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# Original Report:  here

# Name:      Anastasia (Nastya, Nastasy) Levina

# E-mail:

# Address:  Ukraine

# Dangerous: 33%

# Details: I want you to report a scammer, she obviously tried to scam me. She uses the "money for email" way. In her last letter she sent the pic she is in her bed... She pretends to pay for a single letter 5 $ and wants the money via Western Union. Seems to me, like a agency - client scam. I meet her at id: Nastasy Her e mail: Full name:Nastasy Levina Please put her on your wall of shame. kind regards

# Date: 2005-02-19

Hello my darling XXXX!
This is a wonderful feeling when one is doing the first step to a
dream!! Thank you very much for your reply I think this is the very
I have a dream I want to be happy:)) Probably you're smiling at
this:))as everybody wants to be happy!! But happiness for all people
means different things. Somebody wants to have an expensive house or a
prestige job, somebody wants to have a dog to be happy:)) as for me I
want to have a happy family with children and with a man that is going
to be in love with me and I'm going to be in love with. Of course it
would be great if we're going to have prestige jobs and houses as
I'm not looking for the other country to live in, I look for my man as
I think that for love there are no limits especially territorial!! I
search for the man that is going to be my one and only forever and in
this case I heard that Internet is the best. Do you agree?
I was born in a small calm town in Ukraine in a nice family that was
happy to get a new baby, me:)) especially my sister that now is my
best friend. Being born in the family of musicians I have always
dreamt to be a singer.....but now I sing very well, especially taking
a shower:))
This is my first letter in my life to a foreigner so I even have no
idea what to write about! Ask me about anything and I'll be happy to
answer about everything. Tell me about yourself. I'll wait for your
letter with great impatience. I kiss you tenderly, Nastasy.

Hello my sweet XXXX!
I can't believe this is happens to me!! I rub my eyes and it seems to
me that this is a dream. Today I was running to the interpreter and
was guessing in my mind whether you're going to write to me or not and
you wrote!!!!! it means that today all the day my mood will be just
For me your letters are very important, first because I'm very serious
and second as I just have no time and money for playing tricks. So,
I'm serious as for finding my second hXXXX. Is it you??:))
I'm looking for the ideal marriage. I look for a loving marriage- one
where husband and wife look at each other with the look to melt each
others heart and hold each other like there is no one else around.
Care for each other first. think of each others needs before their
I look for a fun marriage- where husband and wife are each others best
friends- and laugh and play and be silly together at times- and make
each other laugh.
I look for a holy marriage- where husband and wife present their
marriage to God.
I look for a passionate marriage- where husband and wife share romance
and passion in their kisses and lovemaking and keep the passion
I look for a comfortable marriage- where husband and wife know that
they are safe and secure with each other and that the other will
always be there for you.
I'm not looking for wealth or the better place to live in. I'm
looking for my second hXXXX. Love can't be valued in dollars!! Although
it's the greatest treasure. I don't need money I need happiness and
it's much more difficult to find a happy life!!
I do wait for your you letter tomorrow and again I'll be running to
get it!! I kiss you tenderly, your Nastasy.

Hello my sweet XXXX!
I already forgot when I was writing letters last and so there are so
many new emotions inside my soul!! This is wonderful that we can talk
to each other as if you are so close and we can get letters from each
other every day and learn everything that is happening miles away from
each other. We are far but our thoughts are close - can it really be??
You know, I want to say that I know a few couples,who come to know
about each other thanks to Internet, then fall in love and then
finally married. I agree with any type of acquaintance if this will
ends like this. Because nobody knows when and where you will meet your
love and which surprise can bring to us our fate.
And I think that our acquaintance not simple incident. I want that
this grow at something big. I hope it will be like this. Because
continuation of our relationship depends from us, isn't it? I want to
love and be loved. I want to melt at this feelings without any
reminder, I want to go to sleep and wake in the morning nearly loving
person with words 'I love you'. I think it is wonderful feelings when
somebody needs you on this Earth and give gift to this person.
I will be with impatience wait for a day when we will meet. I
want that this happens as soon as possible.
And till then I'm waiting for your letters with impatience every
minute of my life and hope to get it tomorrow. I kiss you so
tenderly!! Nastasy.
P.S. I do like the way you look like!!!!!!

Dear XXXX!
This morning I've talked to Nastasy.
Unfortunately she feels not well and is not able to write you a
Please, be patient. I am sure she'll drop you her message as soon as
she feels better.
Sincerely, interpreter.

Hello my sweet XXXX!
I feel very bad to tell you about it....but I understand that I have
to do it. XXXX, thank you for worrying about me and thank you for
sending me this note.
XXXX, I was ill and of course I had to cure myself and I had to buy a
lot of medicines and I couldn't write to you as I had no money for
the letters. XXXX, probably you wouldn't like to here from me any more
after i say to you that I'm a poor girl and I would ask you to help me
to pay for the letters. But if so I'll understand very thing.
I do wait for the answer from you and I kiss you tenderly, your
P.S. I hope you're going to understand me in a proper way.

Hello my dear XXXX!
I was very worried when I was writing to you the last letter. The
thing is that I was afraid to get your answer. I'm not rich and I was
afraid that you don't like it. Our cultures are different, I know that
many women in your country crave for independence and they don't want
to depend on their men but here everything is different and the main
aim of a woman here is to have a family and a husband that is going to
take care of her and her family. Probably you may think that this is
quite old-fashioned but that is like this here. So, I was afraid of
your reaction and I was afraid that in the comparison with your women
you may not understand me.
But all my fears are behind already and I realize that you are the man
that wants to have a family not paying attention to the fact that his
girl may be poor. Thank you for that. Thank you for understanding the
problem in a proper way.
I pay 5$ for the letter so I think you are to decide yourself how much
to send. I asked the girls here and they told me that to get money
from their men, that also help them, they use Western Union. I heard
this name on the advertisement on TV:)) So, I learned everything and
for you to send me money you need to know my full name Nastasy Levina
and my country - Ukraine. And for me to get your money I need to know
your full name, your country and the code of ten numbers that you're
going to be given in Western Union. That is all.
As for meeting I'll be happy to do that but still try to help me with
money as I want to write to you often, please!!
I want to thank you once more for everything that you do for us and I
believe in our future together.
I kiss you, your Nastasy.