wanted to write you today? Ah, well, it's time to share my hobbies with you and to tell you how i like to spend free time. So, well, first of all i really respect sport.

Unfortunately I don't do any professional sport, but since childhood i go to gymnastics and I like skiing a lot. I prefer healthy way of life, don't drink or smoke of course, prefer healthy food...Want my children to be healthy:)

Also, i like to listen to good music and play piano a little bit:)I play pool not bad!!!Would you like to play with me one day?:)

May be that's all for now...ask what you want more, i will gladly answer you! I don't have anything to hide from you!

I wish you a nice day and...please, don't make me waiting for your letter too long! I became addicted to our correspondence and miss you loads...

Faithfully yours,


my honey Moron!!!!!!!!!!!!

How are you?

Thanks for the inestimable letter! I was in a great excitement to get it! As i told you before, i feel that i became dependent on our communication and think about you more often.

What does it mean? I don't know now! Just now that i need you to be in my life and i am happy you are!:) And of course i promise to be ALWAYS HONEST with you! I like you at all, and i believe there is no need to lie to dear person!

Today the wether is very good and calm. I like such weather. You know, when i went out to the street, i have noticed that it's very quite outside. I don't know why, but it seems to me that you always have such feeling before something great happens! I don't know what's going to happen in my life, but i hope it will be good:)

By the way, my parents know that i have somebody in the internet and they are very interested, but i don't tell them much...May be i should...I used to share everything with them. But these virtual relations we have are so unusual that frankly speaking i don't know what to wait from them. Of course, i hope that in future real meeting is waiting for us as i am not interested in living in the internet too and besides, i want children, who impossible to make through the internet:) Joking!:)

Tell me, what do you think about our relations, what do you feel and what do you expect?

Waiting impatiently for your letter, my dear angel! Hope you don't mind me calling you this way, but you really has become an angel for me whose presence i feel all the time now...

Kiss you, my angel!

Your Alla.


i, sweetheart Moron!!!!

Tell me, how have you done this to me? I think about you all the time and i've never felt something like that before! I thought it's impossible without seeing each others? But i can't explain you...I really feel like you are close to me all the time. I even speaking with you!

Don't worry, i am not crazy!:) And it's your fault! Are you a magician?:)

Thank you for a new wonderful letter, my angel! I am going to call you my angel all the time from now if you don't mind! so, my angel, thank you for your interesting thoughts and feelings in a letter! I am very pleased to see that we have a lot of common. It's very important for relations and every couple should have something to share. By the way,i think understanding is a great gift and only with it, with compromises you can save love in a family. I think we can be a good couple, don't you think so? It's a pity only we are so far from each other... I think it's time to think about personal meeting already...

I feel that i need to speak with my parents about that as their advise is very important for me. I will write you as soon as possible, my angel!

Take care of yourself and stay in good mood and health!

Faithfully yours Alla.


Hi, my angel Moron! How are you doing? Missing me as much as i miss you?:)

You are in my heart!!!!

Honey, i have something important to discuss with you today!I have talked with my parents about us! Yes!!! It wasn't so easy and i was worrying a lot, but everything went fine! I told them everything!!!!! Do you want to know what they think??? They are happy that i am in love at last as they were worrying about me, and also,they are happy that something serious appeared in my life and i want to start a family! You see, my father was telling me all the time how important it is for a woman to get married and to become good mother and wife, but I wasn't ready for that! I couldn't find the right man for me and was suffering a lot because of that! But after meeting with you...My world has changed and i realized that you are my second half and it was worse to look for you so long as you are wonderful!!! so, well, my parents are ok about our relations and now insist on our meeting in person. They told me that it would be better for me to travel to you first, to see your country as culture difference can be very hard for me and i should realize what am i going to change before making so serious decision and start a family with a foreigner. I think they are right! My father told me that he is ready to support me with this trip and now everything i need is to find out what i need for travelling. What do you think, honey? I need to know your opinion and if you are ready for this meeting and you want to see me by you, i will go immediately to some travel agency and start all the arrangements!!! Wow!!! it would be cool! I am waiting impatiently for your answer which can change so much in our lives!

