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# Name:      Antonia

# E-mail:

# Address:  Ukraine , Rovno

# Seen at:

# Dangerous: 20%

# Scam scenarios:   stolen photos

# Details: Hello Robby!rnIt is nice to write you, I am glad we exchanged e-mail addresses andrncan start more personal correspondence now. to say the truth I am inrnthe Internet not to find pen-pals and to write letters. I want to findrnmy man, my one and only, and the correspondence is just a way to gainrnthe goal, I hope our common goal. Anyway, to know if you share thisrnhope with me you should know more about me.rnI am from western Ukraine. What do you think about communication withrnUkrainian girl? I am new in the Internet and I am so eager andrnoptimistic towards its opportunities to meet new people! And you? Whatrndo you think about corresponding with the girl from abroad but fromrnthe little city at the same time? My city Kuznetsovsk is small,rnindeed. Sometimes I think it is too little for me but meanwhile Irnunderstand that the bright person will make bright everything around,rndo you agree? So I try to make brighter the life I lead and I think Irnsucceeded! I have a lot of friends here, at home and in the collegernand my life isnt dull, people like me! But I still have no my man andrnlast time I thought I should do something with it! Thats why I amrnhere, in the Internet Cafe and write you. By the way, do yournunderstand my English? I worked hard to learn it in the school andrncollege and I would be very glad to hear my endeavors were not inrnvain! What do you think?rnRobby, I would like to know more about you, the better we know onernanother the easier wed decide if we met the person we looked for!rnWill you tell me what you liked in my (if you like :)) and why you wantrnto continue our correspondence (if you want :))rnTake care,rnyours,rnAntoninarn

# Date: 2008-01-16

Writtes the same email on several persons, is not real this profil, the picture is taken from agency. No reply to any special question, no personally datas