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# Name:      Angelina Smirnova

# E-mail:

# Address:  Belarus , Orsha

# Phone:    +74957851102

# Seen at:   MySpace

# Dangerous: 25%

# Scam scenarios:   money for VISA , tickets

# Details: After a correspondence of more than a month, this scammer asked me some money for the visa and airfare to meet me in France. Then she ask me money again to go out of the territory.

# Date: 2007-12-22

I sent through the Western Union an initial sum of € 550 for the visa and plane ticket to his cousin Tatyana Cherepanova, city of Cheboksary, Russia and a second sum of € 1000 in the same way for that the scammer has the money to leave the country. Full details are included in the letters and chat.


2007/11/8, :

Hi! Have good day! The Computer relations found in service to me
Some structures of people which coincide with my inquiry. I
Preliminary studied them and has decided to send you to the first the message
Because your structure seems to me more interesting. I hope, that
You have time to send me some messages that we could
It is better to learn each other. I shall tell a little about myself; to Me of 27 years, my name
Angelina, I was not married.
Earlier I lived with parents,
And now I rent an apartment, after the termination of training I work as the manager in food shop. To me
To like productive leisure, periodically I go in for sports for
Maintenance of a body. I like to travel and happen in different places, but
My work does not allow me to do it often. I have many friends,
We sometimes together spend time, we play billiards and bowling, we have
Other entertainment. I send you the picture that you knew my person.
Also I wish to ask you to send me some pictures you. Please
Ask things interesting you about me and inform me some
The information on you: what you love an entertainment? What your character? What
You love qualities in women? Whether you had the wife? I shall answer on
Your questions and to inform you it is more about itself in following E-mail! I Shall be
To wait for your messages .Âàø the friend

2007/11/8, Gerard Ruffat :

Dear Angelina
Thank you for your message and your photograph on which I find you delightful and charming, and I hope your day was good.
My name is Gerard and I aged 43 years (44 at the end of the month). I am divorced since 2005 (my wife left me for my best friend) and am the father of two adorable children, Junior 10 years and Erwan 4 years of which I am in charge affectionately a weekend on two and half of vacation as the French law on divorce permitted. I kept a good relationship with my ex-wife so that children suffer the least possible separation.
I worked 15 years as a graphic designer for a printing company (creating magazines, flyers, books, pamphlets advertising ...) but I lost my job in 2006 after a loss of productivity and morale caused by the separation. Since January of this year I made a Boilermaker training aircraft which ended with a diploma on October 12 and a new job 22. Morale is at the top again, it does me longer fail to meet the woman who give me affection, love and romance that I seek to establish a happy and lasting relationship.
Currently, I live with my parents in a beautiful house with pool in a near countryside of Toulouse, the capital of the French aeronautics and space where I work and where I go regularly see music concerts my main passion after my children. I also like going to the movies (my favorite directors were Ingmar Bergman, Wim Wenders, Quentin Taratino, Terry Gilliam, Tim Burton, Emir Kusturica ...), theater, photographic exhibitions, and of course the internet.
Thanks to a very favorable geographical position, I will regularly in winter sports in the Pyrenees and the Atlantic Ocean to the summer camping with my children. Being also near Spain, I make regular trips.
Describing his character is not easy but I think someone be honest, generous, gay, cultured, thoughtful, a kind of romantic rocker. I invites you on my Myspace and you will discover a large part of my personality.
Can you talk a little about yourself, where you live, your expectations for the future, I would be very glad to correspond with you so that we can know more about us and maybe one day we close encounter and part of the way together. I look forward to your e-mail.
Kisses from Toulouse

2007/11/10, :

hI Gerard!
I am happy to receive your reciprocal message.
Thanks for your picture, it to like me. I shall increase and unpack it.
Gerard, I was very glad to receive yours e-mail because it speaks me, that I too was interesting to you Gerard.
You it is valid Gerard, see a picture me nice? - ok, in the following message I shall send you
Other picture me.
Gerard, I have to you many questions I shall ask them in the messages I hope you will give
To me sincere answers-ok?
You for me are nice Gerard, and on it for me it is important to know your opinion on some things. I think that
You read my structure and could see there, that I have serious intentions
To get acquainted with the good person for attitudes.
I think, that should inform at once to you some things concerning my character. It is pleasant to me
Romantic attitudes between the man and the woman, probably all women dream to get acquainted with the good person
, To have with them fine evening. But often such things come to an end after a while. I have intention not
To spend itself for such acquaintances. I have desire to find in a life of the good person and to have with it stable
Attitudes, probably family. Also I think, that the love is necessary for this purpose. While I have not met in the life
Such person to whom I would decide to give myself and the life. You write please Gerard, what ideas
Have about these things? You tell me what woman dream
To meet in the life? Excuse Gerard, that I ask you to discuss such frank thing with the person,
Which you know couple of days. But me it is important for knowing to continue our acquaintance.
I shall wait for yours e-mail.
Yours faithfully Angelina.

2007/11/10, Gerard Ruffat :

Dear Angelina
Thank you for your new message and your new photograph that you sent me. The green color will delight you. The radiance of your smile, your laughing eyes, your sensual lips showed a sensitivity, joy to live, a charm and a softness which are, for me, essential character traits to the romantic woman as I imagine.
In a couple relationship, sincerity, honesty, tolerance, respect and discussion are key requirements for that passion continues. I speak here of passion because I do not see love otherwise, thereby avoiding the time who runs and monotony settles, it is the worst enemy of a love relationship. Obligation to surprise positively, to be caring toward his partner, analyze continuously his own person to give to the beloved the best of yourself.
In any relationship between human beings, there is also the concept of dominant / dominated and it also exists in the couple relationship, I speak knowingly causes because I experienced this state of affairs. I do not commit the same mistakes more than in the past for not having to suffer as well. The life makes us grow and learn continuously. "Do not suffer anyone what you do not want to suffer yourself."
You tell me that as a woman you dream to meet the ideal person to have a family life flourished, stable, but it's the same for some men, even if they are less likely to make this a reason to leitmotif live. We must not believe that all men are superficial, selfish and macho. In my most wildest dreams, I dream of rebuilding family life where happiness and harmony are the watchwords, where my children play with their new siblings and their mother and stepmother, sitting on my knees, look at them with tenderness and love. There, I could tell me: "Gerard, you are lucky, your life is wonderful, enjoy this wonderful moment, graves it forever in your brain!"
We are only passing on our Earth and when I see the misery and poverty that prevails, it fills me with sadness. If everyone respected his neighbor, if tolerance was one of its great qualities, if it gave the best of themselves without waiting for something in return, life would be so much more beautiful. It looks like utopia but it is my philosophy of life.
I hope I have answered the questions that you ask to you and I said, don't doubt, with the utmost sincerity. I await your news with impatient, as you speak to me your way of living, the city where you live, your country of which I do not know much about what you like or do not like, your expectations the future. I really want to know a lot more than you, because I can not hide you the growing interest of our friendly relationship with the premonition that a beautiful history is about to be written. may I kiss you tenderly and affectionately?
Yours truly

PS: I saw that you are sagittarius like me, could you give me your birthday's date?
I send to you a picture of me taken this morning by the pool and also a small gift, which I hope you enjoy.

2007/11/12, :

Hi Gerard. I am glad to receive again your message, every day we
We start to learn each other better and for me it is an interesting thing,
Yours e-mail. Last time on a shower is available for me boredom, not
Occurs any joyful things and your message now for me
As a solar beam.
Gerard, thanks, that you wrote to me some answers to my questions.
Yours e-mail what you the person gradually helps me to understand.
Gerard I send you other picture of. I hope, that it will be
To like you. Tell to me more in detail about the family. Whether it is a lot of at
You relatives? What at you with them attitudes? As it is frequent you
Gather? In my family very much close relations. I to you already
Informed, that I live with mum and the daddy. We live in a cosy apartment, where
There are three inhabited rooms, and as kitchen, a balcony and a bath a room.
I have a room. I the only child at the parents
. The name of mine of daddy Vladimir, to it 58 year and it works as the builder. Mine
Mum is called Olga, to it with 55 years. Now it does not work some years and
Is engaged in housekeeping. We love each other, sometimes
We get out for city for an entertainment. It is a beach, fishing in the summer. In the winter
Skates, skis. This good time for me! In private life at me
Emptiness. Last attitudes at me were in the past to year. There was one boy the friend, but I have left it.
It at all did not approach me.
Among associates me people I cannot allocate anybody for serious
Attitudes. Good men to become it is ever less and annoyingly in
Next time to test disappointment when you think that has met
The suitable person. Likely therefore I also have addressed in service
Acquaintances. Here I can probably find the person who will be
Me to love, appreciate and understand. Whether for me will be important rich
He/she is the person and what work has. I have specified in a structure that I search more
Advanced age because I think, that the person which has lived
There is enough years, already has experience and has learned to appreciate women and to address
With them. I shall be ready to give myself all without the rest to such person and
I consider, that the main advantage of the woman is fidelity and skill
To make family happy, without quarrels and conflicts. On it I
I finish the letter. Gerard, write to me the ideas that I
Has told to you. I wait for your messages. Yours Angelina.

2007/11/12, Gerard Ruffat :

Sweet Angelina

I was very pleased to receive your mail and your lovely pic early this morning, it put me in a good mood for the whole day and I thank you. I thought about you all day and I was also very pressed to return to my work this evening to answer you. I am glad that my messages put joy into your heart because it is the same for me with your messages. This assiduous correspondence is new for me and I am delighted to share these moments.

As I told it to you, since my divorce in 2005, I live with my parents in a very beautiful residence with a swimming pool and a large park. It is located not far from Toulouse (the Pink City) capital of the aircraft in the south of France.

Our family is very large and united: my father, Gérard, like me, 74 years, he was before he retired owner of a nightclub in which I worked as a DJ. He has three sisters, which have respectively 1, 2 and 3 children what makes me 6 cousins, some of them have children for a total of 6. As for my mother, Marité 65 years old, retired, 5 brothers and sisters who also have children, respectively, 3, 2, 1, 1 and 1 who also have children for a total of 5.

I also have one brother, Serge 55 years married and father of a little girl Melanie 7 ans and one sister, Beatrice 45 years married and mother of three children Alexandra 14 years, Rebecca 12 years and Louis 10 years old and the same age my eldest son Junior. I had another brother Michel died in 1986 in a car crash when he had 33 years old and leaving behind him two children Cedric Geraldine now aged between 34 and 31 years and having respectively 1 and 3 children. I also raised and educated the daughter of my wife, Clémence, at the age of 3 to 13 years, and as such, I still consider she as my child and she is very close to me.

My parents, my brother, my sister and I live very close to each other that allows us to see often, children are the first happy. At family gatherings you can imagine the joyful tribe!

After my sentimental disappointments, I am suspicious of women like you of men: I have lived ten years with a prima ballerina but we separated because she did not want children because of his career. Then I got married to the mother of my children but she left me, after ten years, for my best friend and I have not supported, I asked for a divorce.

Faithfulness is essential in a couple relationship. I understand very well that you are looking for a serious relationship and that the boys who have your age may not be ready for that. I am looking for the same kind of relationship because I do not want to suffer another cruel disappointment as the previous. When I love, someone I believe to be generous, caring, affectionate, available and I am ready to give my best to the person who will love me in a reciprocal manner.

In your next mail, I shall hope that you answer to some of my questions so that we can still better know each other.
I believe to understand that you are placed on a site of encounter, which has sent an e-mail on my own site, have you had the opportunity to go there to learn more about me ?
Did you receive my last photograph and the image of you that I reworked in Photoshop?
You are Sagittarius like me, but what day are you born?
You live in Belarus, but in what city? Could you tell me about your country?
I hope not to bother you with all these issues but it is important to me.
I am very anxious to get your news and allows me to send you kisses from Toulouse.


2007/11/13, :

helllo Gerard. It is pleasant, that you have studied my some ideas in
The last the message. Gerard, I usually do not speak about deep ideas and
Opinions, but to you have written, because felt desire to open it to
To you. I more compelled person {the man}, but am probable sometimes
It is necessary that there was one person {the man} which can that
To open and trust - it is sometimes frequent, happens, hardly reflects it is necessary
All these things. I happy which has found in you understanding me,
You see, that it happens is not present often.
Thanks Gerard, that you have written to me some details about your life and
Family, I have close studied it. It has helped me more well to understand
You and your life, and you become closer person {the man}
Gerard It has come time me to go, to make some kinds
Commercial activity, and it is necessary to meet friends. On that,
As I told by it which got acquainted with you, and parents also.
Have good day. I wait for your letters. Yours Angelina.

2007/11/14, Gerard Ruffat :

Sweet Angelina

What a pleasure to receive your letter! You are the sunshine that illuminates my life, I explain: at this moment I work a lot. I get up at 5.30 AM and I go to my new job Boilermaker (2 hours away by car for the round trip). When I return home, it is 6.30 PM, I eat quickly and rework, this time on the computer, to compose a book on the aircraft for scientific publishing house until 0.30 AM. Today, I stop a little earlier to answer to your message.

Deeply this weekend! On Friday night I go with my friends, see a music concert in a nightclub called "Bikini". It is a very trendy night spot in Toulouse and I go regularly to listen to music, see groups and dance. Saturday, I have my two sons for the weekend and I will accompany my eldest to his rugby match. Sunday, I will spend the day playing with them, either at the race cars, or with a ball in the park. Then the week begins again…

I also wanted to tell you that I found you radiant and very beautiful on the last picture that you sent to me. The campaign in the background is very similar to where I live: a beautiful blue sky, green valleys… I love nature when it is so, it's very nice.

I just a little criticism you get. It is no big deal but I want to be sincere, so I need to worry Speaks: why don't you answer to the questions that I posed to you? What is your birthday date? In what city do you live? Have you received the picture of you that I reworked in Photoshop and did you like it?

I hope I don't bother you with these issues, you have to tell me if it is, and I await your news anxiously.


2007/11/15, :

Hello dear Gйrard
Gйrard, today I have very intense day on my work.
I found a few time what to send you this news and
And to inform, that I miss, when I wait yours e-mail. I shall write
To you later Gйrard.
Yours Angelina.

P.S. Gйrard, and you have desire more likely to reach to a computer,
To read mine e-mail???

