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# Name:      Ekaterina Tyupkina

# E-mail:

# Address:  Russia , Kirov

# Seen at:   AntheaClub

# Dangerous: 27%

# Scam scenarios:   ask for money

# Details: After a few LONG mails she wanted €1,400 rnrnrnLetter 9 $$$$$$ And thankfully it is short!!! rnrnHello, my love SCAMVICTIM. rnI am very glad to read today your letter, I always think of you and very much rnI miss. rnI am very glad that we have met each other, and my dream to be together with rnYou and to be happy. I shall be the happiest on light when we rnLets be together. Yes I would not have money what to pay travel to you and rnIs very glad read that you can to help to pay to me it. rnI did not hear about MoneyGram but to me my girlfriend I has told asked about rnIt is it, it as has told that there is a Western union, you heard about it? rnI am glad to see your data. rnEkaterina Tyupkina rnThe address: rnRussia rnCity Yaransk rnLermontova 4 rn612260 rnI have not absolutely understood you when you can do translation to me? rnI should prepare documents for the passport and visas. rnrnI should release my visa, the passport and the document concerning insurance on health. rnThey will be ready in 10 days after payment. rnI shall be capable to be in your country till 6 months rnSuch opportunity to me lowers time in a life to be in you so soon on visiting. rnI very urgently love you, and I dream of a meeting. rnWhether I know, that there will be it, but I so love you and rnI wish to see you in the person. To me have told that, for registration of mine rnDocuments to cost 450 euro. rnI should transfer the medical review and a payment for insurance and rnThe passport for travel abroad. rnAs I should pay return tickets from my city up to Moscow rn100 euro and residing 1 day 50-75 when I receive the visa. rnAnd from Moscow up to London 350 euro. rnIt turns out to me it is necessary to pay 1400 euro, it very much a greater sum for rnMe. rnI have not absolutely understood what photo you ask from me? rnI very much miss and always I think of you mine family and friends transfer you rnGreetings, also wish our of good luck. rnWith love yours Ekaterina rnrnrnGirl is actively involved and posed for pictures to help convince me she was realrnWrote a lot more often when I had her chase arond Yoshkar Ola with a fake MG receipt

