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# Name:      Anna Lovglazky

# E-mail:

# Address:  Ukraine , Kherson

# Seen at:   odessa darling

# Dangerous: 27%

# Scam scenarios:   money for VISA, passport, travel

# Details: I meet the girl on odessa darling dating site. we started to get to know each other. she does not use preprinted letter. She answer your questions but after few months of correspondence we decided to arrange a meeting that is when she appeared to be another scammer. She did not want me to come over but to send money for passeport and other fees. Obviously she stopped mailing because i just would not send the money

# Date: 2009-02-23

Hello dear

Dearest I also don't know what has happened to my last email. I also was very surprised not to hear from you and then later I've got a letter from you that you thought you hurt me. No sweetie you didn't at all. I am sorry that sometimes Internet is so slow sweetie and it doesn't deliver letters in time.

Of course my dear you never hurt me and I have no reason to be offended with you sweetheart.

Yes my sweetie we will celebrate St. Valentine's Day next week-end. It becomes very popular holiday here too my dear. That's great to hear you want to get some lingerie for me. Thank you! My body size is 50.

Sweetie the passport price got higher unfortunately. Now it is 200$ and it takes three weeks to get it.

Yes my dear we have many black people here. They usually are students. They come here to study. But I also heard that some people live there then after they finish studying my dear.

dear the weather is very bad here now. It is raining my dear. And all the streets are so very dirty here. What about your weather my dear? is it ok?

Well my dear I hope that you are fine. I kiss you for now my darling and I hug you so very tightly.

Yours only Anya.