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# Name:      Anahit Nahapetyan

# E-mail:

# Address:  Armenia , Armavir

# Seen at:   Match
All Penpals

# Dangerous: 31%

# Scam scenarios:   ask for money, stolen photos

# Details: Same stupid scam suing photos of Ukranian Pop Singer Vera Brezhneva from the VIA-gra aka Nu-Virgos.rnrn name was posted recently on Stop-Scammers but used photos of a different woman.

# Date: 2009-01-17

Hello the dear friend! My name Anahit. On my email address has come
spam letter with yours email the address, and I have decided to
write the message to you. I wish to get acquainted, and to study you
more close. Probably, very soon we will good friends, and can even
more than friends. I Do not know what to tell about me directly. If
you wish to study me closer.

Then you can, write to me on my e-mail:

I hope, that already very soon we can study the friend about The
friend a lot of the new information as it is very important for me.
I Will be glad to answer all your questions and in the following
Letters, and I will necessarily write you big quantities of the
information rather. I will wait yours for the letter. I am obligatory
to poison to you much Photos, I hope, that you will like my pictures.
Hello my love!!! I am very glad to receive your letter. My
Love, You do not represent, as I very strongly was upset after Travel
agency. I did not find to myself a place, I have come home and Did not
sleep all the night long, I laid and cried. I very much want to meet
with You, as soon as possible. It is very a pity to me, that I cannot
pay all Money for mine documents. To me it is very insulting, that I
am in such Helpless in this of situations. I am very grateful
to you, that you not Refuse me these difficult minutes and want the
help to me, I Never I shall overlook it. You became very dear person
for me, and I want, that our hearts have incorporated, and we were
together always. I think, That together we shall necessarily overcome
all difficulties on a way to the friend To the friend, and nobody can
separate us, and we shall be always happy. Very much it is not
convenient for me before you as I never depend from Whom in this
world, and completely provided itself. I very much I suffer for our
meeting as very much I want to be with you. I very much I am afraid to
lose you, as you that the man, which so for a long time Searched and
waited in the life. I represented many time To yourselves a
meeting at the airport when you meet me with a bouquet of colors, and
I shall give you the most sweet and gentle kiss. Recently I A lot of
time I think of you, I look at yours of photos very much Frequently.
As you have understood from my letter to start to make out mine The
visa and the passport for travel abroad it is necessary for me 430
euro if you can To help me this sum, an our meeting considerably To be
sped up. I shall go at once in travel agency, that To pay money for
mine documents. I do not want to lose ours more Precious time
all for nothing, I want to see every day your smile and To feel you
near to itself! Tomorrow I shall go in tourist Agency to learn the
information on how you can make Remittance addressed to travel agency
to pay Services for mine documents and at once to inform you the
information. I Very strongly I love you and I want to be with you, as
soon as possible. I shall be To wait for news from you, as soon as
possible. With love yours Anahit.
I am very glad to receive your letter. My

Love, thanks you huge, that you do not turn away from me difficult
minutes and want the help to me, I never it will forget. If I had a
possibility I would pay for my travel to you. Probably, when I
together to you we will arrive to search to me for small work that I
could give you money which you will help me. Today also I went travel
agency to learn the information on a remittance. The tourist agent has
told, that they do not accept for payment, bank moving of money for
the account, from private persons. They accept such payment only from
the organisation at travel by groups. Therefore money for payment for
wash documents to me it is necessary to do by cash. He has told, that
in our city there is company MoneyGram which is engaged in remittances
from other countries. Today I also came into bank to learn the
information on a remittance of companies MoneyGram. In the companies
to me have told, that they are engaged many years in remittances, and
do it safely and quickly. It is necessary for you descends in office
of companies MoneyGram in the city to send me money. Also data will be
necessary for you mine: my name and a surname and also the country in
which I live. Here these data:
My name - Anahit,
My surname - Nahapetyan,
My country - ARMENIA.
Here all information which will be necessary for you in companies
MoneyGram. After you make a remittance, the company to you will give a
confidential code consisting of which you should inform me. Here all
information which to me have informed in companies MoneyGram, I still
never used this the companies, but I think, that the best variant to
take advantage of services of this of the companies as it is very
easy, quickly and safely. I once again wish to thank you, that you for
me do. I very much wish to be with you in the near future and now is
completely assured, that anybody and can will separate nothing us. I
want, that you knew, that in this huge world, there is one young girl
who loves you and its heart belongs to you. I will look forward to
hearing from you, as soon as possible. With love yours Anahit.