# Date: 2008-05-17


Congratulations my road SCAMVICTIM!
I wish to tell to you, that as is usual also usual, I am happy so from
Your answer to mine SCAMVICTIM my last e-mail!!! I think of you mine
SCAMVICTIM all the days long long. I so wait for your warm messages for me SCAMVICTIM, I
Desire to tell to you, that now I cann't without you and yours so feelings
Sends by e-mail, mine SCAMVICTIM. You send by e-mail, are so important for me, it is a part
From my life, it is a source of my pleasure my life, I wish to tell
To you, occurrence you SCAMVICTIM - beterest my part
Lonely life now, your messages give me the big happiness and pleasure
In my life SCAMVICTIM. Believe to me SCAMVICTIM, that I speak it my words
With my sincere care to you SCAMVICTIM, with my respect to you
SCAMVICTIM. Also I wish to emphasize, that I thought of our feelings
To you mine SCAMVICTIM, I have come to conclusion, that we are created
For each other mine SCAMVICTIM.
Last night I did not sleep well, I could not make it because I thought
About us mine SCAMVICTIM, about our acquaintance on the Internet, about yours
Warm messages, and in basically about you mine SCAMVICTIM! I thought
All mine SCAMVICTIM, I wish to tell to you that I cann't without you mine
SCAMVICTIM, I wish to tell to you, that I have fallen in love with you mine
Mine SCAMVICTIM, it took place so quickly and suddenly,
I have not made to expect it my favorite, it is so sensual for me, wash
SCAMVICTIM, I cann't without you SCAMVICTIM. I LOVE YOU, the FAVORITE! I feel to
You the biggest feeling on the basis of, is my love to you my dear
SCAMVICTIM. From your messages SCAMVICTIM, I see, that we are not present
Indifferent to each other SCAMVICTIM, I hope, that you will agree with me
I SCAMVICTIM, am it for true SCAMVICTIM? I hope, that you feel to me such
Greater feelings to me mine SCAMVICTIM. Also last night to me asked
The god, I thank it, that we have found each other mine SCAMVICTIM, I was closed mine
Eyes also saw presence of the God. It saw on me, and I saw on it,
It has told to me, that I shall be the happiest woman because I considered you SCAMVICTIM,
You - my future person SCAMVICTIM. Also in opinion concerning the God whom it shouted,
I think, that it is very happy for us wash SCAMVICTIM. I shouted also
SCAMVICTIM because it - so happiness for us, that we can be together
Soon, that we can to have normal family, I so want it mine SCAMVICTIM,
As I cann't to be one wash SCAMVICTIM, the basic my part
Girlfriends are married during long time, they have asked me all time before
Our acquaintance to you, about what, why I could not to find the person, on
Their questions I could not answred, but I have told it, that I want it
Very much, but I cann't to begin any close feelings with any person
Because of my difficulty. I am the confused girl of a tree felling of a tree, I have told
About you in mine SCAMVICTIM my last electronic letters. But I wish to tell to you
That I feel about you not difficulty, mine SCAMVICTIM, I feel to All of you
My love to you SCAMVICTIM!
As I wish to tell to you, that I have told about my feelings of love
My parents and my girlfriend Irina and John. My parents have told to me
That they are very happy for us my dear SCAMVICTIM. In my opinion
Mum and my daddy I saw the big happiness for me and for you together mine
SCAMVICTIM. They have told, that they hope, that I have finished correct my choice
Life and they hope, that we shall be happy together my love SCAMVICTIM, also
They have told to me it where we we shall live together. I have answered
Them, that I wish to live with you in your country my favorite, they
Asked me about which they will afflict without me very much, but since other party They
understand, that it will be better, which we SCAMVICTIM we shall be
Alive In other country because they understand, it now in Russia
Difficult alive situation. They have told to you their warm CONGRATULATIONS to you
And they wish us, mine SCAMVICTIM, to our future family happiness and big
Mutual love, washing SCAMVICTIM. Also my girlfriend Irina and its friend
John has told, that me, that they have accepted about it, we shall have
Feelings of love since our of acquaintance to you mine SCAMVICTIM. They
Very happy about us my dear SCAMVICTIM, they have told, that you will be advantage
The friend for me mine SCAMVICTIM, and I has agreed with them on 100 percent!!!
Also Irina and John hot CONGRATULATIONS of the friend and them have told to you
Will hope, that we shall be together with you SCAMVICTIM. My favorite, I - so
Happy for us my dear SCAMVICTIM. I wish to tell to you, that I love you
Very much, my relatives and my friends are very happy for us very much
Very much. Also my dear SCAMVICTIM, I want, ask to you the main question, I think
That it will be so fairly since my party my favorite. You do, have or do you
Write with any to another to women, mine SCAMVICTIM??? It is so important for me
Mine SCAMVICTIM, I hope, that you will understand me because I love you
And I do not want it, you, SCAMVICTIM write with other women. I want to
Tell to you, that I do not write with any other men except for you mine
SCAMVICTIM. I do not want other person because I love you, SCAMVICTIM! But
It - is more from everything, I do not want that any other woman, will try to steal you
From me my love SCAMVICTIM!!! I speak, you about it very seriously wash
SCAMVICTIM! It so will regret for me if you will have or with
Other woman my dear SCAMVICTIM, also deceives me in our attitudes, please,
Tell, what me, SCAMVICTIM, you write with other women? We should trust everyone
Another in it, well my favorite? From norms, washing a favorite there can be you, will be
Ask me about my work when I shall be far from Russia. Certainly, I shall be
Transfer my work, about my work collegues, yes, I shall be absent about them,
But you can see, that I have given all personal time to my work, I do not do
Have no free time never there. I think it if I have found my love and mine
The future person, I should change my private life in the party you my dear
SCAMVICTIM because I am a woman and I should have my house life as
Others womans do it. Realy, mine SCAMVICTIM? I think that mine collegues in
Our interior will afflict without me also, but us, willn't forget about each other also,
I shall be, can to send electronic letters from their your country also. My dear, as you
See on it? I wish to tell to you, that I afflict without you very much, and me
Desire to tell to you, that you became in the foreground in my life than
My work, washing SCAMVICTIM. I love you SCAMVICTIM and I cann't without you mine
The favorite, and I has solved, that I should close to you mine SCAMVICTIM. It - so
My necessary for me SCAMVICTIM. I so love you SCAMVICTIM!
As I shall try to study my dear about necessary documents
For my future arriving to you mine SCAMVICTIM as I know from my girlfriend
John, I shall demand the foreign passport and the visa also, I shall try
Learn about it SCAMVICTIM during the near future, mine SCAMVICTIM. My favorite, I
Hope, that you have the big desire of our meeting of my love SCAMVICTIM. I
So want it my love, I love you, and I afflict without you awfully SCAMVICTIM. I shall be
Wait for your mutual electronic letters from a heat, SCAMVICTIM. As it is usual, a heat
Congratulations from my girlfriend Irina, John and my family to you.