2007/11/18, Gerard Ruffat :

Sweet Angelina
Just this little mail for hello and send to you the pictures of the house in which I live.
I hope you have a pleasant weekend and I await to your news as soon as you have the opportunity to use a computer. I will excuse me for having both insist that you answer to my questions but I had no idea that it was difficult for you to go on the net. This afternoon I visit my sister, and children will can play with their cousins.
I kiss you before reading your new mail
Your Gérard

2007/11/20, :

Dear Gerard! Thanks for this e-mail from you, your messages
Really please me. This week there is a new theme for
Reflections, and these new ideas excite me.
I do not know as you, Gerard but for me starts to have importance our exchange
e-mail. These are new emotions in my quiet heart.
For me it is not usual, to get acquainted with the man on e-mail, for many miles
From me and probably to have attitudes.
I did not inform you Gerard the address because it is not enough earlier
Knew you. I live in Belarus. To
To regret it is far from you, differently it was not necessary for us much e-mail,
To learn each other. We could meet, talk,
To spend some time together and it is quite good to learn each other. But
For us it will be not a fast way. But I hope, that it will not be
Problem for us if we shall decide to do it in the future. I already
Made some travel to other countries. I travelled,
As the tourist, to the Europe; it is Turkey, Italy, Germany. Therefore Gerard
, You should not have excitements of that is available
Distance between us. I such woman, that if I shall love
The person for a meeting with it, I shall reach even on the moon. In
Our days is a problem to make such travel. I not
I worry about it and even I have the devoted feelings, with
The person on the other hand. For me it is very interesting feelings-
To learn the person with other culture, thinking, traditions. It
One of things - which draws me to you. Not the main thing,-
But new and interesting. Probably if our attitudes will be strong and
You Gerard, can learn the mysterious Belarus woman. I hope, that
For you it is interesting to learn and test love of such woman? I
I think, road Gerard that you cannot long resist to mine
Female magic if happens so, that we shall be the person to
To the person. On it I finish my message to you Gerard.

I wait for your messages. Yours Angelina.

2007/11/21, Gerard Ruffat :

Our correspondence delighted me as much as you do, although I am not a regular conversations on the net.
It looks at the beginning of a beautiful and romantic story that stirs new feelings in me.
Perhaps the long road before reaching the mysterious Angelina, magic Belarus woman, but if we really want to, the distance and the time are not big problems.
The idea to visit you this summer runs in my brain and in my home we say, "travels make youth."
I have visited several European countries during my life: Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Spain where I go regularly because the distance is barely 100 km, and there was 20 years, I lived two years in Africa in Senegal more specifically in Dakar that allowed me to travel to various countries: Mali, Burkina Faso, Togo, Ivory Coast.
At this time, I was young, but this experience has been very rewarding with regard to the discovery of new customs, ways of life, and I learned a lot about human nature. I am confident that the mixture of cultures is a great boon to change attitudes towards basic behaviors such as respect, tolerance, humanism…
To meet in order to better know you, how you live is a real and sincere desire.
And I also hope that you can come to France to find out where I live, our culture, our traditions...
From these future meetings we can imagine both a sequel to this seductive story that begins.

On this night, in my dreams, beautiful and mysterious Angelina
In the near future, when I will have the great pleasure to meet you.
The universe is not big enough!

Kisses from Toulouse


2007/11/22, :

Hello my dear!
I now read yours e-mail, and it was interesting to me to learn your
opinion that I spoke you in my last message. Our exchange of opinions
is interesting to me and I think, that now I can make some opinion on
what your character. If you not against somehow we could stir a little
by phone. I would like to speak with you, to hear your voice.
Girard, I send you a new picture. It is made I hope, that this picture
will like you. Girard, I too would wish to see more than your pictures.
Dear, I would like to learn, how you like to spend the free time. I
very cheerful person also think out various entertainments for myself
and the friends. To me to like to help them to do a life interesting.
It can be different things: dances, a cinema, parties or
entertainments on the nature. But if to speak frankly in the last
these entertainments give time to me ever less than pleasure. I often
dream of romantic evening with the favourite person, it can be a
supper or simply walk. I think, that in it there is a lot of charm.
You romantic person Girard? Whether you Think, sometimes, of such
things? You like cosy evenings with the family? I very much love
holidays when all family gathers, behind one table. It very cosy and
comfortably for me. And how you like to spend holidays dear? What for
you does a cosiness and rest? Tell to me please about it Girard.
Girard, excuse me for a question: whether there is for you now any
woman? I think, that you are good, as the man and to like many women.
Because at me good taste, and you to like me. What your private life
now, please tell about it. Probably you have to me any frank
questions? I shall answer them. Write to me more in detail about the
feelings and desires, to me to like to read, when you tell about
yourself, I am ready to listen about it. I wait for your messages.
My embraces. Yours Anhelina.

2007/11/23, Gerard Ruffat :

Lovely Angelina

He was a great pleasure to receive your message this morning when I waked up and I went to work with joy and happiness, thanks a lot.
Your photography has not left my mind of the day, and I find you divinely beautiful: your charmed eyes, your illuminated smile, your denuded hip, woah!, All my senses are stir... I put your picture on background on my phone and I never stop to contemplate. You are really a magnificent woman.
Your proposal to speak together on the phone is great and I am also able to exchange words with you to hear your voice that I imagine soft and warm. I give you my phone number +33 6 99 61 92 10 and I hope you give me your phone number in the next mail. I take informations to the telecommunication operator to find out how join and speak to you.

At the moment I do not have a lot of free time: I am working hard, day as a Aeronautic boilermaker and in the evening, on my computer, I compose books for a scientist publishing society as I told it to you in one of my previous e-mails. A weekend on two, I take my children with me and we play together or we are going to visit family.
The remaining time, a weekend every 15 days, I try to move with my friends, either go to the cinema or in a night-club, or see music concerts, but since my divorce, I can count my true friends on the fingers of one hand while most of the time I do this type of activity alone.

Yes, I am a big romantic and I often think of ideal lover, dinners by candlelight or in a restaurant with a good wine, embraced bodies on an Oriental carpet in front of a blazing fire, walks in nature...
Sweet and mysterious Angelina, I believe that you look like this love that I search.
To describe my expectation of being loved and my current state of mind, I often think of this song (poetry) of The Smiths:

Last night I dreamt
That somebody loved me
No hope - no harm
Just another false alarm

Last night I felt
Real arms around me
No hope - no harm
Just another false alarm

So tell me how long
Before the last one?
And tell me how long
Before the right one?

This story is old - I KNOW
But it goes on
This story is old - I KNOW
But it goes on

It goes on...

Do you like it?

As I told it to you in one of my e-mails, my family is very large and, each year on August 15, we meet (over 150 people) for a meal (sheeps on a spit) where all kids are everywhere, where people burst into laughter and I love this time. For the holidays, I go to the Atlantic Ocean to camp with my children, we are going to the beach, eating ice creams, doing children's games, I can finally enjoy their presence a little longer than usual. There is also the pool at my parent's home, the children are very happy.

No, there is no woman in my life actually and my heart is to be taken. Indeed, if it did, I will not be there writing to you and my thoughts are sincerely only for you. This is called platonic love and it's a very romantic attitude. And it would be offensive for you that I have an affair with another woman in France, I am not that kind of person, I can't love more than one person at a time, you can believe me.
My private life comes down to wait for your letters which enjoy me and to respond as quickly as possible. But for you, how could such a beautiful girl does not have a boyfriend? The bees are many around the hive. Pretty as you are, there must be many contenders.
My feelings for you are growing and my most fervent desire is to meet you because you seem to be the person with whom I dream of rebuilding my life. You will find this is a bit fast but time is not eternal, and I do not want my future children have a senile old father.

Now it is for me to learn more about the mysterious Angelina. I know that you are sagittarius like me, I was born in November the 30th but what is the date of your birth? Are you ready to live far from your family and friends? Want you children, if so, how much? Could you tell me about how you live in town or in the country, how is your work? What are your most important desires for the future? May I believe that my hopes will not be in vain? I must know it, it is essential for me.
Have you seen my website, you would know a little more about me? Have you received the picture of you that I reworked in Photoshop and do you like it? Please delicious Angelina, answer to my questions, I look forward your next e-mail, to discover you a little more and to hear your voice as soon as possible.

Kisses from your dedicated servant

2007/11/29, Gerard Ruffat :

Sweet Angelina
A week without news, I don't understand. You'll never talk to me any time. Did you affraid by my last e-mail? Didn't you appreciate some of my words? Please answer me!
I am very sad to no longer receive any of your messages, and my head is full of doubt. You don't want write to me, why? I hope it's just a little problem of transmission. I await for your message even if they are bad news for our relationship. If you have changed your mind about me, please tell me, I must know.
While waiting to receive your e-mail, I embrace you beautiful and mysterious Angelina

2007/11/29, :

Hello my darling Gerard! I am very glad to news from you. Gerard, yesterday I
Could not send you the letter because I had no opportunity
To enter into the Internet. In our apartment phone and consequently is not established
My computer has no input in a network. Usually houses I write down the message
To you on a disk, and then I go with it to the friend to me to the girl, in pair
Houses from me that with its computer to enter into the Internet and to take away yours
Letters. But yesterday it was absent at home. I hope, that you Gerard not
Lost me. I missed without yours e-mail. Today on work I thought about
To you and, me it was pleasant to know, that there is a person, which
Which thinks of me, reads my ideas and writes something for me. And
How you, Gerard? You these days missed on dialogue with me? Today we with
Friends we plan to have some entertainment. It will be possible club
Or a disco. It is a pity, that now there is no opportunity to invite you
There, because you it is far. I think, that we with you could
Perfectly to spend together evening. I hope, that we shall do still it
In the future also we can well have fun. I am assured, that it will be
Good time for us Gerard! We shall drink easy wine, then
To dance, while our legs can maintain it. And after that we
Probably we shall reach somewhere else....., and where I shall do with
You some things. Ideas on it in advance raise me. Mine
Imagination very developed and I can represent for myself many
Details of our appointment. Probably, dear, it is time to me to finish
This letter, and I now shall write that a lot of superfluous and I shall have then
Confusion before you. I wait for yours e-mail, my darling. Embraces and mine
Kiss!!! Yours Angelina.

2007/11/30, Gerard Ruffat :

Angelina darling

As I am happy to hear from you, I thought at one point, that you do not want to speak with me anymore and I was very saddened. Indeed, I have answered your e-mail of 22/11 the following day, and since I had no more news. That is why I sent you this little message last night. I understand your difficulty with internet, and I believe that you have not received my message of 23/11 which contained 2 attachments (1 photo and 1 song mp3). I think the song was too big for the network and I am sorry. I send you a copy of this mail in which I did reply to your questions (without attachments to be sure the receipt), and I hope you will answer the questions that I ask to you in this letter.

Last evening I went to see "Reverend and the Maker" and "Arctic Monkeys" in concert, it was great! Tomorrow, or I will have to say today is my birthday and I regret to not know the date of your birth and your address to send to you a gift to mark more intensely our relationship which I am delighted, Be sure.
Your message has rekindled the fire that burns in me and assure you of my deep feelings towards you.
Kisses from your faithful lover


2007/11/30, :

Hello mine dear Gerard! Have good day! I am glad, that my messages
Pleasant for you. How you feel yourself dear? I - ok. I a little
Raised, and yesterday I hardly fell asleep. I was grasped with an idea about
To our meeting. For me and I have this joyful event from it much
Emotions. Such as excitement both the big impatience and expectation
of this day.
You have brought the whole sea of emotions Gerard during my life, and to me it is difficult with
It to consult, but I can tell, that it pleasantly and gave me
New push and the purpose for a life. I think, the darling, that is necessary for us
To arrange our meeting so that there were no difficulties and
Inconveniences in our affairs. I can arrange on my work, that
To have some days free for me. Gerard, and your work will be
To allow you to do it? Probably you have the intense schedule with
The work also you should be absent. Then we can meet
More close from you or even I could arrive to you on some
Days. For me there is no problem to make longer travel.
If such way more convenient for you and my arrival to not create
Inconvenience for you Gerard give we shall choose this plan. It
For me even it is more good, because I can see as you live,
Your friends, you can show me the city and various,
Favourite for you, a place. And if for you it is necessary, you can
To visit the work. My work not so important also can manage
Without me, therefore I do not worry about the affairs. Inform me dear,
The opinions! If it is a good way for you too I shall do
Preparations for travel. My kisses and embraces. Yours

2007/12/2, Gerard Ruffat :

Angelina, my princess
Your last mail is fantastic! I am touched at the heartstrings to know your imminent arrival and the possibility of freeing you of your work.
For my part I have some vacation of my job on December between 21 and 31 and it would be wonderful to meet you before the end of this year if it's possible otherwise I have the first three weeks in August of holidays and I will go to Belarus for my sweet Angelina.
I am so excited by the idea to see you, to speak to you, let me introduce to you my children, my family and my friends, to give you a tour Toulouse, the Pink City and especially to share with you some unforgettable moments that will consolidate our relationship for ever and ever.
Of course, if these dates are not possible because too short in time, you can come whenever you want and I will receive you with the greatest courtesy and respect only I should go to work and I will be available for you from 6 PM on Monday to Friday but we could spend magnificent weekends together as having romantic diners at the restaurant, go dancing in a few clubs or go to music concerts, cultural exhibitions ... Be sure that I will be your faithful knight throughout this period and I dream of it all nights sometimes even on the day.
Do not worry for lodging and leisure, I take care of all, you will be covered with flowers. How do you intend to travel? Plane, train? Fill me and perhaps I can help you for something, I expect from you on this subject. I am still in delicious shock of this wonderful announcement which is your arrival to me.
I send you a new photo made today by my son and I hope you enjoy it as much as the last picture of you that you sent to me and that I find full of emotions: this deep side, these spiders on background and your face of a goddess. A great sensitivity emerges from this picture and my heart is pierced by your haunting eyes. Please Angelina darling come to me quickly, I wait for you and it will be the most happiness that you will be near from me.
A thousand of kisses of your faithfull knight

2007/12/3, :

Hello my dear Gerard! How has passed your day? How your business?
I am very glad to see your message. Thanks that has sent me the
picture. On it you look is remarkable.
Gerard I to wish to discuss our meeting. I can be today in a chat
gmail. I think that there we can to discuss our meeting in detail.
Gerard I to think that you would will leave in online that we could
I with impatience shall wait for you in a chat gmail.
My kiss.
Yours Angelina.

