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# Original Report:  here

# Name:      Lida Koshevenko

# Address:  Ukraine , Odessa

# Dangerous: 36%

# Details: Her trademark (if its really a she) is using pictures of French model Laetitia Casta (as you can see from the attachments). Her various aliases have been Eleonova Belova and Valya Stoeva, she now calls herself "Lida". She wrote me out of the blue and claims to have a profile on Her letters sounded suspicious -- and my suspicions were confirmed when I saw her Blacklisted on your website. I wrote telling her it was obvious she was scamming, and here is her response: You live in your fucking america, and do not know how people live here in ukraine, russie, belarus after soviet union was down. You - americans do not care about people in woeld outside america. Sallary here near 50 US$ per month, try to live for 50 US$ for month. You try to put us in you fucking democracy.Your democracy is hypocrisy. Your celebrity days - independence day - from who you was independence from England? This is funny. You - americans have a lot of money (not all americans but many) and do not know what to do, who give you rights to go war to Iraq? Peole in europe do not like american people. We in Ukraine hate american people, not hate but hate wery wery much. My dream to launch one of many nuclear rockets that was been some times ago in ukraine and destroy washington, las vegas...... America is cancerous tumor on earth body......... ............. ..........You will never understand my feeling. I can telling you more and more about americans deals, buy it is hard for me to write by english, I wait such day when all americans will know only russian language.

# Date: 2005-02-17

I so pleased that has got your letter.
It is so many things that I want to tell you, I think I
start with history of my life:I was born at 10of december in
Odessa on south of Ukraine.
Ukrainian people are very good. But our country is poor and
corruption. I have no brother or sister.
I have mother and father I love them very very much. It is
the best people for me in the world.
I finished university. Some times ego I wanted to became a
fashion model. But it is very hard. And here for this is pay
not too much. But my friends think that I have all ability to
become a good model.
I think I must have time to myself and for my future family
but this work take all my free time.
Now I work in not big firma as a secretary but I do not know
yet whom I want to be.
My friends tell me that I beautiful but I do not know, I not
always complacent of as I look.
I like reading books about love. I like forest, mountains,
seaside. I want to walk with my lovely man by the forest. I
want to see sunrising on seaside with my love. I want to wake
up in your arms. I want that we will be two part of one. I
see √ you are good man. I like you very much. I want to know
more about you √ for me inside world of man is more important
that how he is looks. I believe that you will love me as much
as I will love you.
I understand that you want to know more about me. But I know
English bad. It is very hard for me to write. It is much for
one letter for me I of course will write more about me in
next letter. I use translation program and program that show
me my mistakes.
Now I searching for English teacher but that I found it is
cost too much for me.
I send you some of my pics (there is one more in my ad but
I do not remember the number of my ad), I want to send you
more but I have no scanner.
I will be waiting for your letter.
Your Lida.

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