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# Name:      Anna Nesterova

# E-mail:

# Address:  Russia , Saransk

# Seen at:

# Dangerous: 35%

# Scam scenarios:   ask for money

# Details: After 2 weeks of writing back and forth. She was madly in love with me. I suggested I visit her. Of course, she insisted on visiting me in the USA. She claimed that she could get a US Visa for $300 in a few days. She then asked for $2,300 for the Visa and airfare. See

# Date: 2009-08-02

Hello my pleasure Greg!!!

It is very pleasant to me to receive from you the letter. You were very pleasant that to me the help. Certainly I will accept all your help to be with you. To become the happiest and to make you the happiest. I very much would like to make much with you. Darling Greg to you that you not to refuse that help me to pay thanks all documents and tickets. I hope that you not to be frightened and be the man and the help to me. Because I very much would like to embrace you and to be only with you. I think every day only of you I look at the moon and I see you. If you look at the moon you will see me at night as I to smile to you. I very strongly love you Greg!!! We have learnt how many to me of money it is necessary. It is the sum of 2300 dollars. It is all sum which to me it is necessary. For documents and tickets. You do not think that I to deceive you. I not when not to arrive thus. I will not deceive you. Money as water them can be earned it. When I will arrive to you I will work also we to fill up family the finance. I hope that you to trust and not to refuse to me. I understand that it is a great sum of money simply this money to me are necessary to become with you the happiest family in this world. I will wait for your letter. Your sincere Anna!!!
Hello my love Greg! I once again went to bank and have learnt more in detail as you can remit money for my account. I wish to give you the data. The bank of the addressee of Open Society AKB the ACTIVE BANK, BIK BANK of the addressee 048952752, barks/abacus of bank of the addressee 30101810500000000752, INN/KPP 1326024785/132601001, And is my CURRENT BANK ACCOUNT THAT YOU COULD remit MONEY FOR my CARD № 40817840800001512870. I HAVE WRITTEN NOW ALL CORRECTLY AND YOU CAN NOT WORRY. I LOVE YOU GREG!!! YOUR UNIQUE ANNA!!!
Hello my love Greg! I went to bank to ask why
I can not receive money. They have explained to me and have told that everything is all right.
If it has not turned out try through the western union. If you can mine
Love to send money through the western union? I asked that
Your name full a surname is necessary for this purpose from you 10-place code
Patronymic your full address. From me the name is necessary for you a surname
Patronymic and where I live. My name a surname patronymic Nesterova Anna
Junirovna the city of Saransk. I think that you to try to send money
Through the western union. As you already understand that money is necessary
To pay and tickets. I if today to pay for all documents and tickets I
At once to you to write when I to arrive to you and to what airport that you
Could meet me. I love you Greg! I very much wish to arrive to
To you and to tell you the most gentle words. I adore you Greg! I
I wait for your answer. I hope when you to see my letter you to send
At once money. Your wife Anna!!!