Chat avec Angelina le 03/12/07 :

18:31 Angelina: Hello my dear!!!
It is Angelina!!
18:32 You are there???
18:33 My dear, pls answer me
18:34 moi: Hello darling I just arrive from work it is cool to chat with you
18:35 Angelina: I am very glad to see you here!!
18:36 Dear, give we shall talk rather our meeting
18:37 moi: with a big pleasure, darling
Angelina: Darling, I can have financial problems
18:38 The trip to you costs many money
18:39 I cannot find all sum of money necessary for my arrival
moi: If you give me your address, I can sent to you the money for the travel
18:40 Angelina: How? Through post?
18:41 I very much wish to lead Christmas together with you
18:43 moi: Yes, I informs how at the post office and I will be the most happy man in the world of your arrival for christmas
18:44 Angelina: I wish to tell to you, that our post works in an awful condition! It is not necessary to send anything by post!
18:45 I shall be the happiest woman if I can lead Christmas with you, mine the darling!!
18:47 moi: Maybe I can take a plane ticket for you on the Internet
Angelina: , cases when postal orders did not reach the addressee were Dear
18:48 Today I to go to travel agency and to learn that it is necessary to arrive to you. To me to speak, that it is necessary to make out the visa and to order tickets.
18:49 Dear, I need to pay only money and to me will legalize all papers
18:50 To me to speak that the tourist visa is made out within 7 working days
18:51 moi: If I buy the plane ticket on the net, maybe you can retrieve in your agency?
18:52 Angelina: I think that was not present. Favourite, it will be better if I shall make out the visa and at once to order tickets in this travel agency
18:56 moi: By th post, I can send a warrant and you retrieve the money in your post
18:57 Angelina: The darling, today in travel agency to speak me that there is the most reliable system of remittances - the Western Union
18:58 Our family used the Western Union. It very quickly, conveniently and reliably
18:59 My grandmother lives in Russia and our family translated money to the grandmother on system the Western Union
19:01 ???
19:03 moi: I do not know the system of Western Union, but perhaps it also operates in France, I can inform but I need a mailing address, and the amount you need
My english is not too fast, sorry
19:04 Angelina: Dear, the tourist visa costs about 400 euros. Return tickets cost about 900 euros.
19:07 moi: It's very expensive, I see on the net plane ticket for me to go to Minsk and back about 400 euros
19:08 Angelina: It is an one way ticket
moi: No the back travel too
19:10 Angelina: Dear, in travel agency to me to speak that the prices for tickets every day grow, because the Christmas is fast
The darling, can be I has made a mistake. Tomorrow I shall specify it
19:13 moi: Ok, I find informations to send money for your travel and I talk that tomorrow by ail or chat if it is possible
19:14 Angelina: Well, my sweet, tomorrow I shall speak all exact information on tickets and on transfer of money
19:15 Tomorrow I shall go to bank of the Western Union and I shall specify the information
moi: It's a true pleasure to chat with you, I'm so excited and I wait for your information my lovely Angelina
19:16 Angelina: ok!
I love you, my honey!
bye bye!
19:17 moi: Kisses for you, your faithfull knight

Chat avec Angelina le 03/12/07 :

20:18 Angelina: Hi again
20:21 moi: Hi my love
Angelina: I am glad see you
20:22 moi: As I would hear your voice but it's fantastic to chat with you
Angelina: Dear, I very much wish to chatter with you!
20:23 Dear, write to me please the phone number!
20:25 moi: I look for plane ticket for you on the net and i will be so happy to meet you. My phone number +33 6 99 61 92 10
20:26 Angelina: darling, I shall try to call to you!
20:27 moi: Give me a phone number and I can also call you darling
20:28 Angelina: Dear, I shall call to you, because very bad connection!
20:30 moi: Ok, I see you on my phone and I like so much your lovely face
20:31 Angelina: Dear, I shall write to you later
12 minutes
20:43 Angelina: My love! I am here!
20:44 you are there???
20:48 Dear?
20:51 ???
9 minutes
21:00 Angelina: Why??

Chat avec Angelina le 03/12/07 :

23:21 moi: I am really sorry, I was on the lookout for your plane ticket and I did not see that you were online, how stupid I am, and I hope you are not too disappointed with my stupidity, I love you

2007/12/4, Gerard Ruffat :

Angelina, my only love
I hope you are not too disappointed with my stupidity but I really didn't see that you were on line. I was too busy to search your plane ticket on the net and I didn't see the chat window on my computer, how stupid I am. I know it's hard for you to communicate with me so I cursed myself for this blunder. I think I found a plane ticket and I am going tomorrow to the agency to see possibilities that you take the ticket, either in an agency or directly to the airport. I hold you informed as soon as I have the informations. Otherwise, I will find another solution, I shall move heaven and earth so that our meeting takes place. Surely I will need your full identity to put the ticket in your name.
Still forgiveness for my failure.
I falled in love with you and since I am as a young adolescent.
Kisses and I hope tomorrow is great day for us

Chat avec Angelina le 04/12/07 :

18:28 moi: I just go back to my job, where are you my darling
29 minutes
18:57 Angelina: Hello dear!!
You are there??
moi: Hello darling
Angelina: Oh! very good!
I am glad!
18:58 How r u??
moi: Fine I found a plane ticket for you but I must have your name and surname as it is written on your passport in order to make the transaction. The ticket will be issued at the airport but I assure you all that when ordered
I hope that the dates will be agreed and that it will not be too short to obtain a visa
19:00 Angelina: Dear, to you are necessary my full name?
19:02 moi: Yes, otherwise you will not get the ticket to the airport, it must be in your name
19:03 Angelina: Dear, my full name Anhelina Smirnova
moi: Is it a problem for you?
19:04 Angelina: I do not know. I hope that I shall receive tickets without problems
19:05 moi: Can you obtain a visa without having the ticket?
Angelina: Yes, I can receive the visa, not having the ticket
19:07 moi: Once the transaction on the net is made, the tickets will be available at the airport but I assure you all that when I would have done
19:08 Angelina: Dear, what concerning the visa? You can send money for the visa?
19:09 moi: Yes, but not the full price, how much money do you have available?
19:11 Angelina: I to learn that cost of the visa is very small! But other charges is an insurance and so on more. All together it costs about 200 euros. I to have only about 100 euros
19:12 Today I also to go to bank and to learn that it is necessary that you have sent money. You need to know only my full name
19:14 moi: Yes I can send the rest of money and with th plane ticket I take insurance for you. Should I send it by Western Union?
19:15 Angelina: Yes, the Western Union is the best system of remittances
19:16 You need to go to bank the Western Union in the city
You need to know my full name and my address
19:17 moi: Maybe I can send money by Western Union on the net
Angelina: I should know your full name, your full home address and a confidential code (MTCN) to you it will give in bank when you will send money
19:18 Precisely I do not know. Try
I think that it is necessary to come on an official site the Western Union
19:19 moi: Gérard RUFFAT, Route de Toulouse, 32130 Savignac-Mona, France are my full name and address
19:21 I don't know confidential code (MTCN) means
19:22 Angelina: You will receive this information at sending money
19:23 moi: Ok and after I must give it to you
Angelina: yes
19:24 Dear, you try to send money online?
19:27 Dear?
moi: I hope that all this is really sincere because it represents a lot of money for me and I have no guarantees
19:29 Angelina: Dear, I sincerely love you and I want our meeting
19:30 moi: I do not doubt your word but you can understand my apprehension and I also need your address to send you money for visa
19:32 Angelina: Dear, I send you all exact information:
First name - Anhelina
Last name - Smirnova
The country - Belarus
City - Orsha
19:33 moi: There is no zip code?
19:34 Angelina: More nothing is necessary. It is all necessary information
19:35 moi: My parents lie ahead to eat and as soon as I finished I contact you and I take care of all this, will you available?
19:36 Angelina: You wish to tell that we spoke later?
19:37 moi: A little later, just the time to eat with my parents
Angelina: Ok
no problems
moi: Kisses, I love you
19:38 Angelina: ok
my kiss!
Big kiss to my prince!!!
19:39 moi: talk you later
Angelina: ok

2007/12/4, Gerard Ruffat :

Angelina darling
I made the payment of 100 euros to the Western Union for your visa on the net but for security reasons, I must call on the phone tomorrow morning to finalize the transfer. It's weird, they asked me your name, your first name and the country, but not the city, I think they ask me tomorrow on the phone.
I just go on GoogleEarth and I finally know where you live because everything else is still a mystery to me, your work, your way of life ... I look forward to meet you to see you, talk to you, hear your voice, to show you where I live and go to wonderful moments with you.
I send to you file related details of the plane ticket, look at the dates if you agree, but it was the best time for the price. I am not greedy, but I want to make you gifts when you will be here. The only drawback is that I work until 21, then I will come to you at the airport but there will be three days where I will be there only from 6 PM. So you will have the opportunity to get acquainted with my parents and the freedom to surf on internet from my computer. Then, we real life: walking trips, restaurant, music show... and whatever you like.
I do not believe in god, but I pray with all my heart that our meeting happens, I would be so unhappy to be able to welcome you for Christmas.
from the faithfull knight to the mysterious goddess

2007/12/5, Tatyana Cherepanova :

Hello my dear Gerard!
How at you has passed night? At me it is very good, it was very pleasant to me to talk to you yesterday. Today in the morning as usually I have gone for work. I likely to not speak you about it that on my work there is very good a colleague and my best girlfriend. Today I to share the news with the girlfriend, about that that I have met the the beloved in the life (It you my darling) and to speak it about you Gerard.
I told much to she, it set many questions on you in particular I has told to she about that that our attitudes develop also we have decided to meet you. I to speak she that you very much care of me and itself pay my trip to you. She was certainly glad for me, but she would not like me to lose. I to speak she that you today to send me of money for registration of all necessary documents. On system of remittances the Western Union.
My girlfriend (her name is Olya) to inform me such unexpected news to us.
The matter is that it before used system the Western Union. My girlfriend Olya has a girlfriend. She lives in Canada, the girlfriend to help it with money. She as to send money through the Western Union. When Olya has come to bank to receive money employees of bank to it to inform:
If money send to Belarus it is necessary to inform on this Transfer in tax. And if Transfer has come from abroad not from the close relative (the daddy-mum, the sister-brother, the son-daughter, the grandmother-grandfather or the husband-wife) within 30 days it is necessary to be in tax inspection to fill the declaration and to pay the tax. If you have a basic place of work in the beginning of year it will be necessary to fill one more declaration. One more instance which should be visited if you have received the sum from the foreigner, more, than 150 dollars, - Department on humanitarian activity at Administration of the president. To spend the greater sum sent by the foreigner, it is necessary to receive the sanction of the president.
My girlfriend Olya had many problems with reception of this Transfer.
she has spent many time and nerves for receptions of this Transfer. All the same she has received this money, but for it is has left hardly more month.
Gerard I to not want what this situation has happened with us. And to not wish to postpone our meeting for long term.
Dear, do not send me while any money! Otherwise I will have problems with reception of your translation.
I shall search for an output from this position.
I shall write to you later!
Yours Angelina.

Chat avec Angelina le 05/12/07 :

21:13 moi: Angelina, darling, I am here
44 minutes
21:58 moi: I wait for you my mysterious goddess, where are you?
22:03 Angelina: Darling! Iam here!!
moi: Super
Angelina: yes!!
22:04 moi: I sent to you an e-mail do you read it
Angelina: no
22:05 moi: made the payment of 100 euros to the Western Union for your visa on the net but for security reasons, I must call on the phone tomorrow morning to finalize the transfer. It's weird, they asked me your name, your first name and the country, but not the city, I think they ask me tomorrow on the phone.
I just go on GoogleEarth and I finally know where you live because everything else is still a mystery to me, your work, your way of life ... I look forward to meet you to see you, talk to you, hear your voice, to show you where I live and go to wonderful moments with you.
Angelina: Now I have read through your letter!!
22:06 moi: What do you think of that
22:07 Angelina: I think that now our meeting to be carried out!!!
I am very glad that very soon we shall meet you, my prince!!
22:08 moi: I finalize the plane ticket in the same time
22:09 Angelina: How I can take away tickets?
22:11 moi: The delivery of the ticket is planned by International Chronopost
Angelina: ok
22:12 moi: In Paris you have to change airport but there will be a shuttle
22:13 Angelina: Well
moi: I send to you all the details by e-mail as soon as possible
22:14 Angelina: I shall wait for details of my air flight
22:16 moi: I use the credit card to my parents because the amount is beyond the limit for mine then wait a minute please
22:17 Angelina: I wait
5 minutes
22:23 moi: it
The form asks me a number of street, a street name and a zip code for the delivery ticket
22:25 Angelina: Dear, you wish to send tickets by post?
The darling, it is not necessary to send anything by post. Because they can be lost
22:26 moi: International chronopost it is the only way for the ticket
Angelina: Send me the electronic version of tickets
22:27 Dear, it very long! Delivery of tickets to be prolonged up to 1,5 months!!
Favourite, cancel tickets!!
Cancel booking!
22:28 Do not buy tickets online!!
22:29 moi: I call the agency tomorrow morning to know how
22:30 Angelina: Dear, I have other variant! I can buy tickets in travel agency of the city! It will be much easier!
22:31 What do you think?
So I will not have any problems!
moi: But how much?
22:32 Angelina: What how much?
moi: Yes
Angelina: Tickets cost about 450 euros
22:33 moi: To go and back?
Angelina: Cancel booking!
22:34 Ok?
22:35 moi: Yes it is done, but ticket is for the round trip?
22:36 Angelina: Yes, round trip
22:38 moi: How can I be sure that you come?
22:39 Angelina: You do not trust me? In my opinion my love to you this best proof!
22:42 ???
22:45 answer me
22:47 moi: Sorry I'm full of doubt and I am afraid that this is a scam
Angelina: I in a shock from your words!
22:48 I cannot believe that you so think...
22:49 I thought that you sincerely love me and want our meeting..
moi: I love you but I do not know anything about you, and every time I brought you asked, you did not answer
Angelina: At me even ideas were not you to deceive!!!
22:52 I to you very much told much about myself! Why you so speak?
22:54 moi: I do not offend you, can you tell me how you got my e-mail?
22:56 Angelina: Dear, you unless do not remember where we have got acquainted with you?
22:59 moi: It is very serious for me then I do not want to suffer another disappointment. I received a message on my MySpace box and I remember very well
23:01 Angelina: I also distinctly remember that moment when I have written to you the first message
23:02 moi: How did you find my MySpace site, by chance?
23:03 Angelina: No, not casually! I looked through structures of men and have seen you! I at once have decided to write to you!!
23:06 moi: On a meeting site which you sent to my mailbox
23:08 Angelina: yes
23:09 moi: You have never seen my site?
23:11 Angelina: I saw your site!
23:14 moi: What do you think of "Fine women seeking men!" it is your presentation on myspace
23:15 Angelina: All is true! I the fine woman and I have found you, fine the man! To what such questions, my prince?!
23:16 moi: To better know my mysterious goddess. You are sagittarius but what day are you born?
23:19 Angelina: On November, 28th
23:20 moi: You would say to me, I could wish you a happy anniversary
5 minutes
23:25 Angelina: Dear, these days I have been very borrowed by preparation for mine Put to the Birth
23:26 We can note once again my Birthday together
23:27 What do you think?
23:28 moi: With a bigger pleasure, my lovely princess. You work with children, but what you do exactly?
23:30 Angelina: Dear, I very much love children. But unfortunately I have no the . Therefore I work with children
23:31 I work in children's to a garden
23:32 moi: I am very pleased to have the answers to all these famous questions that you had never responded
23:35 Angelina: Dear, I very much wait for our meeting!
23:36 and you?
23:37 moi: You can not even imagine how I dream that magical moment. You do not tell me anything about the picture of you that I reworked in Photoshop?
23:39 Angelina: This picture is magnificent!! To me your work in a photoshop is very nice! You well own this program?
23:42 moi: I am working on the program for more than 15 years and many others too
Angelina: You professional!
23:43 I am very proud of you!!
23:45 moi: thanks but It's my old job now I only use it for the fun
23:46 Angelina: Clearly
Dear, than you are engaged during free time from work?
23:50 moi: Occasionally my old boss gives me some work to do at home and that is why I work during my free time. Talk me about yourself, your coming to France in an unknown world, your apprehensions
23:51 Angelina: If it is fair, I very much worry! I never was in France and consequently I test excitement. I think that you understand me
7 minutes
23:59 moi: Tomorrow I will go to a branch of the Western Union to send you 500 euros for your trip. I want to believe in our chance and never mind if I am wrong, I can not miss out on the love of my life without doing anything
00:00 Angelina: Dear, tomorrow I shall go to bank and to take away the money. I shall inform you it tomorrow. ok?
00:02 moi: Ok, then we would speak more money because I think it is derogatory and inappropriate, I do not love with such trivialities
00:03 Angelina: Well, give we shall talk about your family
00:05 moi: What do you want to know that you do not already know?
00:09 Angelina: I wish to know you in what traditions your parents brought up?
00:14 moi: Before being retired, my parents had owned a nightclub, they are very cool and they receive you with great pleasure do not worry about that
00:15 Angelina: I think that I shall find common language with your parents
00:16 moi: Of course although their English is even worse than mine
00:17 Angelina: I am glad
00:19 moi: Me too, what do you think of our age difference?
00:21 Angelina: I wish to tell to you that I searched for the man more advanced age because I think, that the person which has lived enough years, already has experience and has learned to appreciate women and to address with them
00:22 For me age not the main thing. More important sincere qualities of the person!
00:23 moi: So live with an old piece of bread rassis is not a problem? Are you really lesbian as indicated on MySpace?
00:24 Angelina: No!! I of traditional orientation! It is any mistake!!
00:25 Do not worry the darling!
moi: I joking
00:26 Angelina: The joker ;)
00:27 moi: I like joking and laughing, it's good for the health
00:28 Angelina: I have already understood!
00:29 moi: It is not too late for you? We are so well together
00:31 Angelina: Dialogue with you, and ideas on you do not allow me to fall asleep!!
00:33 moi: It's hard to get to sleep, I think you continually, it is serious Doctor?
00:37 Angelina: Well dear, now I to go to sleep, tomorrow difficult day!
I wish you sweet dreams, my prince
00:38 moi: Tomorrow about 6 PM, sweet dreams of you my darling
Angelina: Bye Bye!!!
moi: Kisses
00:39 Angelina: i love you! big kiss yo my prince!!!!!!!!!!!!
moi: I love you to mys goddess

