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# Original Report:  here

# Name:      Elena Solodovnikova

# Address:  Russia , Perm

# Seen at:

# Dangerous: 36%

# Details: I have been communicating with Elena Solodovnikova (date of birth 15th September 1979) for over a month. She said she wanted to arrive and see me in England and needed money for the flight to London (which was 454 euros, which is about $600), which I sent through Western Union. Three days before the trip she said she needed the evidence that she could provide for herself during a months stay in England; which had to be 3000 euros. It was a necessary requirement for her to get a visa. I sent her this money (actually a bit more $3911). The next day she sent a message that the money was stolen from her purse when she was getting on a bus. She asked for the money again. I sent her the money again ($4000). Later she said she got the visa and was planning to arrive the day after. I arrived to Heathrow airport, but she was not on the plane. Eventually I found out from the British Embassy in London that no-one with that name applied for a visa recently and, from Western Union, that the last the last sum that I sent was collected at 6 p.m. Moscow time, which was rather late to contact any agency the same day and get a visa.

# Date: 2005-02-17


ELENA 21/10/2004

Hello Meesha!!! Thank you very much for the letter and your photos.
Now I want to write to you about the person of the dream with whom I
want to create the family. I for a long time dream of such person and
this my treasured desire of all my life. At present I have not met
such person, but I hope, that a meeting of him. I tried to search for
such person at myself in city, but I have understood, that they are
far from my ideal and, that they only play feelings. And I have ceased
to search for such person at myself in city because our feelings
should be understood the friend by the friend. So I have decided to
search for the dream here in Internet. I knew, that such the present
family when my father was alive. It is so wonderful to take an own
domestic place where you love and people wait native to you. When you
spend all evenings and days off with the person whom you love. When I
understand, that I cannot find such person in the city to me to become
sadly and alone. I do not search for such person who is perfect, and
such which will be close to heart and soul. I search such for the man
which will be fair, understanding and which will support me a
difficult minute. I dream: about family, the husband and children. If
I shall find such person he will be the happiest person on light.
Somebody can will tell, that it is difficult to find such person, but
I shall search such for the man and to wait, that somebody will
respond to my letter. I hope, that you will understand my dreams and
desires and you will find something general between our dreams and
desires. I shall look forward to hearing from you. With the best
regards, Elena


ELENA 22/10/2004
Hello Meesha!!! Thank you very much for the letter. I want to tell to
you a little about my childhood. In the childhood I was very
disobedient child because all my acts resembled on boyish. My mother
spoke me, that I should be born the boy, instead of the girl. I
carried spent a lot of time with my father. He was the painter, and
his pictures were very popular. My father taught me to draw pictures,
that it was useful to me when I became the designer. I am very
grateful to the family to that they have learned that and me have made
for me. In the summer I had usually a rest at the grandmother in a
village. Helped her on a facility. In a kitchen garden I helped to
collect berries and vegetables, watered vegetables. Due to the
grandmother and mum I have learned is tasty to prepare for various
foods. I am able to prepare: salads, soups, garnishes, pies, and
desserts. My mum and the grandmother also have taught me to knit and
embroider. When at all family free day was given out, we went on
river. There we bathed, sunbathed and played in all possible games on
water, but basically in water we played with a ball. In a village my
father taught me to float and for short term he of me well has learned
to float, for what I am very grateful to him. Now, when I arrive to
mum with the grandmother, we frequently recollect my childhood.
Together we recollect happy time when we so had well a good time and
had a rest. At school I studied well, participated in every possible
actions. Many times participated in competitions on volleyball where
our school borrowed high places. The highest place which was borrowed
with our school when I studied, it was 3 place. In institute I also
well studied and played for combined team of institute on volleyball.
In institute in 1997 we have borrowed 1 place. It was simply
wonderful. After this victory we began to play with other institutes
of different cities. There to us has carried less as there we have
borrowed 3 places, having conceded 1 and 2 place to institutes from
Moscow and Yaroslavl. In the childhood I had dog. It was the German
sheep-dog. Him called Sharik. He has died because of old age. I even
remember those times when I walked her. It was wonderful. I very much
adore pets. I and now would like to have a dog, but I will not have
not enough time that for her to watch, especially, if it will be the
puppy. Many thanks!!! Continue to write!!! Elena.


