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# Name:      Ekaterina Turova

# E-mail:

# Address:  Russia , Krasnodar

# Seen at:

# Dangerous: 31%

# Scam scenarios:   money for VISA, travel

# Details: Ask money for visa and airfair

# Date: 2008-08-28

Greetings my king, greetings my dream, greetings my favourite,
greetings my long-awaited, greetings my lovely and gentle, my sweet
and unique Robert! KNOW: YOU MY LIFE, YOU MY LOVE, I LOVE YOU! I try
transmit all emotions in this letter, and it seems to me at me it has
turned out to make it ;) The darling, thanks you for your love and
tenderness!!! I so strongly love you, that I am afraid, that I will
bother you :) The joke as I know, I is confident, that my love will
not bother you when :) I can not supervise myself when I think of you
:) At me such sensation, that just about and my heart jumps out of my
breast :) My heart fights all more strongly and more strongly, all
faster and faster, as drum :) Very pleasant sensation!! It is mad, mad
love ;) And here when our hearts will incorporate, then it will remind
a thunder sound in the blue sky :) Soon, very soon, I will heat you
the love! And then you will not feel a cold and then you will not feel
weariness ;) And then you will grow fond of a rain :) We will kiss
under a rain as I had dream about it (to give the sweet kisses to you,
being under a rain).... I so am glad, I so am glad, that at last we
will meet! And here the happiness begins, and here our meeting comes
nearer ;) THE DARLING I LOVE YOU!!! One more instant and we together,
together on always, on for the rest of the life!!! My darling,
mentally I already with you ;) I already very long time mentally with
you! You feel my presence at your life??? :) Probably - YES! I live in
YOUR thoughts, dreams, desires and hearts!!! This very magnificent
feeling!!! On myself I know ;) I ADORE YOU!!! I very much like your
love!!! I very much like your care of me!!! I very much like your
kindness!!! Your care, love and feelings is the best gift for me!!! My
words it is really sincere!!! My dear as to a trip to you my documents
are already ready and it is necessary to pay only them to me it is
necessary to arrive to you 1500 euros, I will pay this sum and to me
will give tickets and all necessary papers that I could arrive to you
without any work. If you can send them today that I can arrive to you
on Monday and to be with you because I any more I do not represent the
life without you. You are simple for me I am very important also I
wish to be happy with you... My dear asked that rather that you will
pay a credit card but they have told that I should pay itself cash....
You asked me about mine the address my dear I to you of its ladies
only it is not necessary to send on my address of anything because if
my daddy learns that they will not start up me to you... Yes I have
forgotten to tell to you bad news my daddy have learnt that I wish to
go to you and he wishes to make wedding I do not want it goes against
my will.... My dear he wishes to do wedding on Wednesday I I do not
want it I wish to be with you. . My dear my documents are ready
already and I can arrive to you as soon as you can send 1500 euros and
as soon as I will receive their that I at once I will arrive to
you..... My dear I has learnt in agency that you can send money
through the western union to me have told that it is the fastest
way... My dear you know that I am watched by my daddy you can send
money addressed to my friend it will receive money will pay for my
documents both takes tickets and will give to me and I will take off
at once to you. Here the information for the western union that you
could send money on his name
The city of Krasnodar
Lenin's street 678
Kazjaev Nikolay
It is the information what to send money... Only be not mistaken in
its surname. As you should tell to me the information on. Your name a
surname, the full address and the airport name where to take the
ticket... Yes you can give me the number what I could call you... I
hope that you will make it and I will be with you... Yours Ekaterina

PS: if you can make yahoo mesenger that we can speak in online here
mine ID