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# Name:      Julia Kolossovskaja

# E-mail:

# Address:  Russia , Moscow

# Phone:    +79262321611

# Seen at:

# Dangerous: 21%

# Related reports: 2855   

# Scam scenarios:   She tell that she come to see me in and ask money for traveling tickets and Visa. And also she need money that she can show money in Embassy that she can pay her living in my country when she be here! I send 2160?éČ to her and when she should

# Details: She tell that she come to see me in and ask money for traveling tickets and Visa. And also she need moneyrnthat she can show money in Embassy that she can pay her living in my country when she be here! I send 2160?éČ tornher and when she should come here, she tell me that shes father has die and she cant come now. After when Irnsuspect her story I check in Embassy that is she have a Visa. Embassy tell me that NO SHE havent Visa, andrnshe never visit in Embassy! She tell me that she is Estonian citizen, but she study in Moscow. Now when I askrnmy money back first she tell me that she return my money later, but then she stop answer my calls andrnmessages. I dont have hear anything for hear for awaile.

# Date: 2007-07-20

> Hello dear Matt!!!
> Thank you for your letter.I must tell you that I have never read such
> and tender letter from anybody.My dear,want to tell you that there is no
> compeyition between you and anybody else.For now I correspond only with
> you.I really have
> received a lot of letters on my profile,though most of them were not
> interesting and I didn't reply them.I choose only five of them to reply
> your letter was one of them.Till this time I have received only one
> reply,this reply was from you.So I correspond only with you
> frankly,I don't want to correspond with anybody else now.It's my true
> intention to become real close to you and be your soulmate and I don't
> it will be honestly if I would correspond with somebody else,besides you.
> I want to say more about myself:
> I adore to learn something new.I like to travel,to see new places,to
> about new cultures and new mentalities.
> I like to cook and surprise my friends and relatives.By the way like to
> make surprises.
> I can say about myself,that I'm kind,tender and honest.I don't like when
> somebody lie to me.In relationship I prefer to be open.
> Also,sex is very important to in my life!!!
> What I searching in you:
> First of all I want to see non-egoistic,independent in all branches and
> meanings of this word.
> My man should respect me and my wishes an understand me whatever in this
> life can happen.From my side,as an understanding person,I will give the
> and even more,but only I will see real interest and care to myself.
> I would like to find a man who would became my love,who could teach me
> to make love and see the World with happy eyes.I'm ready to present my
> to the most tender,loving,reliable,honest and open hearted man,who can
> overcome any difficulty in life.
> I think you understend me and I supposed that all people on the Earth who
> want to be happy think the same.
> Will you please share with me your thoughts,wishes and dreams in next
> letters?I will be very glad to get a letter from you.
> Please,tell me more about you and your country,place and cultures.It
> me to imagine your life and to think more clear about our future.It will
> great to meet you in person but nowadays only our letters help us to share
> our thoughts,dreams and feelings...
> I think that we made a first step in our relationships.We got to know
> other,it's important.Now I want to know you better,letters will help us in
> this I hope that one beautiful day we will meet and from that meeting our
> future will depend.
> I'm very serious persone and I'm not looking for a pan-pal.I need a
> faithful,devoted to me man which want to become my husband,friend and
> lover.I would like to know more about you.Tell me more about your life and
> work.I'm really interested!!! Please,just be yourself!!!
> I'm so thankful that you have come into my life and one day I will be
> to show you how much I appreciate you,dear.
> I'm looking forward to see you.Maybe when we'll see each other,we can
> together!!!
> Let's try to know each other better!!!
> Try to phone me today,I'll be very happy!!!
> This is my phonenumber:+79262321611
> Many-many kisses for you.
> Your Julia.

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