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# Name:      Elena Moraeva

# E-mail:

# Address:  Russia , Kanash

# Seen at:   date me free

# Dangerous: 31%

# Scam scenarios:   ask for money

# Details: Her in first time asked a gift but doens want gave me data of her. Next her falled in love wit me, but when i looking up the emails she wrote of Moscow, asked me for papers and travel for $1682 dollars, but all the letters were with lies.rnShe used the name :Nastya Kuzminyh of Kazan, Russia and had two e mail addresses or

# Date: 2009-08-02


My name is Elena Moraeva I'm from Russia.I am very glad that you responded to my letter, I want to tell a little about yourself, I think you would be interested to know about me.
I was never her husband.
I met with a man for a while, but realized that he wants just sex, but I want only pure relationship. I have brought up so that the accession of sex only after marriage.
I promised that his deceased grandmother, whom I loved ...
I want to find their happiness, their love.
What are you looking for? I just want to warn you.
I do not need a flirt. I want serious relationship.
I do not want to waste your time on empty correspondence. I simply do not need.
If you want to continue our acquaintance, then write.
I am happy to answer your letter.
I will be very interesting to tell you about my daily.
I wake up at 6:00, when I wake up and start to make breakfast for my family.
Then I do some exercises to get recuperation for the whole day, then have breakfast and go to work. I work from 8:00
until 17:00. After work, I usually buy some food and other things needed for my homework and go home. Then I cook dinner, after dinner, I love reading, I can watch TV or meet with friends to share their problems, to communicate on different topics.
I hope you liked the story about my day!
I live in a small town called Kanash.
The only place in our city, you can earn it, a railway station, but in the city there is corruption, wage delays and complain there ...
But here is very beautiful in all seasons. I love nature and its beauty.
I live life in this town, was born here.
I live with his father and sister in an apartment with two rooms.
At leisure I read books, listen to beautiful music.
Sometimes I go to theaters and museums. I am leading a healthy lifestyle.
I support the body and health in good condition.
I go to the gym.
Now I have some questions for you:
Why did you decide to look for a woman over the Internet?
How long you are looking for love online?
You correspond with other girls from Russia?
I finish writing, look forward to your reply.
In other letters, I will tell about yourself more directly.
Your new Russian friend Elena
P.S. Also do not forget to send me a photo.



june 28
I am very pleased to read your letter and I am not against travel to Mexico, but we still know too little to travel to each other! I love gifts! I will give you my home address:

Country: Russia
Republic: Mari-El
City: Kanash
Postal Code: 425200
Street: Chekhov
House: 15
Apartment: 46

How are you? How at you weather?
How you have lead the day? What at you new?

Today I went to shop. I bought to myself some clothes.
You understand, that all women like to walk on shops.
I also have got to myself a disk with films. I like to look films in the evening.
I like films about love. For example, romantic comedies.
I also like adventure films. And what films you like to look?
I think, that you love films of horrors, insurgents. Such films love many men.
What music is pleasant to you? I like to listen to different music. I like to listen to classical music,
I also like to listen pop, trance. From the hobbies I can tell about love to the nature.
You know, that I work with plants. I like the nature, plants, animal.
I wish to tell to you about the hobby.
In the summer we with friends go to campaigns for some nights. We go on the nature and we live in tents.
It so is fine. We cook food on a fire, we sleep in tents. We are alone with the nature.
It is very interesting. I like my hobby. I since the childhood liked the nature.
You read any books? I like Russian classics. To me like Lev Tolstoy, Chekhov, Dostoevsky.
You heard sometime about such writers? I wish to ask you. It is interesting to you to write to me?
I wish to tell to you, that it is very interesting to me to write to you. At me never was the friend from other country.
I shall wait for your answer to my letter. Only do not detain the answer. I do not wish to lose contact to you.
Bye Bye! Elena
Last letter
Hello dear Regards! I am so glad to read your letter and read it with endless thoughts about ... I just can not live a minute without thinking, and about you, about our meeting and I am so well on these thoughts ... I am turning a blind eye to introduce yourself next to you ... Today I woke up with thoughts about you ... Throughout the night, I think, to think about the trip yesterday, I consulted with her sister and father about this trip, they just happy that I found a good man with whom I would like to create a family ... This is you! They do not mind that I will soon be able to depart to you in Mexico! And I am even more glad of this, that everyone supports this trip! During the lunch break I went to a tourist agency, and that's what they told me: I need to draw up a foreign passport, if I signed a contract with their agency, the registration of the passport will be 6-10 days, but if you arrange it through the federal service, I they said two months and more! I think this is too long, and better to contract with a travel agency. After registration of the passport, I will need to issue a visa, the processing will take 10 days. Then I can buy tickets for the flight of your country. The cost of visa and passport costs 82 dollars. The cost of economy class air tickets-1600 dollars. At work, I think about everything that I was told I was puzzled ... Having come home after work, I shared what I was told in travel agency with her sister and father. We think about where we are going to take this money ... For Russia this is a very big money! We have calculated their savings, and finally we have a sum of 650 dollars. I am very upset that I very much do not have enough to travel to you ... I thought about the people who I could take this money, asking all my friends borrow the money, but nobody has such a sum to help me ... So I doubly upset me more than anything is how to contact you for help ... I am very ashamed and uncomfortable to ask you, my dear! But I do not have access to ask you for help! Sweet, my favorite Regards! I do want you to see, so I ask you to help me with the remaining amount. Again, I apologize, my dear fellow! Understand me correctly, I want to meet with you, but I have no choice but to ask you. I love you, want to be with you in joy and sorrow you are my only, my prince! I look forward to your understanding and you will not get mad at me after this letter, believe me, I never felt so ashamed, but the desire to be with you next pushed me to this request ... You are good, intelligent man, and I think also very want to meet me ... I hope for your positive response, waiting for a letter from you, your Elena!