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# Name:      Anastasiya Belyaeva

# E-mail:

# Address:  Russia , Samara

# Seen at:   phisching

# Dangerous: 31%

# Scam scenarios:   ask for money

# Details: Standard scam with a small twist. She was the lonely widow. Everything else is the same as all the rest. Pre-written letters used, but with questions answered in the middle of the letter.

# Date: 2009-02-05

I am glad to write to you.
It will be possible surprisingly for you to see my letter. But I would like to tell why I write to you!
You, probably, will be very surprised, that I write to you the letter. But yesterday, I have been surprised too when on mine e-mail address, the letter in which it was spoken about love has come, about feelings between people. The main motto of the given letter was a phrase Ť Search for love and you will be happy ť. I liked the given letter. To íč›ó were applied e-mail addresses. I have seen yours e-mail and have decided to write to you. I do not know what is your name, I do not know where do you live, but for me the main idea - is possible, you search for love? There can be this letter - destiny?
I do not know, how the person who has sent me the given letter, have learned my personal e-mail. But I know that it not Spam!
But I think, that it is not so important. The most important that now I can write to you the letter. You know, I would like to learn you more. But all over again, I would like to tell a little about me.
My name is Anastasiya. I from Samara. To me of 32 years. I the widow. My husband was lost in accident!
I the nice, quiet, kind and sociable girl.
You can look at me in my photo!
I freely talk in English.
It will be interesting to me to communicate with you, and to learn you more close. The dialogue I build with an overall objective - creation of serious attitudes. Attitudes without a deceit, without any games. I wish to find the present person who can love and respect with me. I hope, what you as would like to find the love?
I consider, that in love attitudes, appearance and age not the most important. The most important that the person was able to love and respect really!
I have various hobbies and interests among which is - playing sports, cookery, reading of books, music. Special interest in me is caused with conducting housekeeping, cleaning in the house. I like to experiment on kitchen.
I very much love animals.
I conduct a healthy way of life. I do not smoke and I do not take alcohol.
My new friend, you can tell to me, about you? I wish to learn you more.
In following letters, I shall tell to you about me, in more detail.
Certainly, I shall send you many my photos from which you learn my life. In my photos the moments of my life - pleasure, thoughtfulness and even in some moments grief are represented all.
I with impatience shall wait your answer.

Only On my personal e-mail:

To me the truth would be desirable to learn you more.
Please, do not forget about me.
Your new girlfriend from Russia,
My infinite love!

Mine the man! Very much it is pleasant to me so you to name. Far not everyone is so to be named the man, and all this is far not deserve.

But you for me simply my ideal, my perfection.

I am madly happy to write to you! Within two last days I could not write to you because I the Internet of cafe has been closed, I searched for another the Internet of cafe, but have not found it in the nearest district! To me it was very bad when I could not write to you!!

In these days off I have met the girlfriends!

And how there pass your days off??

I very much wish to arrive to you!

I thought earlier, that such happen only in films about love or books. But now I precisely know, that, at least, one such person already is on the ground. It lives in other country, but it belongs to me. It you my pleasure. As long I searched for you! Till now I can not believe to the happiness.

I wish to have an opportunity and see you!

My love, please tell that you think if I tomorrow shall go and I learn that to me will be necessary to arrive to you?!? Near to my work there is a travel company. Please tell that you think in this occasion?! Whether you are ready to help to meet to us?!? Whether you want that our love was now completely real?!?

But I understand that for me it will be complex to pay probably a trip to you.

When I began it the Internet acquaintance, I thought that we cannot be beyond easier dialogue.. But for the sake of you I could forget the last losses, I could go through bitterness of these disappointments! And now I am simple on all of 100 is assured, that I am created for you!!

I should pay in one for an apartment, for all municipal services, to buy products, clothes and cosmetics. I receive the small salary, but this money suffices to live in Russia.

When I think of that that my salary can probably not suffice to arrive to you …

When I think, about it I on eyes have tears.

I very much require you, my love! As though I did not wish to ask from you the help.. But I am simply compelled to do it.. I cannot imagine, that I can live without you. Please tell, whether you are ready to help to meet to us?.. To me bitterly to ask this question.. But I not that cannot do.. My soul to ask to be with you

I dream about you every night. And in the morning when I wake up when I rise from a bed, me it becomes very bad, that you are not present a beside. In fact in my dreams we together, we beside. When we, at last, shall be together????????????

