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# Name:      Alvine

# E-mail:

# Address:  Cameroon , Baka

# Phone:    0023779240507

# Seen at:   Christian Date

# Dangerous: 17%

# Scam scenarios:   money for VISA

# Details: Alvine wrote to me one month ago via Christian date. Alvine is now using a whole different set of pictures to what you see on this scammer site, mostly with her surrounded by Baka / Pygmy children. The pictures seem very genuine and because the majority of pictures are with her surrounded by children, your heart warms to the story she will tell of leaving a good job in Mauritius in order to follow a calling to look after the Pygmies in Cameroon ( and that she has been there for three years .. ) Her emails are very clever and loaded with bible references, fun, humour, caring .... very very easy to get drawn in. She has just reached the stage in communication with me to say that she plans to move to the UK at the end of this month ... but wait for it ... she is now 2000 short of the required funds needed for visa entry. ( she just told me that on Yahoo messenger today .. Yahoo sign on ) And the reason she is short of funds ... because her caring good nature has made her give away all her money to look after the Pygmies. I will remain anonymous in this posting as she has not yet asked me for money and I want to see where it goes ... needless to say its only a matter of time before she will ask me for help with funds. Alvine uses the following email: The phone I was given for her is : 23779240507 The story that will be told is that she shares the mobile phone with her pastor .. invariably if you try to ring it, either The Pastor will answer and say Alvine is not available OR the phone will not ring at all and later Alvine will tell you the phone lines are down and thats why you could not get through ... BE CAREFUL WITH THIS ONE ... ITS A CLEVER SCAM AND THE EMAILS ARE VERY VERY BELIEVABLE I will update with more information later God Bless

# Date: 2008-05-23

extra info..... On Christian Date she is listed as magnifaith And her NEW website for her work with pygmies is : ---------------------------------- And here is a copy of the first email she sent via Christian date : There is neither Jew nor Greek, slave nor free, male nor female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus. Gal 3:28 Hello, caught interest in your profile. I guess exchanging a few lines will get us knowing each other better. I am Alvine, medical doctor presently involved working with the Pygmies of the eastern forest regions of Cameroon and Equitorial Guinea. Been here for about three years now, and its been a rewarding adventure of faith. You can check more about my work with the pygmies from my website Do tell me some more about your area. I should be moving to the UK as I round up my Work with the Pygmies . My cousin lives in Leeds. Origininaly I am from, Mauritius and of dutch decent. Hope to read from you when you can. Incase you chose to write directly my email addy is Be blessed, Al ---------------------------------- And look at what appeared in a YAHOO messenger conversation with her today : Magnificient .: Need to go top Yaounde for my Visa Interview.. Still needing to put my finances in order.. I am needed to show that I have 3000Pounds in Travellers Checks.. Only in possesion of 1000Pounds, as I have used a whole lot of my savings on the Pygmies I DIDNT RESPOND TO THAT ... BUT LATER I ASKED HER HOW WOULD SHE MAKE UP THE BALANCE ? AND THIS IS HER REPLY : .: I guess I will not get a visa without teh full funds neeeded.. They are always stringent on that.. Still trying to mske some arrangments for funds, although its quite slow... An Auntie of ours back in Mauritius owes us so much, but does not want to pay back... Its quite frustrating for me.. Somehow I pray and know the Lord will lead SO THERE YOU HAVE IT ... see how she is lining me up ready for me to offer to pay the balance that she needs to get to the UK ------------------------------- It is such a shame all of this, because up until now she seemed so real and plausible to me and I always looked forward to receiving her emails ( which just for the record I get virtually everyday .. and they are always very long, bible referenced emails .. ) Very lucky for me I happened to do a search on Google for Alvine Baka .. and it led me to these anti scammer pages ... Let's wait and see what she does from here ... In the meantime, if anyone wants to email me, you can email me at :