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# Name:      Becky Campbell

# E-mail:     AKA Mr. Frank

# Address:  Nigeria , Lagos

# Phone:    0112348050746003

# Seen at:   American Singles - Home of the scammer

# Dangerous: 21%

# Details: Profile stated that she lived in New Jersey. IM conversation - she is stuck in a hotel and the manager will not let her leave - Have we heard this story before. Needs $650

# Date: 2007-05-21

becky989: I liked your profile and i will like to know
more about you.My name is Becky.I'm from NJ.I'm
28yrs.I sales clothes Shoes,Jeweries.I'm Single.No
Kids.I love to Dance,Read,Swim,Go to
beaches,Hang out,Movies,Theatre.I 'm Honest,Hard
Working,Open Minded,Trustfull Woman Seeing the
Same.Are you?Well am looking for a caringa and
loving guy who can take good care of me .if you can
give us a try and help me back home am sure we
can makes something work outa this.After the death
of my family
deflep2005: where are you baby
becky989: Right now at the moment am stucked up
in a hotel in africa and my open ticket and my
passport is with the hotel manager
deflep2005: where in Africa
becky989: Nigeria
deflep2005: and how can I help you
becky989: i need love trust honest and a caring guy
like you to get me out of here so we can both start a
new life
deflep2005: of course
deflep2005: we all do
becky989: My open ticket and my passport is with
the hotel manager coz i owe t he hotel bills
deflep2005: well, what can I do to help
ecky989: i need your help to settle the hotel bills
deflep2005: ok
deflep2005: that is easy
deflep2005: what do I need to do
becky989: So that i could get back my open ticket
and my passport back from them and get back to the
deflep2005: ok
becky989: i need your help to settle the hotel bills
becky989: The hotel manager phone number is
becky989: His name is Mr frank
becky989: i'm Becky Campbell
becky989: Room 150
becky989: Avterxnic Hotel
deflep2005: Ok
deflep2005: let me call him
deflep2005: do you know how much money you owe
becky989: Yes
becky989: i owe him $650
becky989: i'm gonna pay you back
deflep2005: do not worry - I am sure we can work
that out