All my kisses of a heat,
Embraces of a heat,
Your lady,


Congratulations my love SCAMVICTIM!
I have received your warm words from your answer up to my last my message
Favorite! My dear, my love SCAMVICTIM, in my last e-mail I have told to you
About my feelings of love to you, SCAMVICTIM, I have written this message with so
Close feelings of love to you, road, I have not made, can to hide my love to
You, washing soul have induced me, which I should to tell about my love to you,
As it - so dificult to hide close feelings to love the person,
SCAMVICTIM. I love you, SCAMVICTIM, and I wish to tell to you it, please,
Do not release from obligations me from you, SCAMVICTIM. SCAMVICTIM, it - so pity to me
They - our messages, connect us only, I wish to see you actually mine
SCAMVICTIM. I so want it, a favorite! Our electronic letters connect our close love
Feelings to each other, our messages - our rescue with boredom and
From all boring things. I wish to tell to you to my favorite that I
cann't Without your messages now SCAMVICTIM, your electronic letters are necessary
For me so it - is a lot of mine SCAMVICTIM, I love it, and I love you my road SCAMVICTIM!!!
My love SCAMVICTIM, I wish to tell that my parents and my best friends
Irina and John they are very happy for us my love SCAMVICTIM, - all
Time asks about you, about your feelings to me, and I do not worry, I speak
About our feelings of love now because I do not wish to hide my love to
You from everyone mine SCAMVICTIM, I have found sense my life mine
My love SCAMVICTIM, I wish to tell to you, that mine collegues on my work
Very happy for us also! In total all I collegues speak me, that they
Very happy for us also, but one of working women speak about me very awfully
Things also, she is Vick, to it 38 years. It is not so good
The woman, it gossips about me, that I not the essential woman, because
I considered you as mine SCAMVICTIM on the Internet, and it believes, that it is not present
Good mine SCAMVICTIM because it has told it during their last alive time when
In the Russian Federation there was Soviet Union, in these boys of found time
Also that it was better than the girl than now when in a plenty of cases
Girls find boys. I was so bad from Vick's words, mine SCAMVICTIM, because
I think, what it is not correct, realy mine SCAMVICTIM? I think, that the person can
Has chosen as the woman, or the woman can, choose as the person if they want it mutual,
Really SCAMVICTIM? I think, that we have mutual feelings of love, and it
It is the best when the friend the friend the love of people loves each other
Mutual, I think, that it is the important fact of love about
Reciprocity. Really mine SCAMVICTIM, whether really our feelings are mutual??? I think
From our messages that is truly mine SCAMVICTIM. Also I wish to tell
You, that Vick has no husband, it lives one, it considers
All men do not deserve its attention because, I think, it
Not idle time in me of directly downpour , I think, that it thinks very highly about
Directly simply, it thinks, that all men - silly men, it is its opinion
Only, I do not know, why it thinks so awfully of men, why??? My most dear,
Has forced you to meet such, I think, silly people as Vick of idea more likely which
Not correct in my opinion. I think, that it is not correct in it it
Told about men!!! I think, that this woman - the woman of the egoist, I think
That you will agree with me mine SCAMVICTIM. But I do not wish to tell about
This woman to you of everything because it is so boring for me. Well? I want to
Speak about us my dear.
Mine SCAMVICTIM, I wish to tell to you, that my parents, so happy, that we have met
The friend the friend, I speak you again and again about it!!! I consulted
With my arrival in you, I wish to tell to you it from my words about
It - my mum, and the daddy has been so surprised also, they have asked me, are me assured
About my arrival in you, and I have answered that I cann't without you
And I have decided to be with you, SCAMVICTIM, all my life also. My mum
And the daddy has agreed with me because they understand that I cann't
Without you, and also they have told to me as they love each other when
They were young men also. I wish to tell to you that my mum and the daddy
Have asked, that I have told to you of a congratulation of a heat from them again and
