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# Name:      Alena Mironova

# E-mail:

# Address:  Ukraine , Uzhgorod

# Seen at:

# Dangerous: 18%

# Scam scenarios:   money for VISA , passport

# Details: This girl try to get moeny from me to buy her passport and visa

# Date: 2007-10-27

Here her money request letter,

Hello, my darling!!!!!I'm very glad to receive one more letter from you!!!!I'm very happy that i have got you in my life!!!!I want to scream about my happiness!!!!!!I want to tell the world about my luck!!!Thank you for such happiness!!!!!!Of,honey i have a great news for you!!!Today I was in one Travel Company!I found out a possibility how i can come to you!!!!!The travel Company is called "Enjoy-the-travelling"!I talked with a manager,her name is Irina Aleksandrova. This company will help me to make me the visa and the passport!I will arrange everything there!It can be only travel visa, and i can stay in your country from 2 weeks till month!!!!But i hope it will be not our last meeting:)!I'm fantastically happy that we began to make our first steps!!!!!!!I cant wait already when we will meet!!!!!It is terrible!I miss you very much!!!!!!!

You know,they will made all documents about two months!I can't stand it!But as you want to see me very much they will be able to make everything for 2 weeks!In such way it will cost 125 $(passport)!

Dear, i want to meet with you as soon as possible!!!!Every day i dream about our first meeting!!!!!I'm crazy about this idea!!!!I count the days till our meetings!!!!!!

But honey...i do not know how to say it....I feel so awkward...But at the same time i know that you are my man, i can rely on you in every situation!As you know I'm only a student and it is very expensive for me to pay for this documents!My parents can't borrow me such means,because they haven't gain such amount!Maybe there is the chance you can support me with means...I know that you are my man and my serious man who were made for me:)!I trust you!!!!!Please,be sincere with me!!!!I will wait for your answer!!!Love you!Your Alena

I send her a letter she is scammer and she send this answer,

Hello my dear XXXX, how are you there, my sweetheart, do you know how much I miss you?? Do you know how much I was waiting for your reply???? thank you for your such PLEASANT letter!!!!I didn't expect it from you!!!!I don't know why you decided that I'm scammer !! But I was really shocked about this!!!! You told that I use different names different places to live, but how is it possible???? Or you means that you have found me in the Internet in black list??? But how is it possible???? Maybe it was not me??? Maybe another girl with the same name???? Have you seen any pictures of mine???? If so can you send me the link for me to get known whether it is true???? I cannot understand why you are writing this to me???? I heard a lot about that scamers, about women who just sit at home long day long and play with people's feelings, but is it re ally so???? And so what should I do????? To stay lonely for the whole life???? I cannot find my beloved among those Ukrainian men who use to drunk since the early morning, just not to think about the problems they have!!!! and:(( honey, why you don't believe me???:)) I'm in shock!! No, no, I am in despair now as I don't know what to think now. I really believed that i have found my man!!!It was my mistake!!!!Bye!!!!!

Other letter

Hello honey!Thank you for your letter!!I was waiting for it!!!Honey it will be wonderful to meet and spend some days abroad!But honey i have a problem,I don't have the international passport!!!May be it will be better to start of doing it?!what do you think?I will wait for your answer!!!I miss you and kiss you!!!Yours Alena

Here she write her wish to meet me here and possible to Paris,

HI,my dear XXXX!I was very happy to receive one more letter from you!You know i could not sleep last night,because i thought about you,i was afraid that you would not write me!today I ran to the Internet cafe with the great hope to receive your answer!Now i feel so strange, i have never experiences it before!I mean i have never felt so warm inside and it is all due to your lovely letter!!! It is so cool to find out more about each other!!!I hope we are the same in our life ideas and views!!To know it for sure i must tell you more about myself!!!!

I'm an easy going person,i have a lot of friends,but sometimes i feel alone!Of course my friends try to be with me all the time but not always,because they have their private lives!SO....I sit at home,listen to romantic music and imagine myself with my man!I imagine my future family,my children!I'm very romantic girl and very often like to watch in the sky, wishing on a star!So yesterday in the evening i was on my balcony and suddenly the star has fallen and i was able to make a wish!I was so happy, i can not even express it!!!Do you know what i wished?My desire was to receive a letter from you!And what do you think?Today i've got a letter from you in my mail box!Thank you for fulfilling my wish:)I think we are on our friendship stage now, can you imagine that we became friends so easily?!you know till i found you my family was the only close friend for me!!!!I am so happy that i have got all of them!!!!As for me,family is very important part in my life!!!!I realize that it is very serious thing!I dream to live with my husband all my life just like my parents do!They live together for about 20 years and until now they love each other very much,take care about each other....oh, they are so happy together! Till now my father presents the flowers to my mother and we have a tradition to cook family dinner every weekend!I'm very happy to realize that my parents are very happy with each other after 20 years of marriage life!And i hope that i will have such family too!I hope you will except my idea about family life!!!!Please tell me about your friends and relatives..everything!!!I will be waiting for your answer!Yours Alena


Honey i nave never been abroad!!!!!But i want very much!!!At first i want to visit your country and then my dream is to visit Paris!!!!