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# Name:      Ania

# E-mail:

# Address:  Ukraine , Ananiv

# Seen at:

# Dangerous: 13%

# Scam scenarios:   stolen photos

# Details: She never say to me the request for money, but I see that the photos that she sent to me are the same which Tina Karol, used by other scammers reported in your web-site, #2097 and #2069rnrnrnrn De: annyshka_blonde@mail.rurn Asunto: Thanks a lot for your phoptos! I like you!rn Fecha: 2 de abril de 2008 12:46:22 GMT+02:00rn Para: xxxxx@gmail.comrnrnHi, my dear friend XXXXX!rnrnThank you for your letter. You seem to be a very good person, andrnI hope that we will soon become close friend or even soul mates.rnFirst I want to tell you little about myself.rnFrom the very beginning. I am a very romantic person, and dreamrnto achieve my main life aim - to meet my only true love. You know,rnI have a friend. Her name is Svetlana. Last year she got acquainted with arnforeign man with a help of Internet. They wrote letters to each other nearly 3rnmonths. They fell in love, he came to Ananiv for her and they married!rnThey are very happy and love each other very much. Now I believe in such fairy tales.rnYou can see that I am a beautiful girl, but I can’t find my soul mate in my native town.rnI want to love and to be loved not only for my beauty but for my soul. I know thatrnthis is possible and I feelrnthat it will happen very soon, or maybe already happened and I just don`t rnknow yet about this:-) I long for a serious relationship, beautiful rnand romantic, with flowers and candle light dinners, with rnmeeting a sunrise together, talking about love.rnI decided to get acquainted through Internet. I applied to the agency for help, becausernunfortunately I don`t speak English and don`t have any experience of using Internet.rnNevertheless, I think that this won`t become a problem for our communication, becausernthe language of love is international, and can be understood by everybody.rnMy name is Ania, I was born on the 26 of February,in 1984. I am arnstudent and study at University. I study very good, because our government pays moneyrnfor my education and I have to study well to stay at University am from Ukraine and myrnnative town is Ananiv - Odessa region.. I can tell you about it next time if you want.rnMy family is poor,sornI have to work as a nurse. Inspite ofrnextremely low salary it is very interesting for me, because I love kids andrncommunication with them brings me joy. When I see them playing, I smile.rnBecause children are the flowers of life.rnWell, I think I have to end now,rnIf you are interested in my person write me. I am looking for it with impatience.rnrnAniarnrn-----rnrn De: annyshka_blonde@mail.rurn Asunto: To my dear man!rn Fecha: 3 de abril de 2008 11:59:39 GMT+02:00rn Para: xxxxx@gmail.comrnrnHello, my dear MAN XXXXX!rnThank you for your letter. I read it with great pleasure. I was really looking forrnit and I was really glad to hear from you. rnI was a little bit afraid that you won`t find me and my life pretty enough. So nowrnI can calm down:-)rnYou know, I don`t have much friends. I try to communicate only with people, whom Irncan really trust, whom I can tell everything, and I know they will neverrnbetray me. The fact is that I`ve been often deceived by people who rnwere really close to me. That is my father. My family is not very large. We are arnfamily of three: my mother( she is the best!), my elder brother and I. My Dad leftrnus many years ago. He drank a lot and one day he left us. My rnbrother and I were very little girls and hardly understood what has happened. We rnunderstood that Dad left us forever only when we asked Mom when would Dady come home.rnShe looked down and answered that never. From that time all our problems began.rnMy Mom is a librarian, so I think that you understand that her salary wasn`t enoughrneven to buy us all necessary clothes. We understood everything of course, but stillrnit was very painful to see other children playing with their Dads and dresses beautifulrnmodern clothes. And this made us more close to each other. Now I try to work hard inrnorder to give my mother everything she needs, like she did before, though it`s not sorneasy. It is hard for me to talk about this. So lets talk about you. rnI`m getting letters from you and feel myself really happy. Do rnyou believe in such things, or, maybe, you have already felt something rnlike that before? As you can see, I try to keep my heart open and my rnsoul light and romantic, in spite of all the difficulties and sorrows rnof my life. I hope to find true love with a man, who would love me just rnthe way I am and who would never betray me. And I would give everything rnto make him feel on the top of the world. I am finishing.rnHopefully waiting for your letter,rnrnAniarnrnrnrn De: annyshka_blonde@mail.rurn Asunto: Frankly speaking I was thinking about yourn Fecha: 4 de abril de 2008 17:28:55 GMT+02:00rn Para: xxxxx@gmail.comrnrnHi,my dear XXXXX!rnI like your photo so much!rnThanks very much for your letter again. Frankly speaking I wasrnthinking about you all yesterdays evening. How are you today?rnYou