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# Name:      Anastasiya Korakov

# E-mail:

# Address:  Russia , Medvedevo

# Seen at:   yahoo personals

# Dangerous: 27%

# Scam scenarios:   ask for money

# Details: Gaives the poor me story and asks to use travel agency to get her a price to come for a 12 day visit.

# Date: 2009-02-26

I to see glad again your remarkable letter.
You simply do not represent as I try to reach the computer to write to you
Again, I feel behind myself responsibility because I understand that
you wait for my letter everyone
Day also I try to make always each this day pleasant.
It seems to me that my feelings have lost the way at ocean of emotions
which visit my head every day.
If it is fair Darrel that to me it seems sometimes that I can not being
ashamed to tell that I love you, but is final
I to myself do not presume it because I understand that the love under
letters cannot be
What is the love on your concepts Darrel?
Concerning my opinion I can tell that the love for me is set of
feelings to the person, they
Should be mutual.
I do not speak how the love I is reached I speak about its presence.
I have many different feelings to you, but certainly my heart feels that
Does not get something very important, it seems to me that is a little warm.
In each letter I receive many emotions, it is a lot of heat, but at
the same time as it could increase in
1000 times if we could though time to meet somewhere in cafe or
somehow differently.
It seems to me that our relations have developed not bad level and we
even presume some time
To live to understand together that between us really.
That chance which to us is presented by destiny (and I consider that
you are my chance of happiness and I do not speak about the material
Well-being, I speak about spiritual to values and first of all it is a
family), and so Darrel this chance is not given
Simply so.
It is possible to search for the suitable person a lot of time, but as
surprisingly my first experience in the Internet while
For me happy, I certainly do not want that it is all have dared,
namely time is all pulls down, when relations
Have no new level when they stand on a place, but I sincerely hope
that our relations will receive a new step
And new chance.
I will not hide that personally would like to meet you and last night
I seriously thought of it, certainly I thought about
The volume that will tell my boss to me today concerning a vacation.
I wish to tell a little to you about it.
Conversation has certainly had very long and not on my behalf, it was
difficult conversation
And this year my boss has told that for the period of holiday it
cannot find to me replacement because I fine
The worker, it asked me that I did not go now on my vacation and went
next time, that is in 6 months.
If I am fair Darrel that so have got tired that certainly I have begun
to be indignant, it was not pleasant to my boss
And he has told that if something is not pleasant to me that I can go where I want.
I had tears and I have left in my office.
An hour later my boss has come to me and has apologised, has told that
it is nerves from work
He has told that in 12 days I can go on leave.
I so was glad to it, I simply shone, but I have shown my offended kind.
I do not like to take offence at people but when me provoke I usually cry.

The favourite...... OOPPSSS))) (smile) forgive, is my emotions.
The darling Darrel, I so am happy now that I will have vacation, I
can so perfectly to spend time, but
With whom? I so am lonely....
If we could spend this vacation together
Even 2-3 weeks in our forces, it would be so fascinatingly
I dream of it much.
If I had money, I would book the ticket, have made all papers and
would lodge not far from you, we
Could meet you every day and if you like I in general could live in your house, we could
Together to prepare, at night to enjoy stars and not only (SMILE).
How to you my dreams the darling Darrel?
Really it not really to embody? I at all do not wish to trust in it
but it is necessary it is all to recognise.
Something can be made, can at you there are any thoughts? Tell to me
about it!!! I in general do not have ideas.

It seems to me that now our relations disperse on 2 ways.
We could meet soon, in other case we could continue our letters and
only one god can know
As our relations without any serious steps will move ahead.
But in any case you in my thoughts, you in my heart and I will write
to you not looking on what, therefore as you to me
Became the family.
I will wait very much from you for the letter.
Know Darrel that I will grieve, as the moon grieves in night.
I at you one and you at me one.
You my pleasure, you - my holiday of the present life.
Your loving girlfriend from Russia Anastasiya.


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