They wish us a good life together also!
My road SCAMVICTIM, also I have good news! I wish to tell to you
That Irina and John have reminded me today with my possible arrival
To you mine SCAMVICTIM. The fact, that Irina has good aunt Ekejtrinu
In Moscow which, possible, will be, can help me with the information about
My arrival in you SCAMVICTIM in the future is fast!
Also I wish to tell to you, that aunt Irina Ekejtrina has helped to
Irina at once when Irina and John have met each other in
The Internet when John has asked, that Irina has arrived to it to China. Aunt Irina
Ekejtrina has helped Irina with all
The information for need necessary documents for Irina, entering
China. This aunt Ekejtrina works in one of the person
Travel in firm in City Moskovsk. It - so is assured for us because it will be
Can to help me with all important detaled things of the information about
All necessary documents for my future arriving to you my love
SCAMVICTIM. Also I wish to remind, that Irina and John will enter
China soon as I have told to you earlier because John it is required, Irina
Want it also, they have solved about it earlier. And Irina will address
To its aunt Ekejtrine about all necessary information to arrive in
China also, and Irina can be ask Ekaterina about all necessary
The information for documents and the prices of my arrival in you.
Irina will try to incorporate to Ekaterina to Moscow soon in days, and
Will ask about all important information also! John and Irina speak
You congratulations of the friend, again and again mine SCAMVICTIM, and hope, that we
Together it will be fast also! They are so happy, and happy for us my love
SCAMVICTIM. Also I wish to tell to you mine SCAMVICTIM, that so good that
Irina and John, and also me and you mine SCAMVICTIM have found each other
The Internet, I think, that the Internet - the assistant in
Everything, in the Internet-people can find any information, and it
inportant, that people can to fall in love the Internet, realy
My dear SCAMVICTIM??? I so love you my favorite, I am assured of my love with
You so, and I wish to tell to you, that every day I wish to be
With All of you it more than mine SCAMVICTIM, I very much love you road, I cannot
Without you mine SCAMVICTIM, you are so necessary for me SCAMVICTIM, I love
You, SCAMVICTIM!!!!!!!!!
I am ready to apply all my forces on our meeting. I think,
That we should have a meeting so or In other attitude because we should
Know each other better. The meeting will help with the person To us to
Make serious steps in our life. You agree with me? I was very resolute
Adapted at a meeting with you. I study the information
As soon as possible. I shall inform you immediately as soon as I shall have
The necessary information. I so am excited about our meeting.
I understand, that I cannot to hide tears for pleasure in
Our meeting from my eyes. You only do not pay attention, Whether there will be I
Shout in day of our meeting. Well? You promise me? I so want
To have sensation of hands of your person. Thus your tenderness
Necessary for me. I wish to feel your care . I then shall be
The happiest woman in the world! I shall try to make it
The happy person in the world! I want, that we Now have gone in to our love.
I want, that our meeting was a first step the happy incorporated life!!!!
Let's do our life, happy and long! I want, that the union
Our hearts were strong! I want to care about you, I wish to love you
All my female heart. I do not want, that something has prevented us in a life.
But without It it is impossible, therefore we should overcome all.
Our love should overcome all! Also mine SCAMVICTIM, in days,
Possible tomorrow or after tomorrow, I wish to enter
Church, that I should thank the God, that we have found each other my love,
I so thank our God, I know, that the God has helped us to consider you as mine
SCAMVICTIM, I know about it, SCAMVICTIM! My favorite, on it I shall finish mine
E-mail to you, I shall wait for yours after electronic letters with my big love
Desire!!! You should know, SCAMVICTIM as I feel so happy directly when I
Read through quickly through your messages wash a favorite! Well, I should be from mine
SCAMVICTIM, I shall be
Think of you SCAMVICTIM so, I love you, and I wish to be with
You as soon as possible my love SCAMVICTIM!!!!!

