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# E-mail: and

# Address:  Russia , Kirov

# Seen at:   RBrides and Datemefree

# Dangerous: 17%

# Related reports: 2999   

# Details: A few nice letters which do not deal directly with any of my questions but she still develops deep feelings quickly and then when she offers to visit knows a man in a travel company that can get around the rules and get her a visitors visa to my home country BUT needs assistance with her costs $1,500 approx.rnrnWants money sent by Western Union

# Date: 2007-08-30

Hello Friend!
So today I have received your first letter. How I can explain what I have felt
after that? Of course I was very surprised and very glad. I hope you have seen
my profile and liked it, regardless I did not put a lot of information about me.
You know a lot of men in the Internet want to meet only beautiful girls. They
are interested only in a pretty face and body and not in their feelings. I do
not want to find a man like that. I want to find a special one, and it's already
seems that you are very special. May I ask you? Have you ever met with girls
from the Internet? I ask you because I am new in this site and in this way of
searching. Everything is so unusual for me here and of course I am afraid a
little. Some years ago I tried to find my half in Russia, but it's very
difficult. Mostly Russian men want to find a girl just for fun, or if they want
to have families they like to drink and hit their wives. I do not want to have
such life. I want to have wonderful relations with my man, I want us to be not
just lovers, but friends and partners in everything. So I did not know what to
do. But one friend of mine is married a man from Italy. Her name is Olga and his
name is Luca, and they are very happy together. So when Olga knew about my
problem and she gave me advice to try to post my profile in the Internet. She
told me that it will be easier to find a right man than to wait for him on the
street. So I have already made the first step. Perhaps I will be able to find my
destiny too? I know that people from other countries are very different from
those in your country. You can respect women and can value your feelings. Of
course for Olga it was easier to meet a man, she could speak Italian very well,
as for me I can speak only English. I hope that will be enough for you? Well,
Friend, I have already written a lot of words but no one about myself. As you
could see in my profile I am 29 years old, my birthday is on the 1th of November
1977. I am 168 cm tall and my weight is 53 kg. Hope you like me and nothing
scares you in my view. I live in a small Russian town Kirov. Did you hear
anything about it? It's very beautiful and green city with a lot of trees and
lakes around. You know the weather here is very different, it's very hot in
summer, cold in winter and we have breathtaking autumns and springs. I like to
spend my free time in the open air. Especially with my close friends and
relatives. And you know, they like to spend their time with me too. They can
describe me as a kind, friendly, peaceful and funny person. I like to enjoy my
life, but I think that it's not right live like an egoist, I want to share my
feelings and thoughts with someone, I do not want to be alone, and just want to
be happy. Don't you think it's bad? I do not think so!
Well, I hope that you are not tired to read my long letter, and I hope that you
still want to know me better and will write to me very soon! If you have any
questions (and I hope very much that you have) I will answer to you with big
Take care!
Elena, your new friend.


Hello Friend!
I want to tell you again how much i am happy to receive your letters! I wasworried, that you would not answer to me, but now I am not afraid any more! I am happy and really want to know you better. I want to tell you that it's great that we have Internet. I cannot imagine how we could send normal letters to each other, and after waiting for our answers for some months. It would be terrible!!! And how we could meet each other without Internet? And to tell the truth this way is one of the best if we want to know each other better and get closer and closer. There are some things that are just impossible for saying in personal, do you agree?
I do not remember the name of city where have left Olga, I remember just this
city small.
If we want to be friends we shall trust each other, so at first I want to tell you that I am an orphan. I know nothing about my parents, I have never met them, and of course it is not easy. I dont want to plain on life, but first time it was really difficult to begin a new life after orphan house, to study, to find a good work. But I always met good people who helped me. And I am sure that you, my new friend, is also a worthy man.
Here in Russia I cant find a man for seriousconstant relations. That's why when
I meet a man with who I will be ready to stay forever I will value every moment of our happiness! Not bad dream I think!))
How did you spend your day? Today my friend Olga has called to me! She is very happy that I am in the Internet now and that I have found you! She asked me to tell you Hello from her! Of course I do that! She told me that perhaps her husband and she would come to Russia soon. Of course she is very happy, but she misses her parents and friends. Actually I miss her too. We are very close friends. When she was there everything was easier, anytime we could go to the cafe, to drink a cup of tea, to chat. And now she is so far from me and I think if I could not find you I would die! I hate loneliness. I dream about real family. With someone who will understand me, who will love me as much as I do. I believe that one day all my dreams will come true, but sometimes it's so scared.
I want you to know that our correspondence means a lot for me, I trust on you and I think that everything will be great. Well, I must finish for now. Hope you are fine and everything is well in your life! Wish you a wonderful day and hope to hear from you soon!


