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# Name:      Celene Smith

# E-mail:

# Address:  Nigeria , Ikeja

# Seen at:   DateMeFree

# Dangerous: 15%

# Scam scenarios:   money for hotel

# Details: Robbed and trapped in Nigeria by boyfriend. Needs $230 to pay hotel bill.rnrn

# Date: 2007-10-10

Payment to be made to a different name, Not Celene Smith, But Wale Sunday??!!

2nd Email re 'money payment.

Ooh well am so tired .of staying here i need ur help and i promise u will be so much happy that u helped me out of here when i get to u there ..the amount that i need to pay the hotel is $230, and here is the infos on how to send the money to the Hotel management u will have to send the money via westernunion money treansfer. through anyone close to u is the infos u will need to send the money
ZIP CODE....23401
U can also try to send the money through the website it will be easy for u through that way also .pls i need u to give me this infos such as
MTCN [money transfer control number] ....
this are the things that i will give the hotel manager as soon as i get this from u and give them this i will be let out of here and i will be on my way to u there..i promise i will never hurt u i promise never too disappoint u.i promise to make u the happiest man when i get to u there..pls i need ur house address also and i need the name of the nearest airport to u there coz i will call u as soon as i get to the airport so u can come over to pick me up to ur house..i will love to start a new life with give me a try and u will be so happy that u did help me .willing to see ur mail i cant wait to be there with u

1st Email.
Hello Dear,
Oh Great to hear from you here...How are you doing today? Hope fine?. I'm so happy that you got in touch with me, thanks so much for your interest in me, I really do appreciate it ..I really have to tell you that you sound so nice in ur profile, but I'm really sorry to disappoint you because right now to be sincere, I really have a problem that is disturbing at the moment, Right now I'm not in the states like i said in my inital mail to you in the site, I was supposed to leave for the states last week, but because of what's on ground at the moment I couldn't make the trip till all this gets resolved.

My flight would be re-scheduled and delayed because of what's going on around me now. I'm so sorry I don't mean to bother you with this problem I got at the moment, but for now I think you in the best position to listen to me .I came in here with some funds to see me through my vacation and hopefully get me back to the states while my vacation is done.

Actually its about this guy i met in my life.We have been together for long time living a happy life.He knew all about me and all about how i lost my parent a couple of years ago. He promised to take care of me, little did i know what his final plan was for me . He graduated this year and he explained to me about how is going back to his country to see his parents and families.He told me to go with him just for a visit.I didn't have much choice becos he already promised to be there for my care and he has been there for me since i had no family left in the world, i really believed in him and trusted him my heart and life. He said to me that we just have to visit to see his family and we'll head back to the states.Actually his parents are Nigerians ,but he came to US for study.Thats was how we met each other not knowing that he was gonna get me in mess here in his country. He had planned to get all that i came here with.

He took me a to a hotel and we've been staying at the hotel for about 3 days not knowing that he had an evil plan for me. He stole all my money and jewelries and till now i could'nt find him.I reported to the hotel management, immidiately they help me call to the police to look up for him but unfortunately the police could not find him.This has got me down here seeking for some help back to the states and now the hotel has siezed down my return documents becos i'm unable to settled the hotel bills for the days i've spent.I have realised my mistake and i know its my last time. Please, I'd need you to be there for me so i could back to the states. I promise to pay you back with anything you want from me.I believe in me that you really need someone in ur life.I can promise to be there for you if you dont mind.not only u helping me out of here but after helping me out with the Hotel bill that am oweing here .i will be so greatful if u can come over and pick me up at the nearest Airport to u there.i will love to start a new life with u and relocate to u.
Pls can u reply me with ur phone number and the name of the nearest airport to u there that u can pick me up after helping me with the Hotel bill.coz i will love to call u as soon as u helped me with the hotel bill so u can know that am on my way to u there so u can know when to come over and pick me up at the Airport. I would make it up to you as soon as I get out of here.willing to see ur reply if u will love to help me