Kisses and huges
Your love, Ekaterina.


Congratulations my person of love, my road SCAMVICTIM!
How you do mine SCAMVICTIM? I do so fine, my honey!
I am very glad to read your letter, and very much missed when you did not write
To me.
Yes I shall be very glad to arrive to you in May, I think that I can
To arrive from 1 month up to 3 how you want?
But I should then now to begin registration all of documents what to be
Ready by May, 20th that would arise what problem, you agree?
I shall be glad that you will think up entertainments, I very much most
Happy when we shall be together, I dream of it.
I have accepted you, the answer, mine SCAMVICTIM, more as is usual, it is so happy
For me to receive your necessary love to me, your words of my heat
Road SCAMVICTIM. My road SCAMVICTIM, I love you mine SCAMVICTIM, I love you
So that I cann't without you now my love, you and your messages
You are so necessary for me, - an inseparable part of my my life
Love SCAMVICTIM. I speak about it very seriously! As you know as
Very much I love you my dear SCAMVICTIM, I cann't without you mine SCAMVICTIM!
All the days long long, all I second long dream about our meeting mine SCAMVICTIM, me
cann't Wait the moment when we shall meet my love at your airport, I want
It so a lot of my favorite! I am the happiest woman in this world, because we
Have met each other, road SCAMVICTIM! My dear, I wish to wish to all
People to love each other very much because I have checked up it
Feeling with you my dear, it happens so quickly my dear and through
The Internet, I wish to tell to you my dear, that all people who want to
Find the person of love or the woman, this person or the woman will find love
Necessarily, I am assured of this my dear SCAMVICTIM because I considered you as mine
Love through the Internet, and we love each other so, and I know
That our love - the most dear feeling with other feelings which exists on
This small dark blue planet. My dear SCAMVICTIM, I love you very much,
I so afflict without you a favorite, I wish to be with you my person of love SCAMVICTIM! Mine
Love SCAMVICTIM, I wish to tell to you, that my girlfriend Irina tried
To incorporate to its aunt Ekaterina in Moscow, to ask it about all
The necessary information concerning my future arriving to you mine SCAMVICTIM, but I
Desire to tell to you, that it there was so pity to me that aunt Irina
Ekaterina there was no on a place during this moment when Irina rong to it
The aunt. But Irina has told to me, that it will try to call to Ekaterina to
Moscow soon on most close time! We - I and my parents, assured it
Aunt Ekaterina will give all to us the information on my arrival in you
My love SCAMVICTIM. My dear, I, cann't wait time when we shall be together
My dear, I afflict without you awfully my favorite! Last night I could not to
The dream again my dear SCAMVICTIM, I thought of you and about us mine
My love SCAMVICTIM, before my letter to you, in my opinion has arrived liric
Reflection about you my favorite. I have found Internet-liric a poem
Besides I wish to tell to you, that I love this poem so, I want to
Show my greater love and transferring about you in this poem, I hope that you
My favorite will love this feeling and a poem of soul for you,

---while it is far ---(Steve Forsajz)

While IT are far.....

HOWEVER, THUS it is close.....

While IT are far

HOWEVER, THUS it is close

YOU CAN be While it is far
YOU CAN be On the other hand the WORLD

BUT While I KNOW About YOUR LOVE....


