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# Name:      Darya Oroshavina

# E-mail:

# Address:  Russia , Morki

# Seen at:   tagged

# Dangerous: 27%

# Scam scenarios:   money for travel

# Details: Hello, my lover! I am very pleased to receive and read your rnletter. How was your day like your case. Dear I am happy to whether rnthat I love in you, I am happy every day to read your new messages, I rnam happy that we aspire to be together and our feelings become rnstronger! Favorite, I dream to be next to you, and that desire becomes rnevery day stronger and stronger.I would like to have 2 children, the rnboy and the girl. Yes I love pets, in general I love the nature. My rndear in what you to clothes would not be, I all the same love you. My rnPrince, who may not prevent me to love you and this wonderful feeling rnwill last forever. Dear, as I promised last night, after work, I went rnto the travel agency to learn all about the trip. This travel agency rnworking for many years and enjoys a good reputation among our rnpopulation. Travel Agency has been implementing a trip around the rnworld. When I came in a travel agency immediately went to the rnregistration, where and advised me to contact one of the managers. rnManager explained to me of all necessary that I need to travel. He I rngot acquainted with the document in which it was written that it is rnnecessary citizen to leave the country to another state. In order so rnthat I could leave Russia and come to you, I need a passport and visa rnand if I get these documents, I have not there will be no problems rnwith the trip. Dear, unfortunately monetary amount that agency calls rnfor the production of all necessary documents, much upset me. Manager rntold me that all I need 440 euros. After I came out of the agency I rnimmediately went home. My mood has deteriorated sharply, because I rncould not imagine that the cost of visas and foreign passports will be rnso high. Dear, I am very uncomfortable to ask you for help, but I was rnvery grateful to you if you could send me 440 euros. I am very ashamed rnthat I said to you that is ready to come, but now can not do that and rnall that it does not have the necessary funds. To my great regret at rnRussia is not such high salaries and not everyone can afford the rnjourney and this is very disappointing to me. Favorite, we have rndreamed about our meeting and we both wanted to be together, but now rneverything is threatened, because fate has placed before us the test, rnwhich could destroy all our hopes on a joint happy future. Dear, I rnwould very much not like that because of what money we have lost rnsomething each other. Of course I do not want to think about the poor rnand throw himself away from all thoughts about what we can not see, rnbut so far that circumstances do not constitute the best way for us rnand I understand that it was necessary to find a way out of this rnsituation. Dear, I is hoped that you will be able to come to their rnefforts, but unfortunately now I can not do this without your help and rnI am very I ask you to give me support. Favorite, yesterday afternoon, rnit seemed to me that we have to make only a step and we will be rntogether, but evening, after visiting the travel agency I realized rnthat the main problem is not solved yet and we have to go through it. rnMy Prince, I love you with all your heart and even financial problems rnwill not be able to break my feelings of love for you, you will be rnforever in my heart and I will love you, that has not happened. Dear, rnI would very much like to quickly touch you, tumbling into your strong rnmale embrace, gently touch your lips, I dream about this and I still rnbelieve for a moment or that we all will be fine and we have rnhonourably will be able to pass all the problems that now stand in our rnway! Dear, now my break at work ends and I had to go. My prince, I rnhave great looks will wait your letter. With love and respect thy rnDarya!!! rn

# Date: 2008-10-17