know, in spite of that we didn`t know each other veryrnwell, and we didn`t write a lot of letters, for some reasonrnit seems to me that we are have been close friends for alreadyrnmany years. Don`t you think that there is a very special rnconnection between us? Maybe there is something special in you, rnthat makes me feel this way. anyway, I hope that our communication rnwill continue and we will become even closer to each other, so asrnI would like this very much. rnGuess, I should continue telling about myself to let you know mernbetter and to show you my inside world, because it is very importantrnfor stating any serious relations. Well, what should I add to everything rnI have told you already about myself? I think it is time for discussing rnour interests. As every person and every woman specially, I likerndreaming. I dream about my future family (who knows, maybe even with you),rnabout my future kids (if God let me have them), about respect and lovernin my relations with future husband. I dream about everything whichrncan make me feel happy. And what is your biggest dream? Of course if rnit not your biggest secret at the same time:-) What can make you happy?rnIf you had an opportunity to live in the other country, what countryrnwould you choose? I am just curious about this. Guess, I also shouldrnanswer these questions. Sometimes even the most simple things can makernme happy, such as a cup of hot coffee or orange juice in the morning.rnFrankly speaking, I don`t drink a lot of coffee, because I know thatrnit isn`t useful for my health, and I care about my health very much.rnBut in the morning I can allow myself to drink a little cup of it.rnI like just this kind of juice, because I adore oranges. Speakingrnabout another country. If I had an opportunity to live in anotherrncountry, I would choose the one where me beloved man would live.rnTo tell you honestly, I don`t long for moving to another country,rnso as I like Ukraine. I was born and brought up here, and all myrnbest times were here. But if the man of my dreams would live somewherernvery far from me, I would move there without any consideration, becausernI think all of us were born for love, and it doesn`t matter for me wherernto live. The main thing is that I want to be near a man who would turn rnmy life into the dream I have since my childhood. He could do this only rnwith his care, kindness, respect and, certainly, love. Who know, maybe rnthis man is you, and we both don`t know about it yet..? Let`s see..rnWith hope of your soon letter,rnWith care and affection,rnrnrnAniarnrnrnrn De: annyshka_blonde@mail.rurn Asunto: Honey you are my sweetheart!rn Fecha: 5 de abril de 2008 12:38:52 GMT+02:00rn Para: xxxxx@gmail.comrnrnHello my sweetheart my dear XXXXX...rnMy dear frankly speaking I feel myself bad now. Irncaught a cold. I did not even go to University today, but I came tornthe agency because I need you, need to see your letters , to tell yournabout me... you are my sweetheart!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!rnI was thinking of you all weekend oh, dear!!!! i am so happy to communicate with you. Irncame today from university and was extremely happy to getrnyour letter !!! You are very handsome man and i like yourrnsmile very much. I like your photo very much!rnrnI want to tell you about my tonights dream.rnLast night I had a splendid dream! I to tell yournabout my dream because you were with me in it.rnI seems to me that it was a real meeting!rnThe first thing that was at my eyes in my dream were you and I at the seaside in thernevening. Waves of the sea make a slight noise,it is sun set, there isrnan empty beach, there is a bottle of campaign and fruit, romanticrnmusic, you lead to this place,we drink a glass ofrncampaign with fruit, dance a little, hug each other, kiss .....rnWe swim in the sea at night, there is nobody in the sea except us and arnmoon light.... We are without cloths and it make a fire in our bodyrnand in our heart! We cant stop kissing each other.... We arernso crazy that kiss every piece of our body... I kiss your lips....rnyour neck.... your chest .......your stomach.....rnmy lips are going on and on .............rnrni had a hard day at University today because I am passing examsrnnow. I have to learn all my free time. I caught cold and feel myselfrnbad today. But id doesnt matter if I get your letters.rnI want you to be my husband, I will be your wife, we will have goodrntime and wonderful nights!! Oh, dear it would be great!!rnrnI feel myself bad, may be I have temperature.. I want to go home nowrnand to sleep. Sorry, my darling...rnWaiting for your letter,rnYours Anna! Kiss your lips.rnrnrnrnNOTE: On this e-mail the agency have an error and send the photos of another woman. And immediately send other e-mail with the photos of Tina Karol.rnrnrnrnrnDe: annyshka_blonde@mail.rurn Asunto: Administration of the DREAM agency.rn Fecha: 5 de abril de 2008 12:46:14 GMT+02:00rn Para: xxxxx@gmail.comrnrnDear Sir!rnrnWe are sorry for our operation mistake.rnWe sent you photos of our another client.rnHere is photos of your girl:rnrnAdministration of the DREAM agency.rn

# Date: 2008-04-07