All my life depends on you, my love. We shall be happy only together. I am necessary to you, and you are necessary to me. We completely trust the friend - to the friend.

I wish to make you the happiest person in the world!

I trust, that soon I shall yours, my dear, my favourite.

When I dream of us, I see before myself fine minutes of happiness. They involuntarily arise in my consciousness. I dream of love with you all the night long, that I wake up with you in one bed together. I try to wake you the most passionate kiss which you ***** answer me with the same desire.

We together go to a bathroom to take a shower and borrow there in love.

About!!!!!!!!! As it is fine!!!!!!!!!!!

In the evening you will lead me in restaurant for a supper. There there will be many candles and all is around very beautiful. We drink red wine and we look each other in the face. In them small sparks of our love are shone. And then, along toward evening we are going to go home, at light of the moon. And in a moonlight we sit in beautiful park, is direct on a grass and we embrace the friend - the friend, we look at the sky and we observe of falling stars. It so is romantic!

Then already there comes night, and we go home. About the house you take me on hands and bear in the house, on a bed.

I remove all your clothes, and you Jessey remove mine. We gently kiss the friend - the friend. You give me all caress and tenderness, and warm kisses cover all my body. We make love again and again! Directly till the morning. And then we fall asleep in embraces the friend - the friend.

I love you! I wish to arrive to you to be with you together, to give you the love!

I very much wait for your letter and I hope for a fast meeting.

Your favourite Anastasiya!!

P.S I tomorrow shall write to you about the visit to a travel company!

Hello mu love ******!!

I am very glad to receive your letter. The darling, I so am glad, that we can meet you. I think, that our meeting will be the most significant event for both of us.

Many thanks and your precaution!!

Today I went to agency, it has appeared that my friend there works for me and it wishes to help us and to make all documents for a reduced price. I have learned what documents will be necessary for me to arrive to you. I think, all over again we should issue the visa and the passport because its registration will borrow most of all time, and necessary to begin with it. Cost of the visa makes 140 euros, the passport costs 150 euros. To me have told, that for its reception it is necessary to pay at once all while I shall not begin to cry money that my application, on its reception it will not be considered. This visa of the tourist which will stand out for the period of 3 months! All these documents are made out in current of 7-10 days!

I have no such money, you could help me with this sum my favourite? The ticket can be ordered at any time so, that on this account it is possible to not experience. Just in case if you will want to help me I to you I shall tell as it is possible for you to send money.

You in city should have branch Western Union. (you can find the address of the nearest on a site to send me of money to you my data it are necessary:


City Samara

Street tulskaya

The house 54

Apartment 39

Index 443017

Anastasiya Belyaeva

And that I have received, money number MTCN will be necessary to me. This number to you will give, when you will send me of money. Still your full name, the address and phone will be necessary to me.

The most important, that is fast we with you we shall meet. You represent, I leave the plane, and you meet me. You take on hands, and we with you merge in a passionate kiss. It will be a fairy tale which you can present me. I think, that the present gentleman, such as you, will make everything that its favourite it was happy.

I so am glad, that we shall meet you. Since most my early childhood I had a dream.

When I looked at clouds, it seemed to me, as it is fine to be a bird who carelessly soars in the sky. It is inexpressibly fine to observe of clouds, to lay on a beautiful green meadow, and to observe of this miracle of the nature as they change the outlines.

I so wish to soar between them, observing for their beauty through a window of the plane.

When the sun leaves for a line of horizon, painting all around of itself in scarlet colors, and ahead only an infinite distance. As though I wished to see all this!

Favourite, we with you are divided only with distance. In my ideas you always beside with me. Every minute my life I think of you. About that, as though to me it was inexpressibly good, if you were during this moment with me. I know, that you want the same.

Yes, I according to to fly to you yes though on edge of light, the main thing to you. Feelings overflow me, you have turned to me a head. I cannot without you.

All in your hands, you can create to yourself paradise on the ground if you will be with me.

I look forward to your answer.

With love for ever yours Anastasiya!!