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# Name:      Agata

# E-mail:

# Address:  Poland , Turow

# Phone:    +480221324867

# Seen at:   Lavalife

# Dangerous: 31%

# Scam scenarios:   money for travel

# Details: The same set up contacts you through a free dating web site, falls in love after 5 emails, then claims she has been to America before because her sister met a man from Alabama and married him 3 years ago and she wants to do the same thing. Time to make plans for trip now she claims she lives in Turow, Poland but her computer IP comes back to Lativia. When she/he claims to be short money for the trip I sent the bait and said give me your information and Ill get your tickets on line with my credit card closing the door on a possibile scam and indicated the tickets would be non refund able. Well after that email little Agata up and dissappeared from everywhere, guess she knew she was caught and did not know what to say. Im not including the good bikini pictures because of the middle eastern sickos who really think that these are girls to date, I dont want one of those laundry wearing people to have a heart attack clubbing their bishop over these pictures.

# Date: 2008-12-13