2007/12/5, :

Hello again dear!!
I thought of the arisen situation much. I asked the friends and friends much.
In a lunch break I to go to bank the Western Union and to learn all
concerning transfer more precisely.
When I have come to bank, the manager of bank explained to me too most
as my girlfriend spoke. It is valid so!
Dear, I asked the manager what to do? I to explain that I need to
receive money from you during the fastest time.
He again to explain to me that If transfer has come from abroad not
from the close relative (the daddy-mum, the sister-brother, the
son-daughter, the grandmother-grandfather or the husband-wife) within
30 days it is necessary to be in tax inspection to fill the
declaration and to pay the tax. If you have a basic place of work in
the beginning of year it will be necessary to fill one more
declaration. One more instance which should be visited if you have
received the sum from the foreigner, more, than 300 dollars, -
Department on humanitarian activity at Administration of the president.
Dear if remittance is received from the relative no problems with
reception of money will exist. Dear, me all this very much is not
clear, but our laws are those!
Dear, I have a cousine, she lives in Russia. I think that you could to
send money for its name, and it at once to translate money to me.
Russia and Belarus is the friendly countries. Therefore while
translating money from my cousine to me, I will not have any problems!
Dear, I to think that it is a unique output from this position.
Today I to call to the cousine and to tell to she about this
situation. I to ask its help. I to speak she that she has helped us
and descended in bank to receive your money, and then has sent them to me.
Dear, what you think of it?
I shall wait your letter!!
My gentle kiss!
With love, only yours Angelina

Chat avec Angelina le 05/12/07 :

18:21 moi: Hello my princess, I am back of working. I hope your day has not been too tough with all these difficulties for the transfer. It's really complicated, but if it's the only way, we will do so.

Chat avec Angelina le 05/12/07 :

19:41 moi: Angelina, princess of my heart, goddess of my nights, where are you?
16 minutes
19:57 Angelina: Dear! Iam here!!
19:59 moi: Yes, super
Angelina: How are you my darling??
20:00 moi: Fine, thanks and you?
Angelina: Fine too!
20:01 moi: It's really complicated to meet ourselves
20:02 Angelina: I think that a unique output from this situation it to send money to my cousine, and then it will send me them
20:03 Dear, today very complex day for me really was
20:04 moi: I hope that the time of transfer will not be too long and that you can come during my holidays
20:05 Angelina: Dear if you tomorrow will send money to my cousine tomorrow this money will be at me
20:07 moi: How much money do you need?
Angelina: 550 euro
20:10 moi: Tomorrow leaving work, I will withdraw this money to the bank if my salary was paid and I run to an agency of the Western Union to send it. I need the address of your cousine
20:11 Angelina: Well, I give you all exact information on my cousine
20:12 First name: Tatyana
Last name: Cherepanova
The country: Russia
City: Cheboksary
20:14 moi: You were at her home today because it is the E-mail address with which you sent me message
20:15 Angelina: what?
20:17 moi: The first e-mail that I have received from you as a shipper had the name of your cousine
20:19 Angelina: The matter is that I have given the cousine the password from the box that tomorrow it could receive a confidential code for removal of money. It of repartition it on the name
20:21 moi: Initially, I thought you were with a friend. Orsha is far from Minsk and how are you there
20:22 Angelina: My city to be from Minsk on distance of 270 kilometers
20:24 moi: I suppose you go to Minsk by train.
Angelina: I think that I can go to Minsk by the bus
20:25 By the bus the trip borrows 6 hours
It is cheaper
20:27 moi: It must be long! Tomorrow, when I come home from work, I inform you on the availability of money. The bus + aircraft to France, you have them for a whole day
20:28 Angelina: I think that I shall take off to you in the morning that in the evening to be together!
20:29 moi: What day do you think you come to me
20:30 Angelina: Between our countries there is a difference in time! In what is the time you will send money?
I think that approximately on December, 16-17th
20:33 moi: It's fantastic, I make transactions tomorrow, and if it's fast, you will have them Friday, we have an hour of time difference, now it is 8.30 PM in France
20:34 Angelina: Well, my darling!
20:36 moi: Over the days approaching and the desire to meet you is high
20:37 Angelina: I very much to want our meeting!! I think that it will be magnificent!!!
20:39 moi: I hope there will be no problem with the address of your cousine, here we have all postal codes
Angelina: yes
20:42 moi: If there is a problem and it misses informations, I could send the money only Friday
20:43 Angelina: Well! Dear, only do not admit any mistake. Otherwise to take away your money it will be impossible
20:46 moi: Let's stop talking about money and talking about our love. You are in a cybercafe?
Angelina: No, my love! I am at my girlfriend!
20:47 moi: Send hello to her from me
Angelina: It also sends the regards to you!
20:50 moi: Thanks, how many days will ryou emain with me, the time will scroll at big speed
20:51 Sorry for writing
20:52 Angelina: Dear, in 3 days it will be equal month!
20:53 moi: excuse me, I do not understand
20:54 Angelina: We correspond with you almost month
20:56 moi: Ok, I nevertheless feel that we know each other for years, it seems mad, isn't it?
20:58 Angelina: I also think
20:59 moi: At this moment what are your favorite songs and musics
21:01 Angelina: Russian dancing music
21:02 moi: Don't you listen english pop singers? The day of your anniversary I saw Arctic Monkeys on Stage, it was fabulous!
21:04 Angelina: Where it was?
moi: In Toulouse
21:05 Angelina: It is cool! Dear, me interests, what clothes to me to take with itself? Warm?
21:08 moi: Not specifically, today the temperature was 15 ° C, but take a few pulls with you, we will surely go to the Mountain and I also intend to show you the Ocean
21:09 Angelina: I never saw ocean!!
21:10 moi: Biarritz is approximately 3 hours drive from my home
21:11 Angelina: It is class!
moi: One of my uncles has a house at 10 km from the ocean, we could spend one or two day together
21:13 Angelina: I with impatience wait for it!!
21:14 moi: The first winter sports resorts to 100 km, just 1.30 hour by car, I intend to bringing children and you my love
21:15 Angelina: Dear, you have car BMW?
21:16 moi: Yes
My parents too but it is bigger
21:17 Angelina: ok
21:18 moi: You dislikes?
21:20 Angelina: not
Its very good car!!
21:21 moi: My father is loyal to this mark since the 1970's
21:22 Angelina: He always had cars only this mark?
moi: Since 1970's, yes
21:24 You have already skiing?
Angelina: And you? You had other cars?
21:25 Yes, only I did not ski
21:28 moi: Yes, Porsche, Audi, Renault, Citroën
In ski equipment can be rented for the day
21:30 Angelina: What car the best of them?
21:32 moi: I have car licence since 1982, Ah! The Porsche and youth!
Angelina: oh!
i think too
21:33 Porsche it is pleasant to me
21:34 moi: Verry good car but my dreams are for an old Aston Martin
21:35 Angelina: You can dare to buy this car?
Dear how much you receive money? If not a secret?
21:36 moi: 1300 euros / month + the books I compose 500 euros / month
21:40 Angelina: And how many there is a car of your dream?
21:41 moi: I don't know, it's just a dream
21:42 Angelina: Dreams become a reality
21:43 moi: Whoever binds us, yes and it is wonderful
21:45 Angelina: I agree with you, my prince!
21:46 moi: Knight faithful to your feet Madam
21:49 Angelina: Very romantically!!!
moi: I had lost the connection
21:50 Angelina: ??
21:51 moi: My Internet connection was cut off
Angelina: Oh! Bed!
moi: You want to sleep!
21:52 Angelina: Yes, road, I should go to sleep!
21:54 moi: Are you tired
Angelina: At us already late and I should sleep! Sweet dreams, my prince!!!
Yes, today I am very tired
moi: Ok, bye and kisses darling
21:55 Angelina: Big kiss!!!
bye bye!!!

Chat avec Angelina le 06/12/07 :

18:36 moi: Hello honey, I am back from my job. I went to the bank but unfortunately my salary was not on my account, I hope tomorrow so that I can send money to your cousine. I am sorry but it is independent of my will. I hope this slight delay will not jeopardize our plans of meeting, I will be very unhappy. Are you here?
35 minutes
19:12 Angelina: Hello my love!!
You are there??

Chat avec Angelina le 06/12/07 :

19:15 Angelina: ???
answer me
moi: Hello
Angelina: HI!!!!
19:16 How are you my love??
moi: Fine and you
19:17 Angelina: Fine too
darling, you has sent money?
19:18 moi: I am back from my job. I went to the bank but unfortunately my salary was not on my account, I hope tomorrow so that I can send money to your cousine. I am sorry but it is independent of my will. I hope this slight delay will not jeopardize our plans of meeting, I will be very unhappy.
Angelina: I think that it will not be a delay!
19:19 I think that tomorrow all to turn out
19:20 Dear, tomorrow you should send money in the morning. That my cousine has received this money tomorrow and has sent them to me. Because if tomorrow I shall not receive this money, I cannot pay them in travel agency.
19:21 Because Saturday and revival the day off both in travel agency, and in bank
19:22 You understand me?
19:23 moi: Yes, but I don't know if tomorrow morning my salary will be in Bank
19:24 Angelina: Try my dear!
19:25 Because I do not wish to postpone our meeting
19:26 moi: I work very early in the morning and the banks are not yet open, I will try to free myself before 12:00 PM to send money, but I can not promise
19:27 Angelina: Well dear, I shall hope for that that at you all to turn out!
19:28 moi: I do everything that is in my possibilities, believe me
Angelina: Well, my darling! You the most careful the man in the world! I love you!!
19:30 Dear, now I should go home to eat! Later I again shall come to the girlfriend and I shall talk to you! Well?
moi: If I could not tomorrow morning, would you have the opportunity to take the ticket Monday
19:31 Angelina: I to wish to make it as soon as possible!
moi: Ok, i go eating too and I love you my princess
Angelina: I shall write to you later!
moi: Kisses

2007/12/7, :

Hello my sweet love!!
What's up? I'm fine.
Dear, today us on work have released on earlier and I at once have
gone to the Internet-cafe to check the letter from you. But to my
regret, from you there are no news. I shall be now in the
Internet-cafe and to wait news from you, my prince!!
I love you!
My sweet kiss!
Yours Angelina!

Chat avec Angelina le 07/12/07 :

19:31 moi: Hello darling, I'm back but I couldn't have the money, my salary is not in Bank. I go tomorrow if it is here and I send to your cousine Monday the most early in morning. I'm sorry but I can't do anything. I'm with my sons and that is why I go back later, they live 65 km from where I work. Where are you?
19:40 I spend the weekend with my sons, tomorrow Junior plays a Rugby match with his team. We go eating. I try to talk to you later

2007/12/8, Gerard Ruffat :

Hello, sweet Angelina, princess of my night
I'm sorry but I can't do anything for the money. Today my salary is always not in Bank. I go tomorrow if it is here and I send to your cousine Monday the most early in morning. I'm gone to search my sons and that is why I went back later, they live 65 km from where I work. Now they are sleeping. I spend the weekend with my children, tomorrow Junior plays a Rugby match with his team and I have to drive him to the sports field. I tried several times in the evening to chat with you but you were not online. I am sorely disappointed for money, but, again, it was impossible today believe me it is the truth. I have in my brain and deeply in my heart the sweet words that you write to me yesterday. This sweet kiss that we will share at the airport will be the beginning of an eternal love story, Be sure.
What a wonderful sensation to feel loved, isn't it?
What a pain of having to await for you!
You delightfully haunted my nights, O wonderful goddess,
Let me become your guardian angel
Я люблю тебя
Think to me, queen of my dreams
Passionate Kisses and Good Night, my love.

