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# Name:      Anna

# E-mail:

# Address:  Russia , Kirov

# Seen at:

# Dangerous: 26%

# Scam scenarios:   ask for money, stolen photos

# Details: Hello my new friend!rnrnI ` m very glad and surprised that you answer me! I hope that ourrnrncorrespondence will be nice for each of us! It ` s first time for mernrnwhen I decided to meet with the man through the Internet. May be yournrnwill have a question why I do so. I was disappointed in Russian men. Irnrnthink most of them very false and deceptive. But I belive thatrnrneveryone of us make its happiness yourself. I belive that one day Irnrnmeet my love and I ` ll love him forever. Now I want to tell yournrnabout myself. My name is Anna. It ` s very popular Russian name. rnrnI was born at 19th of January 1980. I was born in town Kirov, Russia rnrnand I live here all my life! It ` s very nice provincial town. rnrnIt ` s not very big but very beautiful. I have never been abroad. rnrnAnd I even never been in other town of Russia. I want to travel rnrnand learn interesting things and parts of country and all world. rnrnAnd do you like travelling? Hope you understand my English. It ` s rnrnnot my native language. I learnt it in the school and University rnrnand now I learn it myself at home! At University I studied Economy rnrnand I have the diploma of Economist. I studied in Cheboksary StaternrnTechnical University. But in our town it ` s very difficult to find arnrngood job and I sell shoes in shoes shop. I like my work and I do it withrnrnpleasure. Where do you work? Do you like your work? I work five daysrnrnin week. On Saturday and Sunday I do work at home, go for a walk,rnrncook, read books and have a rest. Do you have hobby? Do you like readingrnrnbooks? I like Russian Classics such as Michael Bulgakov, Lev Tolstoy,rnrnAleksandr Pushkin. Have you heard about it? Now I read veryrnrninteresting book "Anna Karenina" written by Lev Tolstoy. I think thatrnrnbooks teaches us how to live right and we can see very good advicesrnrnagain. I hope to see letter from you soon!!!rnrnrnrnrnP. S. Do you like my photo? Please send me your photos, I ` ll be very gladrnrnto get them!rnrnrnrnrnBye!!!rnrnYour friend from Russia Anna.rnrn

# Date: 2010-01-21

Hello my friend ! How are you? How is your day? I`m fine!I had nice mood when I went here to get your letter! I wasvery glad to see that you remember me and write me a letter! Yourletters are always very interesting and I enjoy reading them! I hopethat our friendship will be long and may be later it will be not onlyfriendship. Who knows...Today I`m going to meet with my girl-friend in the evening. She is mybest friend. We work together. Her name is Ann. Sometime we havesupper together or just walking. I think that it`s better to have somegood and real friends that a lot of familiars. I know that I alwayscan ask Ann to help me and she always gain me. Not so long time ago Ihas problems at my home, the crane had broken in my bath. I was aloneat home (my Mum went to her aunt) I don`t know what to do. And I don`thave phone at home to call the sanitary technician. I ran to her house(she lives not far from me) and she came with me. Then she called thesanitary technician and we went to me together. While we wait for hiscoming we decided to do something our self. We turned off the craneand we saw that it was just was littered, we cleaned it and when theforeman came everything was ok! We laughed together and thought thatwe can solve all problems together! Our friendship is very strong andnothing can`t damage it!I write you about my life... May be it is not interesting for you! ButI hope it is not so. You prefer what foodstuffs? My mum speaks, that the way to heart of the man lays through his stomach:)What your attitude to alcohol? Now I`ll go home. I`m very tired today because I had a lot of work.It`s not very comfortable for me to come to the Internet Cafe afterwork. But I so want to get your letter and answer you and it gives meforce. I think it was so convenient to have my own computer at myhome. But it`s only dreams. Sometimes I`m afraid that I use not rightwords but I always hope that you understand what I mean.Hope to see your letter very soon! Your Anna.