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# Original Report:  here

# Name:      Elena Novikova

# E-mail:

# Address:  Russia , St. Petersburg

# Seen at:
Mates and Dates
Absolute Profiles: A1298005, A2110342

# Dangerous: 37%

# Details: The Crocodile most often runs the Standard and Visa Scenarios. She is alluring with her large eyes but watch out for what lies beneath that fearsome grin. She will chew you up and then disappear. Due to the large number of aliases she is using it is difficult to get a bearing on her precise location. Most recently the scammers are using various tourist agencies, most recently one called "Inter Tour" There may be some link to Babyface Belyaeva as there are marked similarities in their correspondence and use of same aliases. There may also be a link to the scammer AKA Svetlana Gluskova and possibly, but unlikely, Elena "the Professional" Karaseva. Also possibly connected to: Anastasia Malysehva. Make a Report if you have any information on her latest whereabouts and activity. Note March 2003: The recent switch to Ukraine and the use of numerous Russian locations suggests that this may be an Identity Theft situation. But I suspect it is ironic. It is my belief that the girl in the photos is a "professional" scammer and now the switch in locations suggests that her photos are now being used by another scammer or group of scammers. This is only my instinct at this point. It may be that the girl in the photos has been completely innocent all along and is unaware that her photos are being used. This is doubtful however in my opinion because of the mix of "professional" and "snap-shot" photos which is atypical of a true ID theft situation. In any event, if you happen to uncover the "source" of the actual identity of the girl pictured contact me. --The Author SIGNATURE: She claims to be a (27 year old) virgin. Her photos are bright and cheerful because she is very happy to be scamming you.

# Date: 2005-02-14