2007/12/8, :

Hello my love Gerard!
What's up? I'm fine.
Really it is not very a pity to me that we could talk to you online. I
waited for you but when time was already much, I have gone home to
sleep! Today I to receive your letter!
Dear Gerard, I to wish to tell to you, that in 2 hours we all family
go to my grandmother to village. I shall arrive only tomorrow. I shall
tell to the grandmother that I have met the beloved and in some days I
leave to it. Reaction of my grandmother is very interesting to me. And you my prince?
Tomorrow I shall arrive in the evening and I shall tell all in detail!
I very much miss, my honey! I want our meeting! I love you!
My sweet kiss!
Your Princess!

2007/12/9, Gerard Ruffat :

i love you. it is a mail from my mobile. it is a test for tomorrow
morning. kisses.

Chat avec Angelina le 09/12/07 :

21:33 moi: Hello my princess, I'm back, I just get children back to their mother
21:35 Are you there?
21:37 Angelina: i write you later
21:38 moi: I love you

2007/12/9, :

Hello my dear Gerard! I shall be in some minutes in online.
Yours Angelina.

2007/12/9, Gerard Ruffat :

Angelina, darling
I await that you are online and these minutes seem centuries...
Your last mail touched me in the heart, and I am eager to know what your grandmother thought of our future meeting.
I finally had money in bank and tomorrow morning I send it to your cousine and I am sending you the MTCN code from my mobile to your mailbox that will allow to retrieve money, but before that I would like we do a test if everything works well.
Have you received the message sent from my mobile?
Please answer me
Kisses from your faithfull knight

2007/12/10, Gerard Ruffat :

hello darling i sent money to your cousine. code is 7131282757. i
write you when i go back from my work. i love you.

2007/12/10, Tatyana Cherepanova :

Hello my sweet!
What's up? I'm fine!
Dear as soon as you have sent me a code, I at once to call to my cousine and to speak her that she to go to bank and to take away money.
Favourite, she to go to bank and to receive your money. My cousine did not have any problems and it could receive your money. As soon as she has received money, she at once has sent them to me. I also without problems have received money. Dear, after work I to go to travel agency. I to pay in it of money for the visa and to speak that to me ordered air tickets.
The tourist agent has informed me that my visa will be ready in 2 days and in 2 days I can exactly take away the visa.
Favourite, I am very happy, that absolutely soon we shall together and now there are no barrier to our meeting! I am very happy my honey!
Dear, concerning air tickets. I to ask to order tickets for Saturday, for December, 16th. The tourist agent will find for me the most convenient flight and tomorrow will give me tickets!!! Dear, it is fine!!!
Tomorrow I shall receive the tickets and I shall send you the full information concerning my flight.
Dear, today at my girlfriend Birthday, she has invited me.
Today I cannot talk to you online.
I hope, you do not take offence at me.
Also tomorrow I take holiday on my work.
Today I already to talk about this to my boss. I to speak that meal to the beloved. He has understood me and has allowed to take to me holiday. It{he} wishs our of good luck!
Dear, on this I finish the letter with ideas on you, my prince!!
I love you!
Yours, and only yours Angelina!

2007/12/10, Gerard Ruffat :

Sweet honey
I can not describe my happiness as I know that you will be near me at the end of the week. Am I in paradise? Hell is having to wait and those days remaining will be without end. I want to tell you how I am sorry to have doubted of you in a moment, this will happen never again. Whether you are with me in such a short time is the most beautiful Christmas present of my life. For the date there is a little confusion on December 16th is Sunday.
I hope you spend a happy birthday with your friend and I don't take offense of that. Say thank you to your boss for his "good luck for us". I can tell that I am the most lucky man on Earth.
These few words of the singer Jacques Brel are for you, my love:

I shall offer to you beads of rain from countries where it does not rain
I shall dig the earth even after my death to cover your body with gold and light
I will make a field where love is king, where love is law, where you will be Queen

I await from your news tomorrow
Come with me quickly
Gerard who loves you forever and ever

Chat avec Angelina le 10/12/07 :

23:12 moi: These minutes seem centuries ...
36 minutes
23:48 Angelina: Hello my dear!!
You are there???
23:49 moi: Yes
Angelina: Ok!
Very good!!
moi: So good!
23:50 Angelina: How are you ?
moi: I await that you are online and these minutes seem centuries...
23:51 Have you read my messages?
Angelina: yes
23:52 Dear, I was at the grandmother in village in these days off
I to tell to her about you, and volume that is very fast our meeting!
23:54 moi: What does your grandmother think about our meeting?
Angelina: She is very glad that I have found the favourite person
23:55 You there?
23:56 moi: Have you receive the message from my mobile?
Angelina: Yes, I have received your message
23:57 moi: Tomorrow, I send to you the code
Angelina: ok my love
I shall wait your message tomorrow
23:58 moi: The agency is open at 8:00 AM in France
Angelina: Dear, I am very glad that soon we can to see each other! I am very happy, my honey!
You will send money at 8.00?
23:59 moi: Yes
Angelina: ok
At us will be 11.00
00:00 Dear, I shall inform at once to the cousine it that she went to bank and took away your money
moi: What time is it, now in Belarus?
Angelina: 2.00
00:01 I now at the girlfriend
moi: In France it is 0.00
Angelina: I have specially remained with her to spend the night to correspond with you, my prince
00:02 moi: It's fantastic but those days are endless
Angelina: Dear, tell to me when you are ready to accept me?
00:03 moi: The earliest possible date my darling
00:05 Angelina: Dear, I think that I can arrive to you in following days off
00:06 I think that it perfectly!
moi: It's wonderful, you give me all informations about your flight et your arrival
00:07 Angelina: Tomorrow, after I can take away money, I shall go to travel agency to order tickets aboard the plane
00:08 Dear, what is the time I can be at you?
00:09 moi: I don't believe, it's a lovely dream, as soon as possible my princess
00:10 Angelina: Dear, it so! Believe in it, my prince!
00:11 Dear, answer me, what is the time I can be at you?
00:12 moi: What day?
Angelina: yes
00:14 ??
moi: I work until December 21th, but if you arrive before on the afternoon I can release to pick you up at the airport
00:16 Angelina: I think that I can already arrive to you on December,16th
00:17 moi: Ouaaaaaaaaaaaaah! Super!
Angelina: Good!!
Im glad!!!
00:18 It is very good!
moi: Give me all informations as soon as possible
00:19 Angelina: I shall give you this information tomorrow
00:20 moi: magnificent! what a beautiful day is today
00:21 Angelina: Yes, I agree! But it will be more beautiful day - day of our meeting!
00:23 moi: No doubt, just love
00:25 Angelina: Favourite, tomorrow, when you will send money, do not make any error!
00:26 I do not wish to postpone our meeting! Be attentive!
00:27 moi: I can't, all papers are ready it is missing only the transfer. December 16th is a Sunday and I don't work
00:28 Angelina: I have in view of transfer of money
00:30 moi: Don't worry, honey
Angelina: ok
00:31 moi: Your Myspace page changed, are you born on December 12th?
00:32 Angelina: No, I nothing changed
Dear, already late, and I should sleep
00:33 Tomorrow there will be a difficult day, I should sleep
I wait tomorrow your information
00:34 I love you, my prince!! Sweet dreams, my dear!! I very much love you!!!!
00:35 moi: Sensuals kisses to my goddess
Angelina: bye bye!
00:36 moi: I love you

2007/12/11, :

Hello my sweet Gerard!!
What's up?
Dear, I'm fine.
Today at us very good weather. The sun and a small snow. I like such weather.
Dear, I am very glad to read your message!
After perusal of your letter I have begun to cry! It were tears of happiness, my prince!
I am very happy that you are!
I love you, my best prince!
Gerard, I to understand that you had doubts. But I to not blame you for it.
I hope that now you do not have any doubts.
Dear, today I went for work and signed documents on my holiday.
From now on I officially have holiday! It is remarkable!
Gerard as I yesterday spoke you, I went at date of the Birth to the girlfriend.
All has passed perfectly! We had fun, drank easy white wine..
But many visitors (also my girlfriends) were with the men. During this moment I very much did not have you, my prince!
Dear, today I to go to travel agency.
The tourist agent to give me air tickets!
Tomorrow I shall take away the visa.
I send you the information concerning my flight:

8:15 am Depart Minsk (MSQ)
Arrive Toulouse (TLS) 2:15 pm Sun 16-Dec
Duration: 7hr 0mn Czech Airlines 867 / 4764 / 3748
Connect in Prague (PRG), Paris (CDG)

The darling, necessarily meeting me at the airport!!
Dear, I shall write to you later.
I hope, that we can talk today in a chat.
I shall wait for you!
My sweet kiss!
With love,
Yours Angelina

Chat avec Angelina le 11/12/07 :

20:20 Angelina: Hello my love!!
20:21 You there???
moi: Yes
Angelina: wow! Very good!
20:22 moi: I just read your mail and i'm so happy
Angelina: I am glad that my letters bring to you happiness
20:24 moi: I returned later because I go to the dentist, I should be nice and presentable for your coming
Angelina: You have problems with a teeth?
20:25 moi: Not anymore yet
Angelina: I understand
20:26 moi: Still five days to wait
20:27 Angelina: Dear, tomorrow I shall take away the visa
20:28 moi: I have great difficulty asleep, I think of you at all times
Angelina: Dear, you have received details of air flight?
20:29 moi: Yes, 2:15 pm in Toulouse (french hour?)
20:30 Angelina: yes
moi: It's fantastic but the trip might be tiring for you
20:31 Angelina: I shall well sleep before a trip.
20:32 moi: That night I dreamed of us both, it was great
20:33 Angelina: Tomorrow I shall go to do purchases. I wish to make to you a surprise!
20:34 moi: Here you already have your napkin embroidered with your name, it is a friend of my mom making it, and some surprises I shall not fail to worry
20:35 Angelina: To me it is very pleasant, my prince!
20:39 moi: On arrival, that you want to do? Come straight to the home or to make a turn as lovers in the pink city?
Angelina: I think that all over again I will need to have a rest
20:40 moi: Yes of course
20:41 Angelina: And then I think that you can show me city
20:43 moi: The airport is about 50 minutes drive from home and I show the city when I would be on holiday December 21th
Angelina: well
20:46 moi: On days when I work you can move with my mother to visit my sister and her husband, they own an agricultural farm (sheep, horses ...)
20:47 I will be back from work between 5 and 6 pm
Angelina: ОО.. It would be very good!
20:51 moi: Perhaps at the beginning the communication will be hard because of language, but I feel that everything will be fine soon. We will talk with the eyes, hands, the love we will find the right way
20:52 Angelina: I think that it will not be a problem for us
20:53 moi: You can even begin learning french, if you wish
20:54 Angelina: Yes, I shall study French. I always wished to study this fine language. Dear, you will help me with studying language?
20:55 moi: Of course my love
20:56 Angelina: щл!
Very good!!
20:57 moi: Is there a big difference between the Russian and Belarusian language?
21:00 Angelina: No, it is almost identical languages
I perfectly speak Russian
21:03 moi: Russian, English and French soon, a beautiful woman and smarter, what luck! You show me the Russian?
21:04 Angelina: Privet! Ya lublu tebya!
21:05 It means Hi, I love you
21:06 moi: I understood, I made rapprochement with the Cyrillic alphabet. In french: Je t'aime
21:08 I want to hear the pronunciation, it must be singing
21:09 Angelina: I sing to you on Sunday
21:10 ok?
21:11 moi: Marvellous, I do not want in place, strongly Sunday
21:13 Angelina: Dear, I very much love you!
moi: I say to you sweet words of love with the greatest pleasure, my princess
21:14 Our meeting will be a flamboyant fireworks
Angelina: Dear, your parents wait for me?
21:17 moi: Yes, they know that you come, I also showed the pictures of you to my mother and she find you delightful
21:19 Angelina: I am very glad!!!!
21:20 moi: I need to pose a question to you even though it hurts me to the heart. How long will you remain with me?
21:22 Angelina: I shall remain with you till January, 4th. Then I should leave back. But I think that then we again can meet. Then I shall wait at myself that I could acquaint you with the parents
21:25 moi: Three weeks of pure happiness! This summer it is me who will travel to you and to meet our parents and friends
21:27 Angelina: Yes! Dear, you will not have financial problems in connection with my arrival?
21:28 moi: Absolutely not, don't worry about money, all is well
21:30 The book that I have done composing earns 2500 € and would have the check before the end of the month
21:31 Angelina: Well
21:33 moi: Tomorrow I call my children to announce your arrival, and they are happy to do your knowledge
21:35 Angelina: Necessarily inform the children! Dear, tomorrow in the morning I shall go to travel agency to take away the visa. I shall inform at once to you it. Favourite, you are borrowed tomorrow during the lunchtime? I would like to correspond with you online tomorrow during the lunchtime
5 minutes
21:41 moi: If my computer don't lost the connection, I can recieve your mail on my mobile but I don't know if I can go to chat, I never try. I stop work between 12:00 and 1:00 pm we will try it but it will be not very fast for texts
21:44 Angelina: Well, I shall try to contact you at this time!
21:45 moi: Wonderful, my love
Angelina: Yes my prince!!!
21:47 moi: I would like this week runs as lightning speed to finally be with you, honey
21:49 Angelina: I do not trust the happiness! Dear, already in the end we shall be together!! It is remarkable!!!!!
21:53 moi: The romantic love story we were talking about a month ago barely, it will begin and it is magnificent, I am on a cloud
21:56 Angelina: Yes, road, I am very glad that the Internet has enabled us to get acquainted. To tell the truth, all over again I did not trust that it is possible to find the love in the Internet. But now I precisely know that it probably!
21:59 moi: Probably? Sure, I have the premonition that it is unique, it is our love story!
22:03 Angelina: Dear, I have told also to the best girlfriend about you, have shown her your pictures. she does not trust that it is possible to find love in the Internet
22:04 Dear, I very much miss, I constantly think of you
moi: It's the same thing for me
Angelina: The dream has dreamed me.. To Me has dreamed, that we have got married..
22:05 To what it??
I think, that we shall be fine pair and we shall get married
22:09 moi: We write the future, marriage is the culmination of a great love story
6 minutes
22:15 moi: I sincerely believe in us, we will live something wonderful
22:17 Angelina: The darling, I have problems with the Internet
22:20 moi: Big kisses, tomorrow at the lunch time, I love you, my sweet princess
22:21 Angelina: ok!
bye my love!
I love you!!!
22:22 moi: More and more!!!!
22:23 Angelina: yes