My love SCAMVICTIM, I hope, that you love this poem, it - that does me
Think of you often my favorite, this poem from my heart which fulled
Our love to each other mine SCAMVICTIM. I hope, that you can be check it
So love liric words. My favorite, also again and again I wish to tell
You, that my parents are very very happy with this purpose, that we shall together soon
My dear SCAMVICTIM. My mum and my daddy ask all time about you, and on
I understand their words, that they love you also, as their native son!
Also as usual and usual congratulations of a heat from my family
To you, my road SCAMVICTIM!
Mine SCAMVICTIM, also again I wish to divide with you my some problem in mine
Work, it - again Vick, I wish to tell
You, that I heared from Vick so damnations to my party again recently
As you remember, as I have told to you earlier, Vick thinks of our love
Very very awfully! I think, it simply it envies us very much, really,
SCAMVICTIM? It has told, that all men promise women a happy life and
Love on beautiful words, and it has told, that you not exception
It has told to me, that you speak beautiful words with me only, and that you
willn't, to undertake all effort for our fast meeting and it has told
Also it is simple, all men - people who promise in words very much,
But on actions as since the parties the gentleman, they are weak
People. Also it has told, that you willn't do all things for our meeting
My dear SCAMVICTIM, it was offensive for me from its words My dear
SCAMVICTIM, I shouted from its words very much, it has told to me dirty lie!!!
Realy, mine SCAMVICTIM? It thinks of all men very awfully, I do not know, I
Do not understand!!! WHY? Why it thinks of men so awfully? I think it
It does not do, and willn't understand so happy feelings as LOVE between
The woman and the person! Mine SCAMVICTIM, I wish to tell to you, that I do not want to
Work in this interior, it - so pity to me because from it it is so bad and
Silly Vick. I wish to tell to you, that also Vick - remote
The relative of our boss of our interior, it adjusts our director against me
Some time. Vick has told to our director, that it will forbid to me to use
Computer for my letter to you, it has told, that the computer is not present
For feelings of love, it has told, that a computer - for needs of work
Only! When I heared it, I shouted my dear SCAMVICTIM. Why Vick it is so bad
To me and to us my favorite? WHY? I do not understand it, mine
SCAMVICTIM! My favorite, I wish to tell to you, that I willn't can to go
Against Vick because she is a relative of director of our interior, but
As I wish to tell to you, that I spoke with our director
Ivan also. It has told, that I do not do, should for payment attention Vick,
But since other party it cann't go against Vick also, because they
Relatives. But Ivan has told to me, that I can use a computer for mine
The letter to you my dear SCAMVICTIM because he is a good person and it has told
That it understands my love to you SCAMVICTIM, and it has told to me, that it has
The good wife whom it loves very much and it has told also about their love
With its wife also, I thank our director Ivan, that it has solved me
To use a computer, that I can to write to you my dear, but it repeats me
That it, cann't go against Vick, it has told, that, possible and I think it
Is true, that Vick will give on me moral pressure, it has told also
That it will be better for me it if I willn't shall work with Vick in
One together in interior, I shall be, can to leave my work. My favorite, I do not want it
Vick offended me by its silly statements!!! I do not wish to work in
It is interior with it so bad woman Vick my favorite, I do not wish to hear
Its insults never! I wish to tell to you that my mum and my daddy,
And also Irina and John calmed me after words Vick. I shouted on
Shoulders Irina. John and Irina have told to me, that everyone it will be good,
As we it is favourite the friend the friend, and any Anna willn't to prevent
Us when we shall be together with you my love SCAMVICTIM, they have told also
It will be better, that I shall leave from my work in interior and me
Will prepare for my arrival in you my dear SCAMVICTIM, my parents and
Irina and John have told to me, that they are the indignant damnations
Vick, especial my daddy is. That its daughter as I is not required
willn't Offend any. My parents and Irina and John
Assured, that you will be the good husband me, and also that you willn't
Do not offend me never, I have told to my parents and Irina and John that you
Not capable to bad things with me also, just as it - Vick. My dear
SCAMVICTIM, please, promise me, that you willn't offend me, please,
Promise me about it my dear, please, I trust you so, and I do not do
Want it, you will break my heart at once! I very much love you my dear
SCAMVICTIM, I so trust to your feelings of love to me to my favorite, I cann't
Without you mine SCAMVICTIM, I cann't! I wish to be with you for ever wash
SCAMVICTIM, I love you, and I afflict without you awfully, a favorite, I hope that we
Will find all our forces of a life to which we shall together soon my love
SCAMVICTIM. I love you, and I afflict without you very mine SCAMVICTIM! Well, on it
Note, allow me to finish my letter to you mine SCAMVICTIM, I wish to tell to you
That I shall wait for you the message with the great pleasure. Well, see you
Soon my love SCAMVICTIM. Well, again and again
Congratulations of a heat from my mother, my father, and Irina
With John to you my most dear person of love SCAMVICTIM!!!