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# Name:      Elisa Nikolova

# E-mail:

# Address:  Bulgaria

# Seen at:   she contact me on

# Dangerous: 13%

# Details: she asked me for 500 Euro for tickets to meet me in Holland. After i refuse and offer her to meet her in Bulgaria i got this 2 mails from her :rna ha i see opw selfish man you are .reason is that n want send money..,. DEAR i am in Internet 4 years .I wa in did send me 1500 evro to fly plus pocket money.. i did send pic..rom Schweiz. I was in Dubai wih english man man did send e 2000 ... and and ... if someoe man is s erious will invite wman go to man tos ee where lifve man... no man come to woman... did say if imust fly n 500 if with buss 350 sham on you one manwhy want get married ha ha niec woman liek me to be with man like you ..ha ha now is edn pic from Dubai on the beach to see .and... thsi game to come to me ill be for sex yes sex sex BUT is differnet if i come i can see other country o kei bYE and o to see other women i am nice and will go to man no man to me.see pic from Dubai man with 8 children BUt did send me 2000 and ou are so selfish now ants ed 500 and i hear that holland men are no good man now shw this byern

# Date: 2007-08-16

one woman nw ate home..and she was in haga in Holand thsi year BUT olland man sh say me did send 700 evro and man was driver.. and womansay holland have good selary and if this an is so selfihs and dontw ant send you 500 what y thing .. yes i knwo what you want visit me nic woman for sex exspnsive sex ..i wi made sex if icome to you.. o kei send me 350 min fro Buss or 500 to fly or if no be bye.nce woman like me will be easy find other man