2007/12/12, :

My dear Gerard!!!
Only your letters, give me belief of force and hope.
I feel vaguely and awkwardly, because of that that today I have learned unexpected news. It was for me
Disgusting news and the big frustration... I shall tell about it all in detail.
I already spoke you, that I today to be going to go to travel agency and to take away the visa. But there to me have informed
Very unpleasant news about feature of pass of customs. I have been simply shaken! They have informed unexpected news for
To me. I do not know, that to me to do further and what to undertake... I am very excited! Understand, Gerard, to me there have told, that for
My flight to France, it is necessary to have at itself 1920 euros, and this sum represents a living wage of the foreigner in
To your country. There to me to inform that, this law was established by the State Duma of Belarus " about customs
Rules ". One of items of the law - that citizens driving off of our country, could not remain without means for
Each citizen leaving of the country should have the necessary sum to live in other country. This sum depends from
Living wage of that country to which you arrive, and from the exchange rate of the country to which you arrive. Living
The minimum for the foreigner in France within one day after residing, makes 32 euros, I should show at transition
Customs worker the declaration
Concerning own incomes and to show a sum of money. This sum should not exceed the established norms at
To transportation of a cash sum of money. And it also should be
It is not less living wage of the foreigner, remaining in someone's country. My visa is opened within 60 days,
Hence I should have the necessary sum 1920 euros.
And now for pass through customs, I should show customs employees the specified sum. I tried to explain, that I
I go to you on a visit, I shall not be required in the finance but to me there have told, that I all the same should show this capital.
According to the law I should, have cashes, in another way they will not release me from my country. I have asked, that
To me to do now. They have informed me that it is possible to borrow money, or
To ask your help. I cannot find such huge sum for me. I am in hopeless position, and is compelled
To ask you money for pass of customs. Now I have
270 euros, are money which I have received because took holiday on my work. I wished to take these
Money with itself it is direct. Thus, I to have
Approximately 270 euros to me that it is necessary to find 1650 euros more. Gerard to me really inconveniently and unpleasantly
To ask you
Money. I do not know, whether can help me in general.. Well still that I should show only this capital in customs, and
I can fly up to you. I shall show it to them in customs, and I can return to you completely all sum at our meeting. It
Certainly also it is unexpected for you Gerard, but believe for thinking it as unexpectedly. Except for you I do not know at whom to ask this
The help. I thought and hoped, that we shall not have any difficulties. But now unpleasant news have spoiled to me
Mood also have brought down from ideas.
My relatives, have no such money. I only can address to you and ask your help. I very much wish to meet
You, and I hope, that we can overcome all obstacles and difficulties which have arisen on our way. Gerard, I hope on
Your understanding and support.
I to finish my letter and I wait your answer. I shall be in the Internet-cafe some time, you can probably answer on
My letter is fast. I very much to wait for news from you. I
It is very excited, because up to our meeting, there were some days! We should think up something. I am afraid to lose
Opportunity to see you my dear Gerard!
I love you!
I kiss you!!!
Only yours Angelina.

2007/12/12, Gerard Ruffat :

i am sorry but i can not chat with you from my mobile. i have not
understand at all that you write to me but do not worry we will find a
solution this evening when i go back from my work. i love you and
nothing will miss our meeting be sure. forever and ever yours gerard

Chat avec Angelina le 12/12/07 :

18:41 moi: My love are you here?
7 minutes
18:49 Angelina: Yes
You there??
moi: Yes honey
Angelina: ok
18:50 Dear, I am very upset
18:51 What to me to make?
18:52 moi: I just read and understand your e-mail and I am completely overwhelmed because I do not know the way to send you this sum of money
Angelina: I also in a shock
18:53 Dear, I do not know where to me to find such sum of money. These are huge money for me!!
18:57 moi: I shall have this sum, but not until early January and I am shocking by this absurd law
18:58 Angelina: But what to me to do? Tickets are already bought from me aboard the plane
19:00 moi: Why the travel agency did not warn you before?
19:03 Angelina: The travel agency informs it when give visas
19:08 moi: You have visa and plane ticket and you can't go out of your country because you have not this sum with you to travell, It's hallucinating!
19:09 Angelina: Dear, unfortunately it so. These are our laws, with it to do nothing..
darling, I do not wish to postpone our meeting
19:10 We need to find a way out of this situation
19:11 Favourite, I should arrive to you on December, 16th.. Really we cannot find a way out?
19:12 moi: If I contacted the embassy of Belarus in Paris in explaining the situation and faxing to their a letter stating that I am hosting, is this the solution? I don't know
19:14 Angelina: There is no dear, unique output is to have the necessary sum of money, differently employees of customs will not let out me from the country
19:18 moi: Yesterday I was the happiest man and today the most wretched of the earth because i have not the solution for our problem and I am completely disappointed by the turn of events
19:19 Angelina: Dear, we do not need to despair and it is necessary to search for an output from a situation!
19:20 Dear, I shall try to search for this money, but I cannot precisely find all sum!
19:21 Dear, you can send what sum of money?
19:23 moi: Currently I have only 300 € available because I have to keep a little money to make Christmas gifts to my children, I hope you understand
19:24 Angelina: Dear, I understand, but understand, I shall bring this money to you back. I only need to be shown them at customs!
19:27 moi: My parents call me to eat, can we take up this conversation in half an hour?
19:28 Angelina: Well! I shall wait for you!!
moi: I love you
Angelina: I too
19:29 moi: I will be quick
Angelina: ok
43 minutes
20:12 moi: I'm back
20:16 Angelina: ok
20:21 moi: I talk with my parents of our problem and they have not any solution too. I am desperate to know you near me and that perhaps we will not see us and live those unforgettable moments that we had planned
20:23 Angelina: Dear what to do? We need to meet!!
20:24 moi: Of course, but how?
Angelina: We should find this money!
20:29 moi: I don't know how, my darling, it's a big shame
20:31 Angelina: Dear, I shall depart on pair minutes. Wait for me
15 minutes
20:47 Angelina: im here
moi: cool
20:48 Angelina: Dear, you can help me though any sum of money?
20:49 moi: How?
Angelina: I cannot find all sum. I shall try, but it is practically unreal
20:50 Give we shall collect together this money
20:53 moi: Time is really short and I don't see how and I have no one in my family to give me such a sum
Angelina: Your friends can probably give you this money?
20:54 Dear, understand, I need to be shown only this money at customs and I at once shall bring them back!
20:57 moi: I well understand but no friends have the money to pay me, and in your side?
20:58 Angelina: I shall try to ask money friends
20:59 Dear, try to help also to me with money
21:00 moi: To ask to the bank that is not possible for me, and for you? It is just for three weeks
Angelina: It long
Dear, how many you now have money?
21:04 Dear???
21:05 moi: Since I sent you 550 € for the visa and ticket, I have about 600 €, but I have to go until January 7 with this money and life is expensive in France
21:06 Angelina: Dear, I shall bring to you yours 600 euros back
Yours 600 euros will be at you on Sunday
21:08 moi: And 1320 remaining?
21:09 Angelina: No, I shall borrow some money from friends and I shall take money from the grandmother
21:11 I think that a maximum that I can find it 800 euros.
21:12 Dear, I will need 850 euros more
You can find 250 euros more?
21:15 moi: I call a friend and I ask him, ok
Angelina: ok
21:16 Write to me right after that as you will call
5 minutes
21:22 moi: are you here?
Angelina: yes
21:23 moi: I see my friend tomorrow evening after work, he give to me this money
21:25 Angelina: How many you can send money?
21:26 moi: By making funds drawer 850 €
Angelina: Dear, tell to the friend that we shall give it this money to Sunday
21:27 Dear if my friends will give up to me?
What to me then to do?
21:28 The darling, you can take from the friend to more money, for a case if I cannot find money
21:30 moi: It's the maximum he can
Angelina: ok
21:31 Tomorrow I shall talk also to the friends and to try to borrow money
21:32 ok?
21:34 moi: Sorry again but how can I be completely sure that all of this is not a scam?
5 minutes
21:40 Angelina: Dear, I do not understand you?? You do not trust me???
How you can speak such? I in a shock....
21:43 moi: I love you but I have no proof that this is not a dream. For me reassure you could send me to file a copy of the plane ticket so I would have no more doubt, I am sorry to ask you this but it's very important to me
21:44 Angelina: Well, tomorrow I shall send you a copy of the air ticket
21:45 moi: Do not take it for a personal attack, I beg you
Angelina: Tomorrow I shall send you a copy of the ticket
21:46 moi: You are not angry?
Angelina: No, I understand you
21:47 moi: Thank you my dear, I'm so sorry to ask you this thing
21:48 Angelina: ok
21:49 Dear, I have gone to sleep! Sweet dreams!
moi: So quickly
Angelina: yes
bye bye
21:50 moi: No more love words?
Angelina: ;)
i love you!
very much
and you?
moi: Forever an ever my sweet honey
21:51 Angelina: too
moi: Good night darling

2007/12/13, :

My dear, Good evening!
I send you a copy of the ticket.
Dear, I shall wait to you in a chat in the evening.
Your sweet girl.

Chat avec Angelina le 13/12/07 :

17:32 moi: Hello my dear, I am here
17:43 Darling, where are you?
17:47 Angelina, honey, answer me
18:14 dear, answer me, I must leave

2007/12/13, Gerard Ruffat :

My sweet love
Thank you for the copy of the ticket and sorry again for my doubts.
I can not chat with you tonight because I have to go back to my friend recover the money at 6:30 pm and then I go to a rock concert in Toulouse at 8:30 pm (I have the place since more than one month). I will be back to 1:00 am and it will be late for you my darling. I send the money to your cousine and I write you a mail for the code tomorrow morning like the other day. I hope there are no more problems for you and that our long-awaited meeting will happen at last. It would be a cruel disillutionment if it were not possible.
I have to go to an appointment with the friend who lends me money, I apologize for not being able to talk to you about. Perhaps after my come back if you have the opportunity to log into the night, and if the urge to sleep is not too much, we could talk on chat. If it is not possible, write me please
Ya lublu tebya
From faithfull knight to his princess

2007/12/13, :

Hello again my sweet Gerard!
I am glad to read your letter!
Dear, I understand you and I do not take offence at that that you had doubts in occasion of me.
Dear Gerard, today I to talk to the friends and relatives. I to ask
them about the help that they have borrowed me of money. Certainly to
me have not given up and have given a few money. But my darling, which
I have collected the sums all the same does not suffice. To me have
given only 500 euros. Dear what to do? I have now 600 euros + money
which you will send me tomorrow. Total 1450 euros. I need to find 300
euros somewhere still. I at all do not know where to me to take 300 euros more..
Gerard, you are possible can take little bit more money at the
friend and send them to me. On Sunday I shall bring all of money back. Dear, what you think of it?
If I shall not have at myself 1650 euros at customs me simply will not
let out from the country. Even if I will not have not enough 50 euros,
me in any way will not let out from the country.
Dear, tomorrow I shall try to ask again money, but I do not promise that I shall find them.
I hope for you, my prince!
I love you very very much!!!!
My sweet kiss!!
Your princess!

2007/12/14, Gerard Ruffat :

Oh my sweet love
I just come back et I would like you are with me on this night. I think all the time of you. Tomorrow I send to you 1000 €, I could not find more. Darling I want our meeting. I hope this money could suffice for your arrival but I don't know. If I was an angel I shall believe in god, don't leave me, please, we know the unique and wonderful moments for the full life if you want my princess. I love you so much. Kisses

2007/12/14, Gerard Ruffat :

This morning I can't retrieve money in Bank because I retrieve too much in a week. I must going to my bank to retrieve money. I leave my job for the afternoon et go to my bank when it opens 2:00 pm, then I return to western union agency to send money to your cousine. I hope that it is not too late for you to retrieve the money. Answer me if there is any problem. I love you.

Chat avec Angelina le 14/12/07 :

13:14 Angelina: My love !
You are there??
13:15 moi: yes
Angelina: I have received your letter
moi: I send the money about 3:00 pm
13:16 Angelina: ok
I hope that it will not be late for me
13:17 moi: I send you 1000€ it's the maximum, have you the rest
Angelina: Well, today I shall search again money. I think that I shall find other money
13:18 moi: The bank close at what time in Orsha
13:19 Angelina: Banks are closed at 6.00 pm
13:21 moi: You will have the code about 3:00 pm at the french hour, it will be good sweet honey
13:22 Angelina: I think that I shall have time to receive money
13:23 moi: Our meeting is possible
Angelina: Dear, you now work?
13:24 Yes, our meeting will be!!!!
13:25 moi: No I leave my job for the afternoon to retrieve money in my Bank (40 km) then I return to the western union agency to send the sum. I will make the hours the next week
13:26 Angelina: You will not have problems on your work because of it?
13:28 moi: No I tell to my boss that I can't do otherwise
13:29 Angelina: Well. I hope that all will be good
moi: Me too my princess
13:33 Angelina: Im here
moi: ok
13:34 Angelina: Dear, I have gone to cafe
13:35 I should eat
I again shall come at 3.00 pm
moi: I eat too and i write a mail with the code, kisses sweet honey
Angelina: ok
13:36 I love you!!!!
My kiss!!!!!

