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# Name:      Anastasiya Petrova

# E-mail:

# Address:  Russia , St. Petersburg

# Seen at:   datemefree

# Dangerous: 27%

# Scam scenarios:   ask for money

# Details: Hello Lucas!My full name Anstasiya but you can call me Nastya I like it more! Ilive in Russia town Saint-Petersburg! Its about 600 miles fromMoscow! It to be the big city, I think that you to know this city! Ilike to live in this town but here I cannot be happy. I tried to meetwith some different man, russian man but it did not have a success!They everybody wanted only one thing from me its my body! But Iwanted that for them was interesting my soul and my heart! Thats whyI decided to seacrh out side of Russia, I know that its also not soeasy that there many additional questions but I think foreign man aremuch better! I heard many good thing about them! Ofcause I know thatevery where there are as bad as good people but I think abroad thereare more good people! One more reason while I do not want to live withrussian man its my father! He left us when I was very young he goundother woman and went to her! My mother did everything for I get onlyall good from this life! And Im sure that without my mother I couldnot became such girl like Im now! I want to ask you about your city. How many people lives in it? Howbig your city? How look your city? How your city differs from otherscities in your country? I want to know about it because maybe I shalldecide to visit you soon, if we shall be find out each other better inthe next letters. Now I live in small one room flat with my mom! She work as seller inthe big shop. I received aducation of medic and now Im work inhospital as district therapist! I have some district and people cometo me with different problems and I send them to other doctors or givemy conclusion about their problems! I like my job because I alswayswanted to help people! Its all what I can for others! I know thatabroad doctors get very big salary but here its not so! My salaryjust $400 per month! Together with mother salary we have a goodearnings for my city. For my country is norm. One day I decided tosave my money for my travel. Also I should tell you that, not so it isimportant for me what between us a difference in the age of, I thinkthat for me it even more interestingly when you are more senior thanme as I am sure that at you the big life experience, with you it willbe interesting to me and will not be boring, you always can give meadvice. You should not worry because of this difference in the ageof, overlook about it! I hope I did not bored you with my letter andyou will write me as soon as possible! I will be very glad to knowsomethings about your life, work and anything you would like to writeme! In my next letter I promise to write you about my hobbies andinterests! Bye for now! P.s. soon Im going to your country and if you will be pie boy I willbe able to visit you there, becouse your age and profile are very muchinterest me! I cannot tell exact date now, but I will plan to visityour country after 2 weeks and to be there 3 months. I want to startto learn you in other letters, please write me more about you. I thinkit will be interesting. ANy way I will write you about it later whenall will be much clear!!! NastyarnrnMy darling if you can help me that tomorrow I I can already arrive toyou or today late at night. My darling, my visa to be for 90 days, Imean there can be with you 90 days but if we to want what I to leaveearlier that I can make it earlier. My darling, I with pleasure willtell to you the information on me. My a full name: Anastasiya PetrovaThe country: RussiaCity:Saint-PetersburgStreet and the house: Lomonosova 7-17Passport number: 0900557If you to wish to see a copy wash the passport that I can send you it! My darling, whether inform me you can help me, and do not worry formoney, I only to show it on customs and at once to give to you. I verymuch to miss... I wait the letter, write more likely! I to trust inyou and in that that you will not leave me! Yours Nastya

# Date: 2010-01-21