Hello, Friend!
At first, I want to thank you for your letter and warm words in it! It is difficult for you to imagine my my happy eyes and smile on the face when I receive your letters. Friend, if you want me to be happy, please, dont stop writing your letters full of kindness. When you tell me about you, I begin to think that we know each other, I mean it is very easy to communicate with you! I have a lot of friends, but only some of them I can really trust. But with you everything is absoluteluy different. I feel that you are a good person and
frankly speaking I dont regret that we had got aquainted!!!
Yesterday my friend Nastia (we are best friends from the school) and me, we went
to the cinema. I dont go to the cinema very often but sometimes if the film is
really worth of seeing I watch it in the cinema with great pleasure. Among films
I like melodramas best of all. May be because I very romantic, sometimes even
too romantic... But I also like fantastic, if there are good special effects in
the film (The Omen, for example). Phsycological films attract me also very much
(The butterflys effect). I dont know may be you have never watched these films,
but in Russia they are well-known.
And you, Friend, what films do you like best of all? Do you often go to the
I also like reading. To improve my English, I have to read English books in origin. Now the whole world is crazy about " Harry Poter ". You know, it is a book rather for children but I decided to read it English. I wanted just to unrich my English but it turned to be really very interesting!!! Classical books are always popular, so I read them with great pleasure. I think you know about russian writers of the 19th century: Tolstoj, Dostoevsky. In Russia their works are still read! Friend, do like poems? As for me, I like them very much. When Iwas a teenager I even wrote poems myself! Now I dont have time for it, but when I read my former poems I understand that I had a certain talent for them! But I shall say that I dont like to read detective stories, to my mind sometimes they are boring. Dont you find? And what can you tell me about the writers that are popular in your country nowadays? Friend, what music do you prefer to listen to? May be you play some musical
instruments? When I was a child, I attended musical shcool in our orphan house.
So I can play the piano. I like different kinds of music. I think that classical music is the best if you want to relax and to be alone. Pop - music is very good if you have a rest in a company, when you are in a good mood. I also like to do sports on the rhythmic pop-music.
Well, this letter I dedicated to my hobbies, and I asked you many questions about your favorite hobbies, because I think that it is really very important to know persons tastes if you want to go on your communication. So, step by step we will manage to know each other as well as if we would be friends and meet every day!
I wish you a good mood. As for me, I wish me to get you letter as soon as possible.
Your Elena.


– My name starts to get used from here

I dont know shall I write to you that I am very glad to receive a message from
you. I begin every my letter with these words because it is really very pleasant for me that you write to me and call me a friend despite the fact that we have never seen each other. But on the other side it is normal, a lot of people in the world communicate like this, and
become not only best friends but even more... Here in the internet club I have known many happy stories when people from different countries had found their happiness. It is like a fairy tale, but who said that there are not wonders in our life? We create our life ourselves and it is up to us to decide how it will be - happy or boring. John, dont you think that in todays complex world we must not forget about the things that are the most important in our life - faith, hope and optimism. I see in you a person who would share my oppinion. xxxxx, do you appreciate this qualities in people? But I am sure that
you have them!
Now I would like to tell you about my profession. Well, till the childhood I wanted to be connected with the work that helps you to be beautiful and to be beautiful myself. So, my dream came true! Now I work as a secretary in a company that helps women to look beautiful. I send you the picture where I am at work. It was a holliday, 5 years from the opening of our company. So, the best workers of our company were presented with presents and flowers. On this photo you can see my cabinet and me with my favorite flowers - roses!
xxxx, I hope that we will communicate for a long time, so may oneday you will want to write me a letter on my home address. So if you are interested in it, here is my address:
Leninsky Prospect, 16
flat 167
And please, write me your address, may be when I have a possibility I will write to you, because this communication is more real, dont you think so? So, dear, I think that it is enough for today, because I have to go away. But Ithink that very soon you will give me pleasure with you letter and may be some photos of you.
Your Elena.

I am so happy to receive your letter, but you know it yourself. Dear, I hope you
are ok and glad to my letter. I miss you
so much! XXXXXXX, you cant imagine how much I want to see you. I need you!!! Last
night going to bed, as usual I thouhgt about you
and asked you to go in my dream. I dreamed about you, and in th? morning, when I
got up and understood that it as a dream,
I wanted to feel asleep again, but I didnt manage... So, it was a wonderful
dream. I was at work and somebody knocked at the door/
Then the door opened and I saw you. I was so tired but when I saw you I couldnt
even move in the chair. You entered the cabinet and
said: " Hello, Elena! " I stood up and run to you, you embaraced me. I was
crying on your shoulders, but you was calming me down. You
kissed me in my eyes with tears. And then, I opened the eyes, and understood
that there are tears in my eyes. I was crying in reality!
XXXXXX, I was so impressed with this dream, that even now when I remember it I am
full of emotions! You were so close to me and disappeared
when I opened my eyes. XXXXXXX, you know it was the most wonderful dream that I
have ever seen.
So, sweetie, I have already seen you in a dream. And I am sure that very soon we
will see together face to face. As I promised you today
I have gone to the travel agency. So dear, I have to do next papers to come to
tourist visa ($140)
passport ($70)
tickets ($928)
insurance ($870

According to russian laws insurance is necessary for everyone who goes abroad.
It is not only because of terrorism, when
planes are exploided (I dont want even think about it), but different problems
can happen to me in the plane aor in you country. If I am
ill, I will not need to buy expensive medicin, they will be paid by my insurance
company during 3 months. Because the tourist visa is
available during this time, but then we will extend it. But I think that you
have heard
about it yourself.
Well that is all. XXXXXX, I have some money saved, I also have borrowed some money
from my friends. I am very glad that they agreed
to help me, as they have said they want me to be happy and i can be happy only
with you! I appreciate their support. But, you
know, even with their help I dint have enough money. XXX, this sum is really
big for Russia. I realize that I shouldnt do it, but without your help I will not be able to come to you. Dear XXXXX, tell me can
you help me with insurance?
I hope that you really want to see me, sweetie, and you will not refuse to help
me. Our happiness is only in our hands,
nobody, only we can help ourselves. I did all my best, I have no more money
left. I am sure that you will support me.
Your Elena with love.
P.S. I shall call to you one of these days. Probably tomorrow. I shall write to
you before to call, that you would wait for my bell.