ELENA 25/10/2004

Hello Meesha!!! Thank you very much for the letter. . I want to tell
to you about the friends. I have many friends. Usually we with my
friends go to cinema. Also we like to have a rest in park. Sometimes
we go to a museum when there come new exhibitions. Most of all I liked
an exhibition of wax figures. Also we go to picture galleries as I
like to draw, I like to look also and at other artists who only begin
the workshop career, and on those who has already achieved any
success. But most of all we walk on city and we talk on various
themes, such as: as has passed today day, what film goes at cinemas
and on what film to go, what now pass exhibitions and whether to
descend on them and on any others. In park we sometimes go for a drive
on roundabouts. But the most dear for me the friend is my best
girlfriend Natasha. We know, each other from the childhood, we with
her the best friends. She always helped in all disputable and
difficult situations. She became me almost native sister. As you know,
we with her rent an apartment so all time we are practically together.
In the summer we with my friends spend on a nature. I love everything
that is connected to a nature. Be at me the small house on a nature, I
would carry spend all time there. We very much like to spend time at
water where there are many solar beams and, also there are trees where
it is possible to have a rest in a dark place. Summer - my most
favorite season. But as you know, Russia is well known in the frosty
winter. Winter to like summer to me is less, than. But in the winter I
like to ski and on skates. I shall send you a photo with my girlfriend
Natashey. In this photo you can see groom Natashi, his name is Sergey.
He very good person. Natasha him very much loves, and soon they are
going to get married. I want, that they were happy. Sometimes I start
to long, realizing, that Natasha will be fast to live separately from
me and will live with Sergey. After this long to me it would be
desirable to get the family also. If I will have family, I know, that
I shall be happy. Continue to write!!! I shall wait for your answer!!!


ELENA 26/10/2004

Hello Meesha!!! Thank you very much for the letter and photo. I want
to tell to you about my hobbies. My hobby helps me in my life, and
makes her various. Sometimes it helps me to forget about my
loneliness. I very much like to read books, if the book very
interesting I can forget about all on light. Favorite my genre is the
novel. Most my favorite writer it L.N.Tolstoi. Most favorite my book "
War and the world ", but like me also his other books " Chamber ? 6 ",
"Anna Karenina", "Sunday". Also I very much like to go in for sports:
volleyball, navigation and tennis. I have achieved the biggest
successes, as you know on volleyball, and I am engaged in other kinds
of sports not so much. As I very much like to float, in the summer I
like to carry spend rest at water places for a long time. We in city
have pool where we go with my girlfriend at leisure. Water of me very
much weakens. On days off I sometimes play in tennis and volleyball
with friends. I began to be engaged in tennis not so long ago, to this
menu to a kind of sports of me my friends have learned to play. On
evenings when there is a little time I watch TV. On the TV I like
entertaining shows. In years summer hot days we with friends like to
sit in cafe, and there is an ice cream. We have with friend's
tradition each May holidays to go on a nature. There we with friends
have a rest from work and we prepare for shish kebabs. The shish kebab
is meat dish which to prepare slices on coals. Slices of meat pierce
through iron sticks and add various spices. Your way it refers to as a
barbecue, but differs from yours only preparation. Now you have
learned me is little bit best, and I can answer any your questions
with pleasure. Continue to write letters!!! I shall wait for your
answer!!! Elena


ELENA 07/11/2004

Hello my dear Meesha!!! Thank you very much for the letter. I send
you the information on flight on which I could arrive to you. Except
for cost of the ticket cost of a package deal which is necessary for
me for trip to you will enter here. Here enters: (foreign passport,
visa, tickets for Moscow, tickets to you and back to Russia, medical
insurance, different inquires, etc.).
The total cost of a package deal costs 454 euros. I have thought and I
want to tell you, that I can not arrive to you, as it for me very big
sum. Yesterday I went with mine friends on an exhibition of wax
figures. If it is fair, there very much it was pleasant to me. There
there were all celebrities, not only Russian, but also foreign. There
there were both politics, and singers, both actors, and many others.
At an exhibition we were about two one hour. After an exhibition we
have gone to cafe to have a bite. There have drunk a cup of coffee
with various rolls, also while we drank coffee we discussed an
exhibition. All who went on an exhibition this exhibition very much
has liked. In the evening when we came, we with Natashey had supper,
have watched TV and have gone to bed. And how has passed your day? I
finish the letter. Continue to write to me my native Meesha!!! I
shall wait for your answer with impatience!!! I kiss you!!! Your


ELENA 08/10/2004

Hello my darling Meesha!!! Thank you very much for the letter. I to not call to
you as I have no domestic a cellular telephone. I think, that e-mail is unsafe,
but she is reliable. I think, that very good to send money in euro. Now I send
you my surname and the nearest bank of the Western union in Perm which to be
near to me.

