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# Name:      Elena Popova

# E-mail:

# Address:  Ukraine , Lugansk

# Seen at:
elena models

# Dangerous: 35%

# Scam scenarios:   ask for money, stolen photos

# Details: Her is in dating places with differents profiles and data and use the pseudonym Lena, of Ukraine, but her wrote from Moscow with an awful english, is Tutor in Kindergarten and in few letter fell in love and wish trip to you and asked 850 Euros for international passport, visa and tickets.

# Date: 2010-02-11


Elena Popova

hello my dear!

at first i want to tell you thank you for your address!

and the second thank you for your interest in me!

but now i want to tell you some information about me!

my dear as for me i think that i am real Ukrainian woman with long hair, clear eyes

and open soul. ! I am very warm and

serious, I am very doting and once I fall in love I will give everything I

have to make the other person sit on

top of the world.

my dear as for my character i am very honest!

my dear i am also very romantic! because i belive in love and i like

to read love story!

my dear ok but now i will tell you about my family!

my dear i have a shot family! i have a mother and father!

my dear i am alone in my family! my dear i was born 09.12.1983!

my dear as for me now i am work in kindergarten. my dear i love kids

very much! and i dream to have two kids in my life!

my dear as for me i want to find a long relationships~!

I want to build a relationship, where we

can be soul mates and life is one continual holiday, where everyday

will bring joy to our lives, where we can raise nice family, children

who are loved all the time, hopefully I can build this lovely

relationship with a such a nice person like you.

my sweet as for me i will be wait your answer very much! my sweet i

sent to you kiss and wait for your answer!


hello my sweet! thank you very much for your letter!

my dear as for me i am happy that you are like me!

my dear i want to tell you now more about me!

my dear as you know i am LENA! I AM 25 YEARS OLD!

my dear as for me now i want to tell you about my hobbies!

my sweet as for me i like to spend time with my parents!

but i can not to do this every day!

my dear as you know buy my profile! i am from gorlovka!

this is small cite! my dear and i can to to find A WORK

in my cite!

so that is why i am now in lugansk!

because i work hear!i am kindergarten! my dear and i spend all my work

day with kids!

my dear i also like to spend my time with my friends!

because they was ,make me happy!

my dear as for me may be you are want to know why i am so young woman

is want to find my life is Internet! my dear as for me i only want to

tell you one! that i was have a very bad mistake!

my dear i want to tell you that now i do not want to have a man from

my country! my sweet it is very hard when you half do something bad

for you!

my sweet and that is why i really belive in love by Internet!

my dear and i hope that you are also belive in love!

my dear and as for me i hope that we are may to build with you some

relationships!my dear i kiss you and i will wait your answer!

my sweet and please also tell me something more about yourself!

ok my dear i will wait your answer!

Hello my dear I am happy, to receive from you the answer,

your letters are always gentle and full love. I with impatience wait

for that moment when to a smog to see you, to embrace and kiss. Today

my day has passed very hard. I went to agency, Signed with them the

contract. In this contract it has been told, that the agency will

prepare for me all documents for travel, to buy for me the ticket and

to deliver me to the plane. From my city there are no planes to you

and consequently to me, at first it will be necessary to reach to

the airport, and there from already to you. I as have learnt, that all cost

of a trip makes 1350 euros, it includes the visa, tickets aboard the

plane into your country, the passport for travel abroad, tickets by

the bus to Airport, and insurance.

I could pay only 500 euros for the visa. And I need to pay 850 euros.

And when I will pay the second part of a trip, these are 850 euros to

me will give the visa, tickets , and tickets aboard the plane

will give to me at the airport. My dear it is very

inconvenient to me to ask the help from you that you have helped me

850 euros that I could pay a trip to you completely. If I do not begin

to cry for a trip to you, from me will take the penalty the sum of 30

from all cost of a trip, and I will lose all money.

I as have told to my daddy and mum, that I do not have not enough 850

euros that I could for a trip, and the daddy with mum to me have told,

that they do not have such money as mum and the daddy still had only

money for meal and to pay for apartment. And as my daddy has told,

that I have you and that I have asked you about this help, and he

thinks, that you will help me this sum as we love each other.

My dear it is very inconvenient to me to ask from you this money that

I could pay completely all trip, but we have only this exit. When you

will send me money, and I will mourn for all cost of a trip, to me

will give all necessary that I could arrive to you. I will give you

flight of the plane, time and arrival date to you. And as I should

know at what airport you I can meet. My dear , you can help me

850 euros? That I could pay a trip and arrive to you, to be with you

together and to create our future family.

I with impatience wait for your letter. Kiss you . Yours


Hi my love! How are You? With me all is fine!

Concerning money, my love I am very glad that that you can help me, if

you can send me these 850 euros in the near future, I can solve all

questions in agency! I spoke with my agent as I never received and I

did not send money have asked it how I can receive money from You? She

has told to me that that the most accessible and checked up way it to

transfer money through the international system of transfer of money

the Western Union or through system MoneyGram, she has told that that

my angel is required to write To me to You my data that You could send

money for my name, here they: Name: Elena, Surname: Popova,

country: Ukraine, City: Lugansk, address: street lakira 4/44, zip

code: 91000. And still my agent to me has told that that at reception

of your money is required to me Your data: Your name, a surname, the

country, a city, the address, the exact sum of transfer, and

confidential code Mtcn. I very much hope for that that I do not do for

You any difficulties, I very much hope for that that you can send me

this money tomorrow and I can solve questions in agency and

accordingly as soon as possible to arrive to you, I will inform You

all important news, my love !

Now I go to have a rest, tomorrow it is necessary for me to rise early

very much. I with impatience will wait for your letter! I will hope

for that that You can help me tomorrow! I love you I cannot live

without you my angel !!!

One million kisses only for You lovely!!!

Yours and only Yours Elena.