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# Name:      Ekatrina Chernyshova

# E-mail:

# Address:  Russia , Elabuga

# Seen at:   Amrican Singles - "Home of the Scammer" - Over 1 Billion Served

# Dangerous: 17%

# Scam scenarios:   Standard Russian scam! Same Old Situation - Same old pre-written letters - Same old used up pictures. I tell you, if these scammers worked for me, I would fire them all! Absolutely no imagination in their little pinheads!

# Details: Standard Russian scam! Same Old Situation - Same old pre-written letters - Same old used up pictures. I tell you, if these scammers worked for me, I would fire them all! Absolutely no imagination in their little pinheads!

# Date: 2007-06-01

Hi favourite! I was glad to read through your message and it is
pleasant to learn, that you are ready to help me with payment to
agency of travel. I am very happy, that at me there is a person -
which can help to me in difficult situations. I always was the
independent person and did not ask the help, but after acquaintance to
you, at me many vary opinions and me it is pleasant to feel your
support and care, and also to feel beside strong the man. I think
dear, that you possess the big kindness and trust, in the heart.
I have informed your information to the agent and it counted other
cost travel. It will be 1550 $, - here tickets and insurance. I paid
in it last money 500 $, Now it is necessary for me to pay to them
still 1050 $. This money will be necessary in 4-5 days. I hope the
darling, that this money not difficulty for you. I shall learn the
agent as you can pay it this money. I hope, that you you can do it in
4-5 days. If I do something incorrectly do not become angry about me
please! I am probably hasty, but I very much miss on you and I wait
for our meeting. I wait for your messages! Thousand kisses for
you! Yours Ekaterina.
Hi my dear! I miss on you. I very much wish to embrace you and to
nestle on you. I often dream, how we for the first time shall see each
other as we shall remain together in the first night. I think, that we
shall not sleep this night. I shall try, that you are long remembered
our first night dear, and I hope, that you will do too it for me. Also
I very much wished to take a shower together with you. We could rub
the friend-friend a back and do still something. I think, that the
shower together is very sexually. I very much wait for all this, and I
hope, that it is necessary to wait not for long. I often think of us
and how we shall love each other. I represent it with many details,
but my confusion does not allow me to write these details in the
letter. To me often to have to interrupt my ideas what to avoid the
big excitation. I have very developed imagination and I represent our
entertainments with all details. Even now I start to receive a shiver
in my body, therefore the darling I interrupt this theme in my
dialogue. ****, my agent has informed me, that for moving money it is
better to you to use system «Money Gram». These systems have offices
practically in all cities. In my city some such offices. The agent has
told, that it is very reliable and fast systems for moving money.
Tomorrow I shall reach in one of these offices and to learn the
information on it. I shall inform you all to a detail on it in the
following message. I wait for your messages favourite. My gentle
kisses and embraces! Yours Ekaterina.
Hi my favourite! I am glad to see your message. I very much
hoped, that my last message will be pleasant for you. Favourite, I
reached today in office MoneyGramm and have received there the
detailed information. For moving you will need to specify my full name
and the address. For reliability you will receive from them
confidential number. And I will need to be shown the passport and to
name this confidential number, to receive funds. The office will take
small percent for payment of moving of money. Moving will demand all
some hours. Dear, please be ready to do this moving within the next
few days. When the agent will ask payment, I shall inform at once to
you. I would like to learn what clothes is more sexual for you?
I wanted to prepare for it that I liked you. Also dear inform on how
many days to you it will be convenient to accept me? I have no
opportunity to have many days free from my work. I wait for your
messages and I miss you With love, yours Ekaterina.
Hi my dear! How you today the darling? What was your night?
Whether you recollected me? This night I thought of you dear! Ideas on
you give me a lot of pleasure, but also they give me some fears. I
with some fear represent for myself the moment when at the airport we
for the first time shall see each other. I hope, that during this our
moment, you the first will show the initiative. I feel huge confusion
from such events, when I in a unfamiliar place and around set of
strangers. Inform me the ideas on it? Dear, here my information, it
will be necessary for you.

My information:
First name : Ekaterina
Surname : Chernyshova
country: Russia
zip code: 432002
city: Elabuga
street: Lenina str., 21

Tomorrow I shall reach in agency of travel to learn concerning the
visa. The agent has told to learn concerning the visa. The agent has
told, that probably I will need to reach to Moscow in embassy, for
personal conversation. Though they can often extract the visa without
it. Tomorrow I shall inform you news on it. My kisses and embraces for
you, my favourite. I wait for your messages dear. Yours Ekaterina.