I kiss you many times!!!:)

Will be waiting for your call on Saturday at around 11a.m. Is it fine for you?

Your Alla


Hi, my beloved angel Moron!!!!!

Oh, you can't even imagine how impatiently i was waiting for your letter! you know, it's really hard feeling when you don't know what the answer will be and does your dream man share your feelings and your thoughts. I am very happy now!!!!! you answered me yes and i am very happy with this possibility to be close to you soon and to feel that happiness at last i was seeking for so long! I think it's the biggest happiness for woman to be close to her beloved man, to be able to take care of him and help him with everything. So, i will be with you soon!!!! Cool!!!!:) Well, everything i need now is to find out how can i travel to you as it might be a little bit problematical as i have never been abroad and even don't have an international passport. Also, tell me please the name of the airport i have to fly, ok? I just pray god things to move faster not to wait too long before meeting you as i am burning of my love and desire!

Send you sweet hot kisses:)

Hope in reality soon:)

Yours faithfully,



Hi, my angel Moron! hi, my sunshine!!!! Hi, my dream man!!!!

Here i am! with great news!!!!

So, don't know what to begin with....It wasn't very easy to find out about everything and to find the best option. I was trying to find the cheaper and faster way to come to you as you understand, my parents are not very rich people and they can't help me a lot, just with a certain sum. So, i had to visit a lot of places, several travel agencies and other places before i have found the best solution! So,well, i have found one good travel agency which is situated in our town. It's not very big, quite young, but they do their job well. My parent's friends usually use it for travelling everywhere as the prices are fine and the service is high. Well, there i was told that first of all i need to arrange my documents for travelling.

Arranging of an international passport in 5 days(urgent) costs $300. Arranging of a visa (tourist) costs $270. So, all together is $570.

Well, it's not little sum, but my father told me it's ok and he is ready to give me these means without problems. Just for me to be happy:). So, nearest days i am going to apply for the documents. What i need from you, is a name of the airport i need to fly at, to find about about the tickets prise. I was told it's necessary to have the flight tickets in hands for applying a visa. So, i am looking forward to get more information from you and as soon as I know everything, i will apply for my trip!

I am very happy these days, honey! It seems to me that i am flying!!! All my friends are envy to find about my happiness! Can you imagine, i have found such amazing man as you, i have found real love and i am able to be with you soon! Sometimes i am scared of being so happy....No, everything will be perfect! I know that! As i love you and you love me and this is the main!!!!

Send you kisses as always, my angel!

Faithfully yours,



Hi, my love Moron!!!!!!!!!!!!

Came to the internet not for a long time! Just to find out how are you and to hurry to the travel agency!:))) Can't wait all the preparations to be started!:) Yes, i know that i am very impatient, but it's your fault! because you made me crazy with your beautiful words!:) Sweetie, wait for good news from me soon!!!!

And as for the phone call, the number is same, just don't forgot + before 3! Would you call me tomorrow at 6p.m. for example? I should be with my friend then so we will discuss good news about my travelling to you:) I hope everything will be fine in the travel agency!

One more thing: thank you for making me so happy!!!!!

Love you!



Honey Moron!.....

Really don't know what to start with as news are not good...

My love, i am afraid i won't come to you! at least soon! sorry for bad news and...and i think it's my fault....but listen first!

You see, my father really gave me everything i need for the trip, i run to the travel agency happily...and my purse with all the funds was stolen in a bus! Yes, i know that i was stupid to take a bus, but understand, i am simple girl, i don't have a car, my father to. I didn't use to take a taxi, so i simply took the bus and went to the travel agency which is in the center. I even didn't noticed how everything happened!!!! Only being in a travel agency i have found out that there is no purse in my bag! How did they manage to do that, i don't know!

Yes, bus was overcrowded, but i had my bags in hands and was taking care of it, looking at it all the time! honey, i am so stupid!!! so big sum lost!!! And the main....the main is that my trip to you is canceled! Sweetie, of course i went to the police, they told me that unfortunately it's almost impossible to find a burglar as there were too many people in a bus! I came home in tears and at home had one more quarrel with my father from which i understand that i am stupid, inattentive, unlucky girl who will stay forever lonely because of her distraction! Honey, i can't explain you what i feel now and how miserable i feel myself! As happiness was in our hands, in my hands and i have spoilt everything!!! My love, i came to the internet cafe in hope to find a support from you! please, don't be angry with me!!!

