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# Name:      Yana Bezoblachnaya

# E-mail:

# Address:  Ukraine , Voznesensk

# Phone:    +380999321346

# Seen at:

# Dangerous: 47%

# Scam scenarios:   ask for money

# Details: Correspond for 4 months first on website and then on personal emails. Exchange photos and the last 1 month we spoke on the phone. Arrange to meet her in Kiev and she proposed to arrange for apartment and I had to pay for reservation. Also wanted the money for ticket from her city to Kiev. I was ready to send the money when I found out that I had a problem with ticket for Kiev, flight was full. When I proposed to her to meet in Odessa she got really angry because I did not send the money and she reserved the apartment. I proposed to meet her in Odessa where I could find ticket. I booked my own apartment through a friend. She agreed to come if I send her the money from Odessa for her apartment and train ticket. I send 150Euro. She never came to odessa giving some stubit excuses for 4 days I was there. The money were send by Western Union from Odessa. She collected the money right away but she never came to Odessa. At the end she said she had problems at work and did not answer any emails or calls for 3 days. The last day she proposed to come to see me but by the time she could come my plane was taking off. I asked her to return the money but she said she reserved the apartment and she had to pay. She never reserved any apartment whatsoever because she did not know when she was coming etc..rnrnTipical scammer that wants money to meet you but she never comes. Very dangerous because is not just loosing the money, she wants to meet you so you can make plans, tickets, hotels and actually go to her place but she never appears. Also the money she asks are not overestimated. Are the correct amound to make you think that everything is OK.

# Date: 2009-04-03