2007/12/14, Gerard Ruffat :

the code is 0331553622. write me when all is ok. i love you

Chat avec Angelina le 14/12/07 :

17:34 Angelina: Hi
17:35 You there?
17:36 moi: Yes I await for you
Angelina: im here
17:37 Dear, I have sent a code to the cousine.
17:38 But while it has not answered me. Today I shall not have time to receive money any more. Tomorrow my cousine will send this money to me and I shall receive them tomorrow
17:39 Tomorrow in the morning I shall receive money and I shall collect things.
17:40 moi: Then you are with me on Sunday
17:41 Angelina: Yes, on Sunday I shall be with you my prince!!
moi: It's fantastic my princess
17:43 Over the past few days have been very stressful, but it's over, we are together Sunday
Angelina: Dear, tomorrow I also am measured to go up to the grandmother. She wishes to give me an ancient icon. She is our family relic. She always preserves our family. I wish it to bring with myself.
17:44 It is very ancient icon
I think that the icon will help us
moi: When take you the bus?
17:47 Angelina: My bus on Saturday at night
17:48 At 7.00 am I shall be in Minsk
17:49 moi: Here the weather is nice, but it is cold. It freezes in the morning and we have a beautiful sunny afternoon with a temperature of 7 ° C
Angelina: My honey, tomorrow my friends will give me other money!! Now it will not be exact any barrier to our meeting!!!! I am very glad my prince!!
17:50 Well, I shall take with myself warm clothes
Dear, necessarily meet me at the airport!!!
17:51 moi: Yes with the greatest pleasure, my love. What will you wear as clothes?
17:52 Angelina: The darling, now I am in the Internet-cafe. It is already closed. Now I shall go home, eat and then I shall come to the girlfriend that chat with you. ok?
17:53 moi: Ok my sweet honey, in our love we trust
17:54 Angelina: I shall write to you later!
bye my prince!
I love you!!!!!!

Chat avec Angelina le 14/12/07 :

19:00 Angelina: Im here
You there??
5 minutes
19:06 moi: yes darling
Angelina: ok
19:07 moi: What will you wear as clothes for your arrival? Can you give me your size and I will see you easier
Angelina: The darling, I eat and now I at the girlfriend
19:08 Dear, I to wish to ask it you!
19:09 I need to take a coat or a jacket?
19:10 moi: A jacket should suffice. I will eat in a few minutes
19:11 Angelina: Well. I wait
What footwear to take?
19:13 moi: Me, I wear converse bascket footwear is cool but you can take boots if you wish
19:14 Angelina: Well, I shall take boots
To France there are rains?
19:16 moi: I like my woman wear boots. The last week there is rains since three days without interrruption
19:17 Angelina: Also I shall take a umbrella in it a case
19:18 moi: I protect you of rain with my big arms
19:19 Angelina: Oooohh... ok!!
19:20 moi: How much is you tall, honey
Angelina: My growth of 167 centimeters
19:22 moi: I must go eating my darling write you later, I love you
19:23 half an hour
Angelina: Well, I shall wait for you my prince!!! I love you very much!!
19:24 moi: Ardent Kisses
Angelina: I wait
23 minutes
19:47 Angelina: You there???
15 minutes
20:03 moi: I am here my princess
Angelina: щл
Im glad
20:05 moi: Yet another day and you are there, it's beautiful
Angelina: Very soon I can kiss and embrace you!
20:07 moi: I await this moment with excitation. Yesterday evening I buy a gift for you in rock concert
Angelina: You have bought to me a gift?
20:08 moi: Yes
Angelina: You have spent last money? At you any more does not remain money?
20:10 moi: A little gift, yet I still have 10 € until Sunday
Angelina: Well, on Sunday I shall bring to you all your money
20:11 moi: Thus we can have a pleasant holidays without worrying about this accursed money
20:13 I regret that you were not with me yesterday, I think you will like the 3 groups I saw
20:14 Angelina: I think that at us still the opportunity will go together on concerts
moi: Of course, I even talk with the musicians after the show, it was super
20:15 Angelina: What did they speak you?
20:17 moi: I thanked them for their stage performance and for one of the groups I speak their evolution since last year when I had seen in a festival
20:18 Angelina: Really my honey, was a pity that me not beside
moi: Oh Yes absolutely
20:20 Angelina: Tomorrow I shall go to the grandmother.. To take away an icon..
20:21 moi: The second group was "glam", the singer wear zebra orange and black trousers and the guitarist seems androgynous, their music was really 70's, I like it
20:22 Angelina: I also like music 70's
20:24 moi: we can listen to cause I have more than 20 Go mp3 on my computer with dolby 5.1
20:28 Angelina: Well, with pleasure we shall do it
20:30 moi: You can also give your news by the net, we are in unlimited connection
20:31 Angelina: I have not understood you
You ask me what Internet my girlfriend?
20:32 moi: You can also give your first impressions of France to your friends or your family
20:33 Angelina: Yes, I have already agreed with the girlfriend, that I shall write to it letters, and it will transfer news to my parents
20:34 moi: The computer is permanently connecting to the net, so you can give news when you will desire
20:35 Angelina: It is very good!
20:37 moi: Once you arrive you can prevent how your trip took place
20:38 Angelina: нуы
20:39 moi: Already I am learning a few words of Belarusian
Angelina: Which?
20:40 moi: нуы, but I don't kown the pronunciation
Angelina: I was mistaken simply
20:42 moi: I really look forward to be Sunday my sweet love
20:43 Angelina: I very much love you my honey!! I cannot wait to embrace you and is sweet to kiss!!
20:46 moi: You give me positive disorders, honey, a billion of kisses for my darling
20:48 Angelina: Dear, today I should lay down earlier to sleep. Because tomorrow I need to go to my grandmother behind an icon, then it is necessary to collect things still more many preparations! You Understand me?
20:49 moi: Yes, of course, but you inform me all is right my love
20:51 Think to me as I think to you, that is to say always
Angelina: Certainly!
20:52 I shall write to you tomorrow!! I love you very much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
big kiss!!!
Bye bye!!
moi: more and more and more and more and more and more....
20:53 kisses from your faithfull lover

2007/12/15, Gerard Ruffat :

Now time is measured in hours but they seem endless. I can not stand it any more to wait and my heart beats faster and faster for you my darling. The icon that you went at grandmother's home, bear to us luck and happiness, be sure. This morning, I watched all the details of your flight on the Internet and I hope that the trip will not be too painful for you, sweet honey.
I will be at the airport to welcome you like a young boy who waits his first love.
Angelina, my love, you are my heavenly light and I await for your news.
Billions of kisses
I love you too much!

2007/12/16, Gerard Ruffat :

I waited all afternoon at the airport, all flights from Paris, but you never arrived, why?
Why don't you write me yesterday? Did you have not been able to leave the territory?
Please answer me, I need to know whether our beautiful story must stop like that.
I do not know what to think because I really believed in our star.
On the other hand if it's a scam, I must admit that it was well conducted:
1 month of preparation, some nice pictures of you that I keep as a souvenir,
and especially an extraordinary gullibility on my part.
I am good loser and I accept defeat, even if it is painful.
I am not talking about money because I tell you again, money is not a finality in my life
while without love, happiness does not exist.
The disappointment is great for me and my children but it comes from my own stupidity, and I can not blame anyone else.
I really wish that you answer me with all the possible honesty
and even if you have ridiculed me, I shall keep this experience as unique and wonderful
because I really believed in our luck and love.
I love you my princess

2007/12/17, :

Hello Gerard!
You are written Olya by girlfriend Angelina!
I today there is nothing not suspecting has woken up from phone call.
I have answered and have heard there voice Angelina, it had
Tear on eyes also could not to speak that. I have thought that your
attitudes develop badly on it it of badly
Feels. But all is very bad!!! It to me has explained to me that
happens with it. It sits in prison. To it have allowed to make one
Phone call, and it has called to me. It has asked that I to it have arrived.
When I to it have come it there was all in tears! It to me has told
that when after many difficulties to it at last remains
Only to sit down in the plane and to fly on a meeting of the love, but
it have stopped at customs for viewing luggage. At examination at
It have found very valuable thing. It was the icon, family relic
Angelina. It carried it in a gift to you Gerard. It to me
Has told that it carried this icon to you in a gift to you from the
grandmother, as a token of respect and love. There Is that this icon
Represents very much greater value for Belarus! Angelina does not know
that to it to do. It did not think that this icon very much
Valuable. To militiamen at customs Angelina has informed that it is a
gift, it did not know that it represents such value. But
Militiamen to it have not believed, they approve that it simply wished
to take out an icon from Belarus and dearly to sell in yours
To the country. When I have learned how many there is this icon in
your country I has been surprised. It costs very dearly, it have estimated in 5500
Euro. So to me militiamen have told.
When I left the inspector which conducts its business have called me
to it in a cabinet for conversation! It to me has told that if I
I shall bring to it 2000 euros that it will release Olya together with
an icon, and will help it to issue this icon that it could without everyones
Problems to pass customs.
I do not know what to do, at all friends I have found 1200 euros.
Angelina asked you to help, it has told that if it
That will arrive to you you can sell this icon. Then at you will be on
much more money, as an icon very dear.
I hope for your fast reply.

Chat avec Angelina le 17/12/07 :

18:59 Angelina: Hello Gerard
It Olya
19:00 You have received my letter?
19:02 moi: Yes I just come back from my job. How is Angelina, where is it?
Angelina: Angelina now in prison
19:03 moi: in Minsk?
Angelina: She is detained by Police
19:05 moi: You have information about her today
Angelina: Gerard, Angelina asks your help
19:06 Yes, today I was at her. I to talk to the inspector which conducts criminal case
19:07 The inspector asks money
19:08 moi: How is Angelina going?
19:09 Angelina: She is very upset. she in a shock. I long calmed her
moi: How did her parents react
19:10 Angelina: Parents do not know what to make
moi: The inspector asks money for what? For her release
19:11 Angelina: I together with parents Angelina have found some money
He will help to issue an icon
19:12 moi: and Angelina?
19:13 Angelina: The inspector will let out Angelina from prison
19:16 moi: Is it sure? She call you on Sunday and you write me this morning early and you say have found 1200 €
19:17 Angelina: I had to take money from my bank account.
19:18 Angelina my best girlfriend. I am ready to make all for her
19:20 moi: I have no money at all because I sent to Angelina 1550 € + 88 € of taxes and I have no more money to make gifts for Christmas for my children. I do not know how to help Angelina and I am demoralized
19:21 Angelina: What to do??? If we shall not find money Angelina can plant in prison
19:24 moi: I do not even know how I can go to work until the end of the week because I do not have money to put fuel in the car.
19:25 Angelina: I understand you. But understand position of your lovely woman
19:29 moi: Why angelina did not write me on Saturday. I did not even know if she recieved the money I sent him. I am very worried about her because I love her but I do not make money. I will have the money but not before January 6th or 7 th
19:31 Angelina: Because on Saturday Angelina went to the grandmother. she has taken away from her this unfortunate icon. she spoke me that has received money for customs
19:33 moi: Tomorrow, I will call the French embassy in Minsk to find out if they can do something for Angelina.
19:34 Angelina: Well, I shall inform it Angelina
19:35 moi: You stay in Minsk to see her tomorrow
19:36 Angelina: Yes, I shall live in hotel. I every day shall go to the girlfriend
moi: And her parents too
19:37 Angelina: No, parents in Orsha
moi: Don't you work?
19:39 Angelina: No, certainly I work, But the girlfriend is more important
moi: I need all the informations to explain the situation at the embassy
19:40 Angelina: Read through my letter once again. I have in detail written all of you
19:42 moi: I didn't understand not at all cause my english is not good and Google translation is random
19:44 Angelina: Icon very valuable in Belarus. To it{her} it is a lot of years. Angelina did not know that it is necessary to make out an icon at customs. Employees of customs have solved that the icon is stolen
19:47 moi: Angelina can prove that this icon belongs to her family
Angelina: There are no documents proving it
19:48 moi: The only solution, therefore, is to fatten the inspector
19:49 Angelina: I think what yes
19:50 moi: How much money is missing? And how can we be sure that Angelina will be free?
19:51 Angelina: 800 euros more are necessary.
19:53 The inspector has told that we ate shall give it 2000 euros it will release Angelina and will help to issue an icon. This icon very dear in your country, therefore it can be sold for greater money
19:54 I use noubook
sorry, noutbook
Portable computer
19:56 moi: Ok and you have read my mail last night?
19:58 Can I contact you again in half an hour to try to find a solution?
20:01 Angelina: ok
40 minutes
20:42 moi: Olya I'm here
8 minutes
20:50 moi: Where are you Olya?
20:55 Olya, please answer me
5 minutes
21:00 moi: Why don't you answer?
6 minutes
21:07 moi: Olya, I'm back please write me
6 minutes
21:14 moi: What happens?
28 minutes
21:42 moi: Where are you Olya?
7 minutes
21:50 moi: Olya, I'm back please write me

2007/12/17, Gerard Ruffat :

There is more than an hour and a half that I try to chat with you, but apparently you can not answer.
I am very alarmed for Angelina and I hope that you give me news as soon as possible. I do everything within my power to find a solution for her release but I can promise anything, it would be a lie.
There is a lot of gray areas in this story and my doubts remain, I sent twice the money once for the plane ticket and visa and another time for that Angelina has sufficient funds to leave the territory. Where is this money now and is plane ticket refundable? Could this money be used to give freedom to Angelina?
Please know that I am very concerned about the situation of my love and tomorrow, as I told you, I call the French embassy in Minsk to find out if they can do something for Angelina. I will communicate you the results as soon as I will be back to my work, either by mail or chat if you are connected.
Give me quickly news from Angelina, I beseech you, and tell her that I love her and that I do everything possible to enable that she regains freedom as soon as possible.
Thanks in advance

Chat avec Angelina le 17/12/07 :

23:06 moi: Olya are you here

Chat avec Angelina le 18/12/07 :

Ces messages ont été envoyés lorsque vous étiez déconnecté.

18:13 Angelina: Hello Gerard.
Its Olya
You there? I wait you

Chat avec Angelina le 18/12/07 :

19:04 moi: Olya, it's Gerard, I'm back from my job

Chat avec Angelina le 18/12/07 :

20:10 Angelina: Hello
20:11 Im here
and you?
19 minutes
20:30 moi: I was eating, I'm here
I was eating, I'm here
25 minutes
20:55 Angelina: I am here
9 minutes
21:05 Angelina: You there?
21:08 moi: Yes I'm here
Angelina: ok
moi: How is Angelina?
21:10 Have you seen her today?
Angelina: Today I visited Angelina. I transmitted Angelina our yesterday's conversation
21:11 We conferred and have found a way out.
21:12 moi: Well, what is the solution?
21:13 Angelina: Angelina you have money which has sent her for customs. I also have own money. We can combine money and give the inspector
21:15 moi: No, as I told you yesterday, I have no money at all but I contacted the French Embassy in Minsk and they say to me that there is perhaps a solution to release Angelina.
21:16 Angelina: How?
21:20 You there?
moi: Yes, At the moment I do not know but they told me to contact you and you give me your phone number and they call you to develop all that.
21:22 Angelina: Gerard, the inspector spoke me if I shall address to someone, he will plant Angelina in prison
21:24 moi: They certified to me that they could released Angelina from prison and I have confidence in them.
21:25 Angelina: And the inspector spoke me that if I shall tell somebody, it will plant Angelina in prison. I do not wish to risk
21:27 moi: You do not want to give me your phone number so
21:28 Angelina: I can call to you
21:29 moi: Yes, of course
21:32 Angelina: Give me the phone number
moi: Sorry my phone number is +33 6 99 61 92 10
21:33 Angelina: ok
21:34 moi: I wait your call
21:36 Angelina: ok

2007/12/19, Gerard Ruffat :

Why don't you call me?
What should I do for the embassy? I do not want Angelina remains in jail, I love her.
Please write me or call me!