Sorry for destroying everything!!!I didn't want it! Everything i wanted is to be with you happy!!! Oh, honey!....sorry for these tears,but i am in real despair now and don't know what to do and how to live forward....

I love you!!! please, write me sooner!

Your forever loving Alla.


Hi, my love Moron! Oh, you can't even imagine how much you helped me with your last letter! you are really wonderful man and your support means so much for me! sorry for being so in rush, and so not attentive, but i was so excited, so eager to see you as soon as possible! Thank you very much for the understanding and your support, darling! I will be waiting for your call today then, ok? Thank you for being in my life, for being such kind, nice, understanding man! you are real angel!

Thousand of sweetest kisses to you only!

Your Alla


Oh, sweetie, sorry, i wasn't with my friend already! is it possible to

call today and earlier?....

Love you!!!!!!!!!!!



Hi, sweetie Moron!

Are you going to leave me or what? at this hard for me time?....You

don't write much to me, i still can't speak with you on phone...What's

going on now, darling? you know, i am completely destroyed and lost

these days....Don't know what to hope for, what to dream about...

Send you lots of love and kisses!

Love you always!



Hi, my love Moron!

Thanks for your support, darling, but it is really not my father's

fault! You know, in our country people usually use cash, so my father simply don't have a card, and this agency i told you about accept cash too...

As for sending me a phone, it's very nice of course, but you know we have such strict laws about packages from abroad...It can be a little bit problematically for me to get a parcel from abroad, especially if it's technical equipment. I know that i will have to pay high taxes on custom for this phone. So, sweetie, please, don't bother yourself and me with this. I understand that for you it's a little bit not comfortable to call me through another person, but it's optimal variant at the moment. I hope i will save enough soon and will buy phone here. It will be easier and safety. ok?

So, tell me, how is your life now? anything new? I miss you so much! It seems to me that something was broken in my life...I think it's all those hopes i had about our meeting...

Send you lots of love and kisses! Write me more!

Forever your loving Alla


My sweetheart Moron! Thank you for your letter again! thanks for letting mew know some facts of your present life...It really allows me to feel closer to you and sometimes it seems to me that it's real magic. It's magic of two loving hearts which in spite of all the problems and difficulties are still together! Yes, we've never seen each other in person, but our relations are still amazing. I can imagine how wonderful they will be when we are together in reality! I will be able to give you my passion, my warmth, my caresses...You know, i see you in dreams very often. Sometimes i even don't see your face, but i feel your warmth and my heart is beating very fast, and i understand that i feel your hand and your hot breathing and IT"S REALLY YOU! i believe that our dreams are a little bit material and i know that i see you in my dreams because our feelings are mutual and you dream about me at night too...Do you see me in your dreams, darling?....

Thank you very much for your love and your care, darling! By the way, my friend told me you called, but she was busy and didn't hear your calling...Unfortunately...You know, it's better to call around 12 o'clock my time...As for travel arrangements...I will appreciate very much if you help me with that, darling. Just the agency i told you about doesn't take credits, i told you...So, i hope you will be able to find another know, there are not much agencies in my area and all of them work with a cash, so i don't know...But anyway, i love you, you love me and this is the main and it means that we will solve everything!:)

Thank you for coming to my life! you are my everything!!!!

Forever your loving Alla


Hi, sweetie Moron! Thanks for your nice letters! Thanks for your love and care! thanks for your support and understanding! Thanks for the link of air tickets, but i understand nothing in it.:) The airport i should fly is Kiev or Lvov airport. Kiev is bigger, Lvov is closer.

As for the legitimate of the agency it sounds funny:) I mean , i wrote you that this agency is well known in my town. I personally know people who used it and were satisfied. Of course, i can ask them for the license also and phone number. I understand, you are far and you must be sure in everything. So, i will give you this information tomorrow then, ok? May be you need their e-mail address?

Sweetie, it's a real craziness at my home now! I can't stay here longer anymore! You can't even imagine how much i want to be with you!!!!!!!

Love you always,