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# Name:      Elena

# Address:  Moldova , Kishinev

# Seen at:   city of brides

# Dangerous: 18%

# Scam scenarios:   ask for money

# Details: She was asking me to send money to her via western union for costs of her studies, there was one time she was asking me if I could help her family out and they needed money desperately for food and paying rent or they will lose their home and she said to me over the phone if I didnt believe her to come to Moldova myself and see the way she and her family live!rnShe e-mailed me once but Ive had telephone conversations with her for the past 6 months! and its been 1 or 2 calls a week on the phone a week and she claims to be broke?

# Date: 2008-03-22

I informed the website, I don't know if they did anything or not but her profile was deleted on monday when updated. maybe she pulled the plug or the site did, I don't know but that site has plenty scammers on it that I've seen here!
Down side is unlike all other scammers I've come up against in my struggle to find someone genuine & honest, I've met this one, sent 500 euro's to her & gave her 900 euro's in person (my atm card works in moldova), and the worst thing with the calls, the number's always restricted I.D. so I can't call her back.
She is manipulative & knows how to get exactly what she wants! I went to Moldova & we met & she stayed at the hotel with me while I was there, as we had sex during my stay her last few calls she was telling me she was pregnant & I'll need to help with my baby, a likely story I think!
I actually fell head over heels for this scammer!
She's turned my life upside down leaving my heart in pieces! this girl has no heart!
All she want is your money!