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# Name:      Dolores Nolan

# E-mail: and sweetsexydoll@hotmail

# Address:  Philippines , Manila

# Seen at:,, yahoo personals

# Dangerous: 17%

# Details: This one is dangerous@@@@ She tricked me with web cam and later I found out it was a pre-recorded video stream. I have been in contact with her for over six months, everytime she is supposed to fly to me something comes up. She ran out of excuses this last time so she just got mad at me for no reason and broek it all off. She is suing pictures and videos of a porn girl on the website her name is Coco. I have spoken with her in private and she is aware and asked me to report this.

# Date: 2007-07-05

you send money and i asked you to sennd a few more so i would haves food
till i left what did you do you sent 230 which left me after payment at the
hospital 14 dollars which i presume you want me to live on till i leave.
What do you want me to eat grass.
Then the fist thing you mention to me is COCO. What the hell do you think i
am. Youn damn keep accusiong me of some body else. I have been very patient
with you coz of my feelings for you but you have ruined ewverything because
of your constant accusations and doubt. Even repeatedly telling me that what
if it is not me that gets of the olain you would not take me home. i have
swallowed every word you have been accusing and tellingme.
Now you figure out the rest.