My address: Russia, Perm,
Kuibisheva street, 15, flat 4.
An index 614007

The address of bank Western Union:
PERM, the Index 614990

I wish you that you have recovered, as soon as possible. Now I want to visit to
mum. Will check up as she lives, and that with its health. I finish this letter.
I hope, that you will send the answer as soon as you can. I kiss you!!! Your


ELENA 20/11/2004

Hello my darling Meesha!!! Thank you very much for the letter. I for you have
two news. One good, and another bad. I shall start with good. I have received
all documents for trip to you. Now bad news. To me have told, that I can not
take off to you as I have no money to residing. That is it is nothing me will
live there. That I could arrive to you to me it is necessary to show them money.
One day residing 100 euros. I do not have such money. You can help me? I should
show them only. And as soon as I to you shall come, I at once shall give them to
you at the airport. I need for them to show 3000 euros. Please, help to me. My
trip depends on it to you. I shall wait for your answer!!! Kiss you!!! Elena.


ELENA 22/11/2004
Hello my lovely Meesha!!! With me today befall a bad situation. After this
situation to me not want to live. I am simple in a hysterics. I do not know what
to do. For me this huge misfortune. Today in the morning, I have gone to receive
your money. When I have received your money I only needed to show money in
embassy. I even about anything did not suspect. When I have left at the
necessary stop from the bus, I have seen, that my purse is empty. At me have
stolen all money. To me wait, that there was such not a good situation. Why this
situation has taken place with me. I never shall forgive myself. I simply am not
worthy you. In this situation I am similar to the silly woman. I can forgive
myself never. Today all the day after this situation, I have stayed in police.
On the account of this situation have got criminal case. To me have told, that
the criminal watched me from bank. The police never will find a criminal. I
hope, that you will forgive me sometime. I love you of the greater life. Please
I really do not know what to do now. I want to be only with you. I have very bad
mood and it is very a pity to me about happened. But your help is again
necessary for me.. It is necessary for me these 3000 euros.. Please help to me.
I understand That you have already helped me.. And not once.. And it is simply
inconvenient for me to speak It to you again.. But I try not for myself.. I make
it for US!!! In This time all will be good.. Because I spoke with police.. And
they Promised to give me protection.. Tom I depart tomorrow.. And consequently
still is Time what to receive the visa.. The Deadline tomorrow in the morning..
Otherwise I Simply I shall not have time.. I already have tickets to you.. And I
can not exchange Them.. If I shall not depart to you.. That tickets will be
gone.. And anybody to me not Will return for them of money.. But the most
important at all it.. The most Important that To us again will come to wait...
And I can not wait any more.. I so would want that We have met.. I would want
that we were together.. We so long waited It.. I can not live without you.. I
never spoke you about it.. But when I have got acquainted with you... That my
heart was told me that by you Which that person I so long waited.. So long
searched.. It is necessary for me There would be time what to understand it..
But now there is no sense of it to hide.. And Therefore I want to tell that I
love you.. And I can not wait so Long.. Your help is very necessary for me.. Now
all depends only From you.. Please help to me... Because we should make all What
to be together.. All depends only on it.. I understand that it Very big money..
But really it costs more than our love???? I can not believe in it!!! Whether I
do not know there is so much money at you.. I I can hope for it only.. But I
hope that you can find Output.. And to help me.. More truly to us.. Because I
know that our love It is strong as a stone.. I believe that we shall be
together.. Because we like Each other.. I shall wait for your letter.. I wait
for your letter. I need in you in this difficult time because I love you. Your
love Elena.


ELENA 23/11/2004

Hi my favorite Meesha!!! Thank huge for your letter and certainly the main
thing for your necessary help to me. I have made all as you have told me in
accuracy as you have written to me. I have received your money and have shown
them. So everything is all right and tomorrow I take off to you my loved. I very
much was afraid because of a yesterday's situation and did not want, that it
once again did not happen with me, but all has passed well. Now we still have
some hours up to our meeting and there will be we you. I any more do not have
patience to see you. But I need to suffer some more hours and I shall see you,
my love. For this day I am very tired. Now I shall go to sleep. I want that you
have dreamed me this night. Up to a meeting at the airport mine lovely and
expensive Michael. One thousand kisses to you!!! Elena loving you.


(On the 24th I went to Heathrow to meet her. I found that she was not on the flight)

NATALIYA (using Elena�s email address) 24/11/2004

Hi Meesha... It is written to you by the best girlfriend Elena, Natalya. Today
to us has acted the information from Moscow, that Elena today have attacked and
have severely beaten. Now she lays in hospital. As it had documents to us have
transferred about Elena. Now she lays in hospital without consciousness. We
while nothing know about it. I knew about your relations and I simply have
rights to inform about this tragedy. I think, that you should know it because
you for Elena became very much the close person. As soon as to us the new
information I to you will act shall inform. Natalya.