Then Angelina call me by phone with number +74957851102

2007/12/20, Gerard Ruffat :

Dear Angelina

First I shall wish you answer me if you want

It was a nice dream but it turned into nightmare.

My heart bleeds, transpierced by the arrow which you shoot. My head was crushed and I see life in the darkest black. Even your voice on the phone upset me and now I do have a taste for nothing. I was really sincere when I said that I loved you and you have well laughing with your friends, maybe with your boyfriend, at my credulity even my own stupidity. Everything was ready for your arrival, my mother had even changed the sheets of the bed in the guest room and your napkin embroidered with your name could be placed at your seat at the table for Christmas dinner. There were also gifts for you in front of the Christmas tree (sweet-shirt from a rock band that I had brought back of concert and a Guerlain's fragrance called "magic moment").

I can understand and take advantage of the stupidity of an individual such as myself, I have no anger except toward myself. I am deeply sorry especially for my children who were happy to meet the love of their daddy.

The nightmare began on Saturday, December 15th, when, after waiting all night to your e-mail confirming the receipt of money, you never wrote. I had a bad premonition, but I was a man blinded by love and the next day I went to the airport to wait for you but you never arrived. During this waiting (all flights from Paris, the entire afternoon), a lot of questions running in my brain, I remember all our letters, and I was looking for the error.

Only very early on Monday, I started to understand, when Olya (or Angelina Smirnova or Tatyana Cherepanova, I always do not know) wrote to me that you were in prison and that I must sent other money for your freedom. It was only doubts then I proposed to call the French embassy in Minsk to help you. The next day I was explaining the situation to the assistant of the Consul and I asked if there was anything we can do for you released from prison but not to mention the remittances that I had done for fear of being ridiculous. She told me she was looking for information and she called me back.

She said: "any person whose name Angelina Smirnova never asked for a visa for France, do not send money mostly it is a scam, a lot of young Belarusian girls try to eradicate money to people like you. " Then she added: "She asked you a certificate of accommodation to stay in France?". What a cruel disappointment, but I do not always speak of the Western Union. She continued: "Try to get a telephone number because with the E-mail address I could not do anything, nobody will answer me".

At present I do not recall the embassy and you just call me on the phone. Please, remove the turbid zones that pollute our relationship, and perhaps I could believe again in you and our love.

History of the Princess and the Knight

The scammer woman and the pigeon (1)

It was once a splendid princess originating in a remote region, beautiful like the day, who met by Internet randomly a knight living to 3000 km of the country where she lived. During more than one month, they communicated together and their love grew. The princess sent photographs to her good liked and the knight wrote poems to her. One fine day, they decided to meet. Of this union would start the most majestic of loves on the planet Earth. Unfortunately the beautiful princess could not leave her kingdom without a certain amount of money. Then the generous knight sent to her this sum via a member of her family. Their love could now explode at the great day. The princess flew (2) towards her faithful knight. He went to the rendez-vous but the princess never came. Worse, she was thrown in prison because she transported with her an old relic, treasure of her family. To carry help to her, money had to be sent again…

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New beginning of history. A pretty scammer woman residing in a country where it is economically difficult to live share on Internet in the search of a pigeon with which she could conceal money. She finds the ideal bird in the person of a certain Gerard, romantic belief, who lets himself catch in the spyder web tended by the scammer woman. Lies in lies, she takes the totality of his money thanks to her accomplice, Tatyana the woodcock (3), depriving his children of Christmas presents. But the scammer woman makes one error; she tries to extirpate once again money to the pigeon by a new scheme, the famous blow of the prison and the icon. Suddenly the credulous pigeon transforms himself into a powerful and avenger eagle. Then the tracked animal becomes the hunter. Firstly he will attack the woodcock which is an easy prey because she revealed her identity and her address, then the other accomplices will fall under its sharp-edged claws. In chess game (4), one can say that it's the other player who takes the attack. In the play of Shakespeare "Hamlet", it is the moment when Ophélie dies and when Hamlet prepares his revenge against her mother and her lover. The continuation remains to be written with or without Angelina.

It was just a dream, the romanticism died and the perfidy is quite real.

Postscript: I advise you another book on the birds, it is "Jonathan Livingstone the seagull", it is a marvellous history on the human relations and the search of a spirituality which would allow all Earth's people to live in harmony.

(1) Pigeon (in French): bird of the cities, synonym, credulous man who accepts all the lies and who is robbed because of his stupidity.

(2) Flew (in French of the verb to fly): to fly like a bird, a plane, synonym, to be robbed.

(3) Woodcock (in French): bird of the ponds, synonym, stupid girl.

(4) Allusion to Ingmar Bergman's movie, "The Seventh Seal", where a Knight plays chess against death (see the trailer on

Can I believe in our love?

Chat avec Angelina le 21/12/07 :

22:34 Angelina: You there?
moi: Yes
Angelina: ok
22:35 I have received your letter
22:36 moi: No more lies, please, I very badly
Angelina: I never not lies to you!!
22:37 Why you so speak?
22:38 moi: I am full of doubts
Angelina: I real my prince!! Believe in it!!
22:39 moi: All visas are issued by the French embassy
22:40 Angelina: I do not know why so it has turned out
I did the visa through travel agency
22:41 You heard my voice
This proof of my reality
22:42 moi: But the travel agency ask to french embassy and there is no Angelina Smirnova in the papers of embassy, How you explain that?
22:43 Angelina: I do not know it. Probably the travel agency did a mistake in my name
22:46 moi: Can you have informations about this?
22:47 Angelina: no
22:48 moi: Why?
22:49 Angelina: I do not know that to you have told, but when I passed customs, to me have told nothing that my visa is not valid
22:50 moi: Another trouble in my mind, the indication of your phone number comes from the Asian Russia, perhaps Cheboksary?
22:51 Angelina: I use mobile communication of Russia. It more conveniently and more cheaply
22:52 moi: Asian Russia?
Angelina: No, the European Russia
22:54 Dear, believe! I never deceived you!!
moi: What do you think of my letter? Tell me the truth
22:56 Angelina: I am disappointed
22:57 moi: And I, all suffering
22:58 Is mobile yours?
22:59 Angelina: But believe to me! I am real! If you really love me you should believe...
23:00 moi: Why don't you write me on saturday?
23:01 Angelina: Because I was at the grandmother
23:02 moi: And you can't write me before taking the bus
23:03 Angelina: No, I have arrived from the grandmother very much late. Has laid down to sleep and at night I has gone to Minsk
23:04 moi: You don't answer me, is mobile yours? I try to phone you yesterday but nobody answer
23:05 Angelina: My mobile phone
23:07 moi: Are plane ticket and money lost?
23:08 Angelina: Money for customs are lost. That is we have given them to the inspector, and money for tickets at me
23:09 Dear, I do not wish to remain more here!! I want as soon as possible to you! For these days I have tested the big stress
23:12 You understand me?
moi: Yes, have you been able to be reimbursed for the ticket
23:13 Angelina: Yes, I have had time to hand over tickets back. Money for tickets has received.
23:14 moi: And the icon of your family
23:17 Angelina: The inspector has helped to issue it. Now it with me. I can bring it to you
23:18 moi: And you will be arrested again?
23:19 Angelina: No, now I have all documents on an icon
23:21 moi: It's a shame, if you don't take the icon with you, at this mometn we would be together
Angelina: I know. I am guilty in it..
23:22 moi: You don't know?
sorry you didn't know
23:23 Angelina: Dear, to me it is very difficult now..
moi: why?
Angelina: Because we not beside...
Because I love you.. I sat in prison.. I have tested the big shock!
23:24 I cry..
23:25 moi: I went to jail in July for alcohol while driving
23:28 Angelina: Dear, we should solve that we to do..
23:30 moi: And send other money?
Angelina: You have other decision?
23:34 moi: If you really want to be and live with me, you can sell the icon come and join me when you want
23:37 Angelina: Dear, in France this icon costs much more dearly. We can sell it in France
23:39 moi: I laugh at the money, what I want is that you would be close to me
23:40 Angelina: I also very much want it
23:42 Dear, again money it is a barrier to our meeting...
23:43 moi: Yes, money is everything that I hate, but we need to live
23:44 Angelina: I agree with you
23:45 The darling, give we shall solve this a monetary problem and I shall arrive to you! We shall be together! And we shall be happy!
23:47 moi: I don't understand, you ask me money?
Angelina: Yes
23:50 moi: I don't have money at all and now I must repay my friend. I can not even take my kids to winter sports, I shall hope you came to do all this
23:52 Angelina: Dear, take still money from the friend. When I shall arrive we shall sell an icon and all we shall compensate
23:53 moi: I can do that, sell the icon and join me
23:54 Angelina: We shall make it when I shall arrive to you
23:58 moi: For our love, sell the icon and join me, please, I don't send money anymore, understand me, I can do that really, I don't have no money at all
00:00 Angelina: I also have no money. Dear, borrow this money
00:03 moi: No, I can't borrow money cause I have 30000 € debts of my former marriage and the banks do lend me more money
00:05 Angelina: Take money from friends
00:06 moi: No I can't do that really and I sent to you 1550 € + 88 € taxes and you are not here, why don't you sell the icon? You don't love me
00:07 Angelina: I love you! But this picture costs here very little! If it to sell in France we shall receive for it 5000 euros.
00:09 moi: Maybe it costs enough for you to come to France
00:10 Angelina: If I shall sell it in Belarus I shall receive for it only 300 euros!!!
No, it is not enough!
00:12 moi: So I do not have a solution and I am terribly sorry
00:13 Angelina: Dear, borrow money from somebody until as I shall arrive! When I shall arrive all of us we shall give!!!
00:16 moi: I can not do that, the only thing I can do is to come this summer and we will go back in France together
Angelina: This summer? It too long!
00:18 moi: But it's the only solution that I found, if our love is powerful, we can expect this time
00:19 Angelina: Dear, you spoke that in January you will have 2500 euros?
00:23 moi: Yes but I must repay my friend + pay repairs of the car and most importantly I send no more money without knowing, understand me
00:24 Angelina: You will never not send any more money?
moi: Yes
00:25 Angelina: why?
00:26 moi: Cause doubts always still, it's easy to understand, isn't it?
00:27 Angelina: You do not trust me?
00:28 moi: I doubt, imagine yourself in my place, what would you do?
00:30 Angelina: If I loved, I trusted
00:33 moi: How can you doubt my love? No one would have done what I did. If our love is strong, we can await the summer if no other solution is found
00:37 Angelina: If our love is strong, you will send money in January and I shall arrive to you. This my condition. I wait for your decision
moi: It's an ultimatum?
00:38 Angelina: yes
00:39 moi: So it is not the love that you have for me
Angelina: It is love! But understand, silly to wait summer. If it is possible to solve this problem soon
00:42 moi: Yes I am gullible and stupid, but I believe in love with a capital L
00:44 Angelina: Why?
00:46 you there?
moi: Yes
00:47 I know that something wonderful can happen to us, I sincerely believe, despite all the persistent doubts but I would send no more money
00:48 Angelina: If you will not send money, means we cannot be together
00:49 moi: Why
Angelina: Because without your money I cannot arrive to you
00:50 moi: Platon loved without ever seeing his lover, I can arrive this summer
00:51 I would expect and you?
Angelina: I shall not wait for you till the summer!!
moi: Why
00:52 Angelina: Because it long! Or you send money in January and I come to you, or I shall not wait for you
00:53 moi: So You don't love me
Angelina: I love you! But I cannot wait so long! YOU should understand it!
00:54 I wait for your decision
00:55 moi: For more than 15 months that I am alone and I can wait until this summer if it is to live on the love story of my life
00:56 Angelina: I once again speak you, that I am not ready to wait for you till the summer. Tell to me or you send money in January, or we shall leave
00:59 moi: Si c'est ta décision, ton ultimatum, tu ne m'aimes pas c'est sûr, pire tu esIf it is your decision, your ultimatum, you do not love me for sure, the worse you are the scammer woman of my letter!
01:00 If it is your decision, your ultimatum, you do not love me for sure, the worse you are the scammer woman of my letter
01:01 Angelina: bye
moi: Adios
Angelina: what?
01:02 moi: At never (in spanish)
Angelina: bye

Chat avec Angelina le 21/12/07 :

18:36 Angelina: Hello
You there?
moi: Yes
Angelina: ok
18:37 moi: What do you want?
Angelina: what???
why you so speak with me????
I dont love me??
18:38 moi: Do you not remember our conversation?
18:39 Angelina: remember
18:41 moi: I wrote on an anti-scam site and I give all the details of our case
Angelina: What?????????????
18:42 moi: The name of Tatyana Cherepanova, your phone number, I call the French Embassy in Minsk, etc.
18:43 I send your pictures too
Angelina: why?


First dispatch:
€ 550
Tatyana Cherepanova
MTCN Code: 7131282757

Second dispatch:
€ 1000
Tatyana Cherepanova
MTCN Code: 0331553622

The receiver have a valid ID


Le 21/12/07, Gerard Ruffat a écrit :
Following our various telephone conversations of Tuesday, December 18th about a certain Angelina Smirnova supposedly trapped by Customs when she went for me in France, I am ready to provide you with all the information necessary to clarify the case. You advised me by phone to send no money, but unfortunately it was done twice through the Western Union: the first time for the visa and airfare and the second for that person has the amount required to leave the territory. I am aware that my credulity is synonymous with stupidity, and I would never seeing that money. However I am able to provide all the elements of this case (e-mail, chat, copies of Western Union transfers, photographs of the person and a phone number) on your personal address and it At issue in our last telephone conversation.
Please accept, Madame, the assurances of my highest consideration.
Gerard Ruffat

Now I am awaiting a reply from the French Embassy in Minsk.

I did not informed MySpace of this scam but since the last chat with Angelina, MySpace profile of that person no longer exists. I suppose she has deleted by herself.