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# Name:      Ekatrina Yakushina.

# E-mail:

# Address:  Russia , Kazan

# Seen at:   

# Dangerous: 31%

# Scam scenarios:   ask for money

# Details: Standard scam using the same exact pre-written letters with a couple of additional lines added. rn

# Date: 2009-02-13

How are you today, my honey?

I'm fine. Unfortunately, last days was a lot of work and the affairs connected with my documents which are necessary for me for travel to you. My love, at me good news. Today I have received my passport for travel abroad to that I was very glad. Also I today have submitted the application on tourist visa B-2 which will be ready in 14 days.

My *****, it is necessary for me to know your lawful name and a surname, your full lawful home address and your phone number. Also I will need to receive from you the hand-written letter written in the free form in format JPEG where you in the any form should write that you invite me to yourself on a visit. As to me have explained in travel agency, this your letter will help me here at reception of the visa to you with the USA. I also shall send you my data:

Here my address both my lawful name and a surname: Russia, Republic Tatarstan, the city of Kazan, Belinsky's street, the house 25, an apartment 31. An index: 420036

Name and surname: Ekaterina Yakushina.

My love, in this travel agency I shall buy also my air ticket to you. I have paid for my passport for travel abroad and in the near future I shall pay for my visa. By my calculations I will not have not enough money to buy the air ticket in the USA. It about 22 thousand roubles. It approximately 680 $. My Jessey, you can help me with this money to pay for the air ticket to you, my love?

My honey, I wish to arrive to you as soon as possible. My soul already is with you. Now my life is devoted only to you. I am very happy with you. Absolutely soon we shall together!!!!!!!!! I love you. Now I shall close my letter and I shall wait for your prompt reply. With all my love, yours Ekaterina
How are you, my honey? I'm fine, thanks. In
week-end I worked, as well as in many week-end. Yes, really, here in
Russia the Christmas is celebrated on January, 7th. Also the
population carefully prepares for New Year. It is the big holiday in
Russia also, as well as in other countries. I hope, that to New Year I
shall lead houses with my parents and friends. I am happy, that I have
opportunity to come to the Internet cafe and to get letters from you
because it is a uniqu chance to communicate with you. It is hard to
live in Russia, you are person who pleases me, I receive from you a
charge of energy and I am wait each your letter. The life in Russia is
very difficult, though I have custom to this, but sometimes I feel so
tired what I want to leave it all. I think you have changed my life. I
am glad that I live because I have you. I earn 2,6 thousand roubles
(94 $) a month on my work, and it allows to me go to the internet cafe
and to speak with you and so I am very happy. I hope that you will not
cease write to me!?! I'll tell to you about life in Russia. It is very
difficult to find work in Russia, as I sad, and I happy that I work in
bar and receive my 2,6 thousand roubles a month. I concern to an
average layer of the all people in my country because it is a lot of
people hear which can't pay for light and gas because receive less
then 1 thousand roubles a month, it only for food. But I do not want
to complain I can contain myself though sometimes it's very difficult.
Tell me please about life in to your country, it will be very
interesting to me get more informance about of your country. Today on
work I thought of you and, it was pleasant for me to know, that there
is a person, which thinks about to me, reads my ideas and writes
something for me. And how you? You these days missed on
dialogue with me? I think, that we with you could carry out perfectly
together evening. I hope, that we shall make still it in the future
and we can well have fun. I am sure, that it will be good time for us! We shall drink easy wine, then to dance, while our legs can
maintain it. And after that we probably shall reach somewhere
else....., and where I shall make with you some things. Ideas about it
me beforehand raise. My imagination very much advanced and I can
represent for myself many details of ours appointments. Probably,
dear, it is time to me to finish this letter, and I now shall write
that a lot of superfluous and I shall have then confusion before you.
I wait for yours e-mail, my lovely. Embraces and my kiss!!!

Yours Ekaterina